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  1. I purchased this and at mountain air, the end of the runway is A. Floating in the air, and B there is a hill on the end of the runway......what do I do to fix this?
  2. Hi, I got the Airsimmer and had a few issues with it, but didn't use it that much anyway, their support is pretty much silent and no further updates have been released for months. Thats why I was holding off on the Aerosoft Airbus X. So now I am back here and see that there are quite a few threads complaining about various problems. (Nevermind the people who try to fly it with an Xbox controller, flight sims should be flown with proper Joysticks!) But is it Flyable? So far I have only used Wilco and occasionally the airsimmer. I was wondering which other studios might be developing an airbus, I recall reading about a project but cannot remember the name of the company.
  3. speaking of cockpit door video, I have seen some busses, that can display a cam on like the tail of the plane, overviewing it from the top of the rudder, dunno if it's only on the bigger buses or also on the A320, could that be implemented with some VC view? just a suggestion no biggy EDIT: See this is what I mean
  4. I fear this will be an arcade game, not a simulation.
  5. Would love to see a high res screenshot of the overhead panel at night
  6. I hope the TCAS sounds make it into the release!
  7. Will it offer a tool for fuel calculations? Payload? take off speed calculator? will flex temp be implemented?
  8. Is there a nice Flare on it with Autoland? Some other products sometimes have a slight problem with that.
  9. I would say it largely depends on your system. But if you have 9-12fps now I suggest you remove some addons or upgrade your system. I wouldn't want to fly with anything under 20fps, 20fps is ok'ish for flight sim, but first person shooters for example you would want 30fps or more
  10. Hi, So will the FMC allow manual route planning? Or can it only import FS flight plans? When I got started with flight simulation a few weeks back on the Wilco and Airsimmer I feared the FMC, but now I start to enjoy programming it and learning...... The problem with the wilco is it's not as good looking as say the airsimmer, but the airsimmer has quite a few bugs that need to be sorted. So I was looking for a third addition, but im a bit put off that you say it won't to STAR/SID, but I have not used those yet anyway (nor do I fully understand them) But I think it is important the the FMC is programmable with waypoints and airways, real routes, I think real routes are required anyway on VATSIM which I have not started on yet, not confident enough yet So apart from my questons above will the aerosoft airbus be able to fly ILS CATIII Autoland? cheers
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