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  1. Well I have been active tester of FSX and P3D for some years and have slowly been moving to X-plane and other simulators.. so some of you might know me already. I have more or less skipped FSX and moved to X-plane, as it worked out better, as well as the option to use other operating system like Linux. I how ever had been a way due to some things I would not involve all in. but am looking out for doing some work, either as tester or promotor, as I have worked by quite some things, and as it is now, I dont have the option to go the way I wanted as PROFESSION. also it would be better for me as the current work is very hard for the body.. cant say to much due to the company policy. So I try to get back and do some work in the privat. I have had a some ideers like Doing promotional work or video reviews and done some videos but not that grate even I have intensively producing content by the youtube channel lately. As some of the problem we sometimes get is some thing the more complex aircrafts is difficult where I am in a position of showing how to work around the tricky stuff and operate aircrafts as they often is simulated to a given level and not entirely real, and that way you know. But anther thing I feel about reviews are, they often sound to good as it is mostly positive you hear even it is that you learn you should keep critical to things you hear or in such an situation, it is not more different then watching a video and you sometimes got a very critical review and it is how it is, BUT it can also be the other way around. I say so for some X-Plane add-ons, because a lot of potential projects, are released and not fully done, often we see a long list of to do and reviews say it is coming but it sadly is not true, in the end. Or 1 major problem in the x-plane world is that insted of releasing the updates they do a whole new project and name it version 2 3 or so on.. And then you pay again, sometimes even loos the previus version you bought. I feel it is to easy to release a project and say tested by real world pilots, yes it can be, but no one tell how close they feel it came, because some things might not be worth investing the time and money in, as well as who is the primary target for your project. when that is said if we should talk about development and pricing, FSX,P3D is cheep if we look at the work by custom codes and all that if we look at some projects, where x-plane projects seem to have a high price tag for something that is more stock coding. not all is that way but some projects. but that was a side note.. But I am very open for work and a privat talk by some developers / Companys about development testing / quality assurance or Promotional stuff. just keep it to privat chat. As I really work for the good stuff, even at my current work even it should not be me that introduce new procedures and standards as a general worker in my current pay grade. but simply cant stop to make work more efficient procedures.
  2. Here is a few pictures of My flight yesterday, it was Nice i had an option to try and see the crj since the beta testing some years ago, I was part of. Even the pc it was testet by was not optimal. Think I would share My experince as it is some time since last post in here. Hope we Can get it back by some Nice pictures. Merry Christmas and a happy New year to All. Here is a post card if you like:https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/136591-merry-christmas/ Sent from my Phone. 2017-12-23_14-27-0-30.BMP 2017-12-23_14-36-27-173 (1).BMP 2017-12-23_14-27-45-890.BMP 2017-12-23_14-38-6-985.BMP
  3. Perhaps because it is your livery´s, as far as I remember But sadly also the last from my old PC.. As currently I got no PC only this old laptop from the past, that cant even run well, but is how it is due to life situation, that is far from bright, but that is another story, which is frustrating and can´t seem to find a full time job/education for living. But thanks for the kind words my friend, as I am happy you like them.
  4. Samos - 29palms and Carenado - S550 Citation II both in the store, 2 good products from a few shots merged in to 1 picture.
  5. Here is a evening picture from Billund X in the Flight Replicas "North Star / Argonaut" just before we get ready to fly.
  6. Here is a few pictures from VidanDesign Soenderborg and Flight Replicas "North Star / Argonaut"
  7. Version V1.9+


    Well I made this small universal autopilot for X-plane as not all planes have that optimal click spots in X-plane, and I had came along fine by GoFlight hardware until a given time, but did not work by all operating systems.. So I had to find an alternative and lately started to work by Lua files, something I haven’t done for years so I got some fine help by the developer of FlyWithLua that is required to run this project.. Limitation: It works by default aircraft but of cause I wanted it to work together by add-on aircraft´s that makes use of the default autopilot dataref.. Tested by Linux and windows but not Mac even I don´t think anything would prevent it from working as if FlyWithLua works this should too.. project can be found here:http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36779-universal-autopilot/ works by XP10 and limited XP11
  8. Here is one of the fictive EMB 175 paint I did of Jet Time.. and a few of Saab 340
  9. LN_PDF_Tool (WINDOWS ONLY) View File Well this small tool was something that came to my mind as not all of us have more than 1 monitor, and split the sim view to se the pdf files are not a good option.. So I think why not create a small application that has a window that is on top of any other windows, it can be dragged and such as you like zoom and such.. it gets quite handy because you can do things in the plane and just move the mouse over the window to scroll page or what ever you like.. so this way the user can read manual charts or what ever it is and the window stays there until you minimize it or close it.. But how does it work ? Simple first you install it and a icon would be created at the desktop and you run it from there hit open to select the pdf file you want to open, that´s all there is to it.. it is recommended to use Adobe Reader 11 or older as there is a problem by the latest Acrobat Reader DC as the small clips will show but is not a problem by the application simply some modifications as the file is compiled by Adobe reader 11. This is because some things has been changed in the last version that broke what was possible in earlier versions of the compiling. it would work as the video number 2 will show but it´s not the right way. here we use Acrobat Reader DC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Azt2S_kJwY&feature=youtu.be It is nothing fancy tool or such just a small tool that might help some users.. Submitter KAPTEJNLN Submitted 08/27/15 Category Others Reason for Modification X-Plane 10 Version Is it 64-bit compatible? X-Plane 9 Version
  10. LN_FPL_Export_Tool_Across_OS View File This Tool is Based on Java and need the latest version, as it is build by the SDK8 that is the latest development kit at this time.. What is it? Look at it like a text editor or a word pad, where you type in the missing data and save it as TXT file or FPL file.. It is build to support other add-ons if they use same structure as XFMC and JAR design. as i left 2 empty slots for that.. more info about the project can be found here:http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=88204&p=943316 !Update! A limit of the modification that the main window would update now where the last file was saved is it would not only show the directory it also show the file name I can re work it but would not as then the user can´t overwrite files if they already got a flight plan by that name, that´s why there is this small limit and why I left it out of the first release.. I leave version 1 if you don´t want the last modification mentioned above as there is no reason to se the last saved file, it was more as a guide where to go to for first time.. Submitter KAPTEJNLN Submitted 08/23/15 Category Others Reason for Modification X-Plane 10 Version Is it 64-bit compatible? X-Plane 9 Version
  11. Here is a few pictures of a new plane in the aerosoft store. livery Edit not the same as you find here:http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/3484-emb110-kaptejnln-livery/
  12. Version 1.00


    Here is another livery I did yesterday, but a fictive one that is my personal design Instalation is easy just paste in the folder attached to the livery folder of the Embraer 110 folder. I did it so you can use the menu inside of the plane to select it like the original liverys..
  13. Version 1.00


    Here is a livery I did of a aircraft that is no longer in service but re-created here it is a bit too clean compaired to the original OY-BHT when it was painted as flying.dk so A fictive aircraft to day, but has existed under that registration number. Instalation is easy just paste in the folder attached to the livery folder of the Embraer 110 folder. I did it so you can use the menu inside of the plane to select it like the original liverys..
  14. well if you are a Activesky user and tryeid the option by to turn off the weather radar (edit the numbers as told) but still have problems. Do a test where ASN is not running and here comes the importan thing I found for some reason affected my system even ASN was off, but is related to 2 files ASN create in order to run. Inside your hidde folder where the FSX.cfg file is located there is only a file by the name dll.xml and exe.xml (often you just se the name as dll and exe) first make a safety backup of both files in another location. After you got backups first delt the exe.xml as it´s generated by ASN only if you have goflight stuff that use the same file you need to run the goflight softaware afterwards to make sure it´s running corect it´s better than manualy edit. now open the dll.xml by wordpad or such text editor and edit the content of activesky just look at the names and look at the structure of the file to se how much you need to remove, it´s not that difficult as it might sound. or you could for this test just delt dll.xml as well just remember it is for test only as many add-ons use the dll.xml and remember the airbus is 1 of them but can run the test perfectly whit out that file it refers to by the airbus. just remember to go back after the test or manualy edit it and what I strongly advise you to.. okay but how do I find those 2 files I was talking about? when they are hidden.. first go the start icon open the small search and type: %appdata% press enter now a folder opens C:\Users\Snuppy\AppData\Roaming then navigate as follow Microsoft\FSX or Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 depening on if it´s P3D or FSX. it´s then time to test how it runs whit out ASN and only default weather engine.
  15. How is your Power Options settings in windows? Set it to high performance as I found Bitdefender as ex. as I just tested that program set it to Power saver. perhaps this could help eliminate the stutters, if thats the situation on your PC.
  16. I don´t think I misunderstand more that i was not clear enough ;-) The reason I asked was that dovetail made the option for you to run a FSX:SE besides you have a old DVD disk version of FSX. so that the hidden folders it had seperat names. FSX or FSX:SE (not sure itś there right names but to give the explanation) if you have FSX on DVD and Steam version installed you would end up having 2 folders FSX and FSX:SE in the hidden folder. if you only have FSX:SE you would end up having only 1 folder named like the default FSX DVD version = FSX. So as you only have FSX:SE if itś still that way as when I tryeid it last time you dont have a folder FSX:SE only the folder FSX like was it a DVD copy. this is because dovetail made there installer look for FSX DVD version and rename the folder FSX:SE if it detects a DVD copy. but I am not sure if itś still that way as I have been constandly re-instaling so havent been able to follow but that was the situation. So my consern was if the link between the older version worked was it only install it as FSX and thats the right direction for FSX:SE when you only have that installed. Thats why I sugested to install FSX insted of FSX:SE if there is stil no option to select during instalation if you have the 1 or 2 versions of FSX (FSX and FSX:SE) as the installer would compleat itś task but dont tell you thats itś a folder it just created and is only active if you have 2 versions of FSX But itś a long time since I installed it last time by FSX:SE so It can bee im not 100% updated, but think if I can just help a few in here itś been a good day. but it can be in a other direction the problem is but 1 step at a time, and I know it can be time consuming I have done many test by manny add-ons to find causes.. so just dont give up we can jump in to your pc but we would do as much as we can, to give advise and sugestions..
  17. I see you say FSX:SE do you only run that version ? No disk version as if you do not have the old disk version during instalation run it as FSX and not FSX:SE as if it´s not changsed it would write data to the folder FSX:SE the main problem is that this folder is only being used by FSX:SE if you have disk version installed at the same time.. els FSX:SE would use the old FSX folder name Hope it works as it did by a test I priviusly made this year..
  18. Okay this time we are flyeing the Carenado S550 near EDBC Magdeburg/Cochstedt airport In germany. By 29Palms Scenery Design and Captain7. hope there was one you liked..
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