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  1. Still the same problem here Joshua.Please check that out. Thanks for all your work
  2. Hi Lorenzo. First for AirbusX v1.21 you need to log into your download-shop account and you will find it in your Airbus X purchase history there are always the latest up to date files. And as it says the MCDU (FMC) does not support Sid,Stars,Rwys etc. Just create a FLightplan with FSX,Vroute,or any other route creator and load it into the MCDU. You can enter the ILS in the RAD/NAV page on the MCDU so you can autoland. Those horrible (Fatal Errors) who some users may have, is defenetly a FSX issue i think because i dont have such errors i am currently on V 1.21 and no problems at all. Really nice bird. Regards.
  3. Na endlich. Das sind sehr gute nachrichten. Danke fuer den tip. MFG
  4. Take a look here. http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vistagaming/thread/14fc20fa-9dca-465b-be42-146414087ec5 I hope it helps. Regards
  5. Thanks Andy B. That really works now i got almost 10 fps more and even the change view are now very smooth without waiting to texture reload. Thanks a lot.
  6. Yes this is the FIX, now i got almost 10FPS more. Thanks
  7. Rolle take a look here http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=37989&st=0&p=250367&hl=+nd%20+refresh%20+rate&fromsearch=1&#entry250367 there is the explanation how to change the nd refresh rate. Regards
  8. I had the same issue a couple months ago.i was able to fix it by removing the FSUIPC witch one came with CS767 an simply reinstall an older one like FSUIPC4, Version 4.30 (REGISTERED). I hope that will help you. Regards
  9. Please explain how you do a flare in 1.2 because i am unable to make a good flare with 1.2
  10. Hi guys. After a new clean install V.1.20 I cannot see the blue Speed-bug anymore in selected speed mode.And i got a LOT less FPS as in the v.1.11. At enter altimeter settings on the APP page altimeter settings like 3002 etc only show up as 0.00 but i can enter QNH like 1002 etc. Autoland still at -400 - 600fpm even at very low 2000kg fuel and vapp speed 125kias without winds almost no flare. (for FSPassenger users like me very disappointing because tire blow xD) Everyone else have the same problems? Regards. EDIT: Blue Speed bug Disappears above 300kt Nosedive on 40ft over runway cause smashing the BUS into the ground
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