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  1. May I request the repaint of the Air Macau new aircrafts: B-MBM COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL DELETED. SUCH POSTS, IF REPEATED, WILL LEAD TO A BAN FROM THE FORUM. And also B-MCA Regards Darren
  2. Haha..... I think Airbus is more high-tech.
  3. Dont you know that there is an international rule which is 250 knots under FL100? if you want go faster ( ignore the rule or instructed by ATC), right click the speed knob, and turn it up.
  4. What will be changed? Only the font? FD improved?
  5. Please make more accurate FD on PFD too. The FD on current version is poor.
  6. Can someone tell me which bit of win7 is better for playing fsx and Airbus X. I am going to buy the new macbook pro 15" which has a 2.2ghz cpu. But bootcamp for the new macbook pro does not support win xp. Thank you Darren
  7. I will buy a tablet pc and I will make it to become a second display of my laptop. so I want a 2d MCDU that I can move it to the second display for touch screen insert.
  8. Please at least include 2D panels of MCDU and PFD
  9. one more question. In real situation, when the spoiler is armed, it will not retract after reverse thrust off. But Airbus X will retract the spoiler with reverse thrust off.
  10. seafloorwaves


    for cooling the braking system on the wheels.
  11. Good! Aerosoft. We actually need a perfectly work flight computer and good avionics aircraft addons. Keep going. I must support good quality addons.
  12. Don't use the auto land function in Airbus X It sucks.
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