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  1. You haven´t armed the reverste thrust. Theres 2 switches you have to flick, left of the throttle quadrant, below the FMS.
  2. @Mathijs Kok can you confirm that the VDGS module isn´t ready for EDDK and EDLP yet? I had halfway hoped to test it during the easter I´ve downloaded the module (s) via Aerosoft one but it doesn´t recognize the airports.
  3. The VDGS module is ready to download now - however i think they need to update the airports before it works (tried EDDK and EDLP, no luck). Looking forward to trying it - before getting Brussels
  4. Good work - Will this add-on help us getting the Tyra Gas field ready a bit quicker?
  5. Are you co-operating with FBW? I noticed that the last 2 screenshots is clearly of their EFB.
  6. Update: I tried to crash it on purpose - if you fly w/o a flightplan and decide to enter eg HUEN as arrival airport - and THEN select rwy (eg ILS RWY11) and execute - the systems crashes more or less everytime for me.
  7. I haven't touched anything regarding database. It's all out of the box so to speak. One time it happened when I wanted to get rid of a disconuity by copy/pasting a waypoint (as the dude is doing in video 2 or 3.). The other time was when I wanted to select the ILS 32R approach at EDDK (aerosoft version). I don't know if its sim related, I remember a similar issue with the A32N last year, where avionics would freeze for a few minutes, while everything else worked.
  8. Hi. This is a common issue (happened on 2/4 flights now) I am able to crash the systems when trying to set up a flight plan in the fms. The FMS freezes/is not able to act on input and BAM, every other system crashes too. AP, screens, etc. Often happens when im assigning waypoints or dep/arrival.
  9. Hi. I cannot download either. Tried 3 different browsers on a 200Mbps connection. Seems to be a common issue. High server load?
  10. Not in the city, but not so far away Airbus A320-Jetblue at Boston
  11. Hi guys I know there isnt a sensation white plane, but isnt there some of you repainters who would make a sensation white repaint for me? something like a white plane, with their logo and the names of some of the cities they visit Its okay if you think its a weird request, i just thought about it Jacob Juul (great sensation fan, Tiësto fan etc.. )
  12. Yeah, it just sad when i love to fly around Aerosoft Frankfurt I tried to uninstall it the way the link you posted to some days ago, maybe i forgot to remove the gps module.. ? i will try again, and see if it work. thanks Shaun Bests Jacob
  13. Im running a I5 760 @ to 3,4 GHZ a Nvidia GTX 460, 4 gigs of ram... and i lost a lot of fps. Before 1.20, i was able to taxi around frankfurt (aerosoft mega airport) with 30% of traffic (traffic x) with a average fps about 20. Now, im getting about 10-15 fps, day and night.. Jacob Juul
  14. Dear Aerosoft You did a really good job job with the airbus, but i really cant be real that the pmdg 744 have better fps in the VC. So give us the option to Download 1.11 or 1.10. if not, i will search the web for some torrents of the Airbus X and do it that way. i payd me money, and i want it to work, finish. Hope you will answer me Jacob Juul
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