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  1. If you're using ASN uncheck the Repeating Overcast Texture Pattern Fix, under Visual Fixes in Settings. I had similar problems (10fps in cruise EGCC-EGLL at FL190), unchecking that option solved it for me. This is referenced in Mathijs' opening post of course, a good place to start usually.
  2. Bailout, if you're after a quick and dirty fix for these problems then PM me. Over two machine builds I have experienced the same problem (e6850 and then 2500K, the problem still persists), so let me know. PM. Cheers
  3. Holgi, you beautiful genius, you've done it again! I was hoping against hope you might turn your hand to this airline and you could have knocked me over with a windsock when I saw it listed as pending on your site. Let's hope one day Aerosoft give us a proper A319 so your incredible work can be done proper justice. Now I'm off to fly out of (not into, not ready for that yet!) Paro and on to Kathmandu. Happy flying indeed! Cheers.
  4. Holgi, you are truly incredible. You've not just delivered yet another amazing livery, you've also managed to re-ignite my interest in the Airbus X . With all your paints so far you have truly added another dimension to this simulation. I am in your debt sir, I owe you a bottle of Kingfisher beer for this. Heck, make that a crate. Now, I'm off for a flight to Goa. Cheers
  5. Resurrecting this one...any painters care to have a go?
  6. Sorry, but the idea that an Airbus isn't supposed to be flown manually is absolute rubbish and an insult to professional pilots who fly Airbus for a living. Why do you think the Airbus engineers bothered to develop the EFCS? To make it easier for the aircraft to be flown manually! The amount of disinformation flying about here as an excuse for a bad implementation of FBW is ridiculous. And that is the crux of it, it's not really FBW its Microsoft's version of it. Aerosoft really need to remove that nonsense about it being a realistic representation...it isn't
  7. Individual preference is the name of the game with any add-on, indeed your settings would create havoc with an X52! I doubt I could get off the ground with null zones that big! Anyway...it seems I have misunderstood your original question, and your problems are with maintaining level flight? Well, that might be easily explained. The Flight Director doesn't work. Not in manual flight. If you're following that for cues, then forget it.
  8. One thing I'd consider (if you haven't already) is adjusting the sensitivity and null zones on your joy stick. The other thing to consider is that obviously flying an airbus is a completely different experience to flying a Boeing. I've got the Wilco, Airsimmer and now the Aerosoft Airbus', and they all implement the Airbus FBW controls differently, so its hard for a non-pilot to know what flying this bird 'correctly' really means. They have this much in common though, and that is over-controlling is a recipe for disaster (By over-controlling, I simply mean flying it as if you were piloting
  9. The problem, I think, lies with over-controlling. On the final with this bus, without disabling the FBW, it can be fatal, and it shouldn't be. The flight envelope should prevent it, but on a basic bus like this, it doesn't. By accident I created an irrecoverable dive on final on my last flight. I pitched down too hard (easy to do as the elevator controls are very lazy) to keep the glideslope and when I pitched up I was locked in a dive that I couldn't get out of. I nearly smashed into 27R at Manchester. I did nothing that I hadn't done with the Airsimmer A320 or even the Wilco A32
  10. It seems to me that the VAPP speed calculated by the FMC is too low. Most flights end with a VAPP of 129 knots, which is about 8-10 knots less than the speeds calculated by the Wilco and Airsimmer A320s at a similar weight and fuel remaining. Its either that or there is inadequate lift as you say. Try either dialing in an extra 10 knots on the MCP or use manual thrust on finals. I find the latter to be more stable and approx 140 knots keeps it nicely on the glideslope at the correct pitch. Otherwise, like yourself I end up chasing the needles and landing at a ludicrous nose up attitude.
  11. I don't know about 1, as I never autoland, 3 however is a known issue and will hopefully be corrected with a future update. The trick at the moment is not to correct the deviation manually as after a second or two it returns to normal. 2 is the one that interests me, as i've never been able to land satisfactorily using autothrust. The VAPP seems a bit low (??) and I end up under the glideslope at a normal attitude and desperately chasing the needles if I use Autothrust in managed mode. As such, I always use manual thrust and factor in an extra 10 knots approx, so with the A320 I approach
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