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  1. If you're using ASN uncheck the Repeating Overcast Texture Pattern Fix, under Visual Fixes in Settings. I had similar problems (10fps in cruise EGCC-EGLL at FL190), unchecking that option solved it for me. This is referenced in Mathijs' opening post of course, a good place to start usually.
  2. Bailout, if you're after a quick and dirty fix for these problems then PM me. Over two machine builds I have experienced the same problem (e6850 and then 2500K, the problem still persists), so let me know. PM. Cheers
  3. Holgi, you beautiful genius, you've done it again! I was hoping against hope you might turn your hand to this airline and you could have knocked me over with a windsock when I saw it listed as pending on your site. Let's hope one day Aerosoft give us a proper A319 so your incredible work can be done proper justice. Now I'm off to fly out of (not into, not ready for that yet!) Paro and on to Kathmandu. Happy flying indeed! Cheers.
  4. Holgi, you are truly incredible. You've not just delivered yet another amazing livery, you've also managed to re-ignite my interest in the Airbus X . With all your paints so far you have truly added another dimension to this simulation. I am in your debt sir, I owe you a bottle of Kingfisher beer for this. Heck, make that a crate. Now, I'm off for a flight to Goa. Cheers
  5. Resurrecting this one...any painters care to have a go?
  6. Sorry, but the idea that an Airbus isn't supposed to be flown manually is absolute rubbish and an insult to professional pilots who fly Airbus for a living. Why do you think the Airbus engineers bothered to develop the EFCS? To make it easier for the aircraft to be flown manually! The amount of disinformation flying about here as an excuse for a bad implementation of FBW is ridiculous. And that is the crux of it, it's not really FBW its Microsoft's version of it. Aerosoft really need to remove that nonsense about it being a realistic representation...it isn't
  7. Individual preference is the name of the game with any add-on, indeed your settings would create havoc with an X52! I doubt I could get off the ground with null zones that big! Anyway...it seems I have misunderstood your original question, and your problems are with maintaining level flight? Well, that might be easily explained. The Flight Director doesn't work. Not in manual flight. If you're following that for cues, then forget it.
  8. One thing I'd consider (if you haven't already) is adjusting the sensitivity and null zones on your joy stick. The other thing to consider is that obviously flying an airbus is a completely different experience to flying a Boeing. I've got the Wilco, Airsimmer and now the Aerosoft Airbus', and they all implement the Airbus FBW controls differently, so its hard for a non-pilot to know what flying this bird 'correctly' really means. They have this much in common though, and that is over-controlling is a recipe for disaster (By over-controlling, I simply mean flying it as if you were piloting a Boeing) particularly on finals. Anyway, I expect you know all this, so back to joystick settings. I use a bog standard Saitek X52. With that stick and this plane the FSX standard sensitivity/null zone settings made manual landings a nightmare. The elevators take far too long to respond and this inevitably leaves the nose lurching up and down whilst trying to stay on profile on the glideslope. The ailerons roll too slowly too, not such a problem on finals but it can make a difference. If you're using Autothrust to land, don't. The calculated VAPP speed in the MCDU is actually the VREF speed, you need to add 5 knots or more to adjust for wind and lift, and even then don't bother. Use manual thrust and come in a little fast if you have to. Having manual control of the aircraft's lift will help compensate for the slow response of the elevators. The joystick configuration in the PDF manual is a good starting point. Just experiment and find what works best for you. I'm aware of the uncontrollable dive issue, although many deny it exists; I managed to invoke it by massively over-controlling the aircraft on a disastrous final into EHAM 36L using the underpowered autothrust. A real Airbus wouldn't have crashed (I don't think) so it's definitely a bug, but one most won't run into as long as you take care in the handling. Also try out Mr Golding's excellent circuit training from out of Prestwick and follow to the letter. Then repeat with modified joystick settings, manual thrust etc etc Good luck.
  9. The problem, I think, lies with over-controlling. On the final with this bus, without disabling the FBW, it can be fatal, and it shouldn't be. The flight envelope should prevent it, but on a basic bus like this, it doesn't. By accident I created an irrecoverable dive on final on my last flight. I pitched down too hard (easy to do as the elevator controls are very lazy) to keep the glideslope and when I pitched up I was locked in a dive that I couldn't get out of. I nearly smashed into 27R at Manchester. I did nothing that I hadn't done with the Airsimmer A320 or even the Wilco A320 to land on profile. Get out of the loop enough and this aircraft will ruin you. Plan ahead folks. Question: How many users set their controls according to the sensitivity guidance in the documentation? Does that make a difference?
  10. It seems to me that the VAPP speed calculated by the FMC is too low. Most flights end with a VAPP of 129 knots, which is about 8-10 knots less than the speeds calculated by the Wilco and Airsimmer A320s at a similar weight and fuel remaining. Its either that or there is inadequate lift as you say. Try either dialing in an extra 10 knots on the MCP or use manual thrust on finals. I find the latter to be more stable and approx 140 knots keeps it nicely on the glideslope at the correct pitch. Otherwise, like yourself I end up chasing the needles and landing at a ludicrous nose up attitude. Also, when disconnecting the AP, resist the urge to manually correct the momentary nose up jolt. It actually corrects itself after a few seconds and the aircraft returns to profile.
  11. I don't know about 1, as I never autoland, 3 however is a known issue and will hopefully be corrected with a future update. The trick at the moment is not to correct the deviation manually as after a second or two it returns to normal. 2 is the one that interests me, as i've never been able to land satisfactorily using autothrust. The VAPP seems a bit low (??) and I end up under the glideslope at a normal attitude and desperately chasing the needles if I use Autothrust in managed mode. As such, I always use manual thrust and factor in an extra 10 knots approx, so with the A320 I approach at 140kts, with the A321 it's roughly 150kts. Seems a bit fast for a bird this size, and the landings are firm to say the least, but it beats a possible tailstrike with managed Autothrust where I end up in flare for about the last 1000ft! Obviously this is all with the AP disengaged. Would be interested to hear more about VAPP speeds with this bird. I note its not possible to alter it in the FMS.
  12. Wiseblood


    A quick and dirty fix for this is to change the refresh rate values of the PFD and ND displays. I've been doing this since 1.20 and have comparable fps to version 1.11 and before. If you want to have a go at this I can email you the edited files in question and/or post the values that need to be changed and you can have a crack at it manually. Cheers
  13. Flightsimlabs, famous for their incredible Concorde X are developing an Airbus, apparently. If you're fond of holding your breath, I believe certain Russian agencies are currently recruiting for a mission to Mars. You might want to look into that. As for this one, I recently discovered that if you turn off the FSX default FBW flight computers the flight director actually works. I'll leave it to you to decide if that might matter to you or not. Richard
  14. That looks outstanding! Any chance of a BETA before you're fully happy with it?
  15. Would you mind telling us what they were exactly? I've got Andy B's mod for the FO's displays (great work by the way), but what were the original settings for the default pilot displays? Cheers
  16. Whatever happened to service packs? This constant installing/reinstalling doesn't help anyone. Come on chaps, I love the product but can't you at least give us incremental upgrades with the option for a rollback if it doesn't suit us? I'm relatively sweet with 1.11, so i'll sit tight until I hear good things about 1.21. Cheers
  17. I had the nose dive after takeoff 'problem', but it was the result of failure to read the manual on my part, coupled with habit born out of flying the Wilco Airbus series for years. In the Wilco you rotate to 15 degrees and release the stick, you can basically do it immediately. And thats it, the aircraft maintains the pitch attitude and you can either leave it be or start making a turn etc. With Airbus X (and the default A321 for that matter) you need to maintain backwards pressure on the stick until the FD bars are stable - usually a few seconds - then you can release the stick. It states this clearly in the manual. I've no idea which more accurately reflects the FBW system, but the Airbus X now feels more authentic to me in that you might need to maintain pressure on the stick until positive climb is established. Here's a rather intense sidestick view of an A340-600 at takeoff. After watching that I'm still not sure, although the pilot does put forward pressure on the stick very soon after rotation so.... I dunno.
  18. Just fix the bloody descent rate. Versions 1.11 and above.
  19. The nose dip occurs at 100ft AGL. Just yank back on the stick and accept that you're going to land level and at 500fpm. Or, do like I do and program in some windshear, say 25 knots crosswind, then you can flare quite nicely as you attempt to avoid near death. Thats the only problem I have with this add on. I am running 1.11 though, so the performance is exemplary. The lack of FADEC descent I can take on the chin. Spoilers all the way, old chap.
  20. Folks, Lets try to get an idea of how big a problem this is, and possibly isolate a few problems to help the Aerosoft guys along the way. It seems clear that the majority of users haven't taken this hit, but a significant minority have. Sooo... 1) Post your system specs 2) Post your average flight conditions i/e. nighttime etc...when does the fps loss affect you worst. If one of the mods could get a poll going, that might be useful. I Have a Core 2 Duo 6850 3ghz (OCed to 3.6ghz) , 9800GT 1024MB, 4GHz DDR2 Ram. Clearly not the best machine on the planet but 1.11 delivers incredible performance compared to 1.20. I also run PMDG MD-11, 747-8 and Jetstream 41 at near consistently 25fps on this system. I've taken a 10-15fps hit on my system with 1.20, this happens mainly during turns either on the taxiway or in flight usually when flying the SID, i.e. close enough to ground textures to really make it punishing. So, post your specs and let's see what we have here. Cheers
  21. I'm not installing 1.20 again until this is a proven fix. Sorry old chap. I'm still enjoying 1.11 though, a lot, so I hope you get this sorted. Cheers
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