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  1. Hi wwittkoff I can not see the video only sound. Is it only on my system? //Matts
  2. Hi, Matts.


    How do you install texture for P3D v4 SAS 320 NEO, I have try many ways, but they dont works, hope you can help me.



  3. Hi Mathjis, Very interesting question1 :-) I would like to see even more functionalities in the FMGC, there are both functionalities from the airplane which are not yet implemented, but also functionalities which could make the flight simmers life easier, like VATIM/online ATIS when flying online. Another quite cool feature already mentioned above is a TO performance in print. Regards Matts
  4. Hi, Thank for a beautiful plane! I have a strange problem, every time I hit F7 for setting flaps for example to 1+F the flaps lever and the flaps goes to FULL. F6 takes it back step by step but F7 goes almost all the time to full. Even FS2crew sets the flaps to full although 1+F is configured in FMGC. Anyone else stumbled over this problem Thanks! Matts
  5. Version zip


    Scandinavian Airbus A320 NEO. To be delivered to SAS from 2016 all in all 30 airplanes based in Copenhagen.
  6. Thank you Airway! Haven't really thought about other repaints, maybe some day /Matts
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