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  1. Ziellandung-Package (precision landing) (X-Plane 11.34+)

    Dies ist ein FlyWithLua Script für die automatische Berechnung der Fehlerpunkte beim Ziellanden.
    Das Script wurde von Othello (Forum User) in Zusammenarbeit mit Heinz Flichtbeil (passende Airports) programmiert.
    This is a FlyWithLua Script for the automatically evaluation of the points for the precision landings.
    The Script is a work of Othello (Forum User) in cooperation with Heinz Flichtbeil (Compatible Airports; Aerosoft Support).
    More Infos and compatible airfileds with the Forum / mehr Infos und kompatible Flugplätze im Forum:
    German: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/145516-ziellande-szenerie-in-albertville-lfka-stpeter-ording-edxo-und-hartenholm-edhm/
    Englisch: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/145517-precision-landings-in-albertville-stpeter-ording-and-hartenholm-edhm/
    Thanks to Othello for the permission to distribute his script for free with this downloadsection.
    Greets Heinz Flichtbeil 24.6.2019



  2. A350 by FF: SIDs and STARs

    Hallo zusammen!
    Ich habe mich    mit dem A350 von FF beschäftigt und bedauere, wie viele in der Community, dass die Einfügung von SIDs und STARs in einen Flugplan nicht durch Zugriff auf eine implementierte oder eine externe Datenbank möglich ist.
    Für den Fall dass mit einem zeitnahen Update dies weiterhin nicht ermöglicht werden sollte, möchte ich folgenden Vorschlag machen: Dieser Vorschlag beruht darauf, dass mit dem Flightplan Managementssystem (dem FMC) unter Zuhilfenahme von Airportcharts ja sehr wohl SIDs, STARs und TRANSITIONs erstell, im Ordner x-plane/output/fms plans gespeichert und von dort über das Flugplanmanagementsystem des A350 wieder aufgerufen und in den Flugplan integriert werden können.

    Wenn nun (möglichst viele) User für ihren (Heimat-)Flughafen solche SIDs, STARs und Transitions erstellen würden, Aerosoft oder X-Plane eine Platform einrichten würden, auf die man die generierten SIDs, STARs etc. hochladen könnte, um sie allen per Download zur Verfügung zu stellen, könnten sehr schnell sehr viele solcher SIDs, STARs und Transitions verfügbar werden.

    Was haltet Ihr davon?

    SIDs, STARs und Transitions für EDDS und EDDH habe ich hochgeladen.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Horst-H. Krause
    14. 5. 2019: Überarbeitete Files hochgeladen.




  3. Scenery Animation Manager - Suite

    SAM is a native XP11 plugin offering different possibilities to scenery authors focused on animations. It is currently seperated into two main parts:
    Custom Datarefs
    You can create custom datarefs without any knowledge and control the values through a settings menu. With user checkboxes you can even let the user control animations such as opening hangars, switching lights and anything else a scenery developer might think of.
    Jetway Animation
    We made a deep dive into the world of math to create realistic jetway animations basically because the current software available is not sufficient. Now you can add jetways within seconds to a scenery.
    The plugin is highly optimized for performance. The most obvious part is the fact that calculations for datarefs only start when an object is loaded and in visible range. It can be used in hundreds of sceneries without any noticeable fps impact. The plugin is installed into the main plugin directory, thus it's a global plugin and not per scenery. The sceneries only contain an xml file with the settings.
    A library with pre-animated objects like Jetways, VDGS, Marshaller, Hangars, Wind Turbines etc. is the starting point for developers to experiment with. You can either use these objects or create and animate your own.
    The plugin  is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 which means it is free to use for all users and for all freeware sceneries. If you are a payware developer you can get a license for your project here.
    Compatible OS
    Windows 10 | Linux  | MacOS 10.14+
    Please install SAM Suite, run it and select the features of choice to download and install
    Please use our help desk in case you need any help.



  4. Universal autopilot version 2

    Well I made this small universal autopilot for X-plane as not all planes have that optimal click spots in X-plane, and I had came along fine by GoFlight hardware until a given time, but did not work by all operating systems.. So I had to find an alternative and lately started to work by Lua files, something I haven’t done for years so I got some fine help by the developer of FlyWithLua that is required to run this project..
    Limitation: It works by default aircraft but of cause I wanted it to work together by add-on aircraft´s that makes use of the default autopilot dataref.. Tested by Linux and windows but not Mac even I don´t think anything would prevent it from working as if FlyWithLua works this should too..
    project can be found here:http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36779-universal-autopilot/
    works by XP10 and limited XP11



  5. FlyWithLua (XP10/XP9)

    About This File
    You want to use the power of a C/C++ plugin, but it should be easy as BASIC?
    Try FlyWithLua, the Lua 5.1 script engine for X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10!
    FlyWithLua offers a rapid development system to get in deep into X-Plane. An easy to understand, detailed manual is included. FlyWithLua will support all platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac, and it will support X-Plane 9 and X-Plane 10. A script can be used on all platforms by default, without the need of re-editing. This let's you share scripts with friends using other systems.
    FlyWithLua is a clean 32-bit and 64-bit fat plugin. FlyWithLua uses LuaJIT as a compiler. This results in very fast code execution, especially with the version LuaJit 2.0 FlyWithLus is based on. FlyWithLua is ready to be used! FlyWithLua isn't freeware, it's "timeware"! 
    You will have to read at least the basic installation instruction here inside the official FlyWithLua support forum. FlyWithLua was made in a couple of years for me as the creator and main developer, and also many many hours of building, testing and answering support questions to my co-authors Snagar and Sparker and some more volunteers helping this project to exist. So please have the appreciation to carefully read and understand some information about FlyWithLua - to avoid frustration to you and the developer team.
    Enjoy this plugin. I choose the MIT Licence so it's totally free to use.
    What's New in Version 2.4.0 (win, lin, mac) (See full changelog)
    Version 2.4.0 Complete new design of the JIT compiler usage. Should speed up the scripts and is still compatible to version 2.3.3. Version 2.3.3 New USB features. FlyWithLua will now support the Arcaze USB device and it's additional boards. This version is experimental. If you own an Arcaze USB, please report if it works on your system. No other changes to Version and Bugfixes for Mac OSX. Since we force posix path style. Version New build on Windows without changing the source code. If this won't help, please try to unzip the MinGW64 DLL libraries into the "64" subdirectory. Version Bugfix on Linux. Added a DLL on Windows. Version 2.3.2 Added a new Lua function "create_positive_edge_flip()" to integrate a feature a user asked for. No other changes, if you are no home cockpit builder, you can stay at version  Version A bugfix for Mac OSX users by fatroom. As this little fix only affects one script ("display clist.lua"), it will be shown as version 2.3.1 (and in fact there is no change inside the C/C++ core). If you are using 2.3.1 on a Linux or Windows system, or if you don't display checklists at all, you don't need to update FlyWithLua. Version 2.3.1 Slightly improved debug file. But the most important change is the ability of playing sound files. Keyboard sniffer can now detect Control or Option (Alt) keys, not only Shift. There are no error corrections, only new features. So if version runs properly (and you do not need the new features), you can skip this version.  Version Thanks to Sparker (and Snagar) we have a new Linux build. Version 2.2.4 There was a little problem with the new XSquawkBox 64-bit plugin, that is now fixed. Version 2.2.3 Identical to 2.2.2, but for Windows and Mac OSX. Sorry that we can't deliver a Linux version at the moment. We will make one as soon as possible. Version 2.2.2 New functions to handle mouse events and a new Button2DataRef like subsystem to get joystick buttons directly connected to DataRefs. This version is Windows only. Version 2.1.29 The same as 2.1.28, but with Linux and Mac builds included. Version 2.1.28 Fixes some bugs: The word "calsic" in an error message. No keyboard commands possible after Lua crashed. Error messages containing CR are visible as only one overlapping text line on the screen and are unreadable as a result of that. Version 2.1.27 The same as 2.1.16, but working on Mac, Linux and Windows. Version 2.1.26 Added a script to display Checklister files. This works in 64-bit! Some changes to the print() function. Better error handling in 64-bit. Version 2.1.24 Added a user request for some bigger fonts. Version 2.1.21 to 2.1.23 Non-public versions killing some little bugs. Version 2.1.20 Fixed some bugs on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. (Mac version isn't able to access HID devices directly, like the Windows version can do. This will be fixed later, if X-Plane 10.20 is declared stable.) Fixed install instructions for X-Plane 9. Version 2.1.19 Fixed a bug in Lua function "set_axis_assignment()" Version 2.1.18 First time running on all systems, Windows, Linux and Mac! FlyWithLua_v2.4.0_Lin_Mac_Win.zip



  6. betterScreenshot

    An enhanced screenshot utility plug-in for X-Plane 10.

    Mac OS X only (at this time)!

    Date and time recorded as part of the file name
    Location of the aircraft recorded as part of the file name
    If Exiftool is present the location will be embedded in the image meta data
    Jpeg format (.jpg)
    Mac OS X only

    Mac OS X
    Best when X-Plane is running in full screen mode. betterScreenshot will capture your entire desktop

    For full details read the INSTALLATION.txt file
    Brief directions are:
    Copy the betterScreenshot.lua file to your FlyWithLua/Scripts directory
    Associate a key, key combination, yoke or joystick button with FlyWithLua > betterScreenshot > Capture



  7. X-Camera

    X-Camera, from Stick and Rudder Studios a is an enhanced camera system for X-Plane 9 and 10 that lets you define multiple view categories and multiple views within those categories that are associated with specific aircraft. Take a look at this short tutorial on YouTube.


    You can watch a series of X-Camera Tutorial Videos by visiting:


    You can also visit our Q&A area for answers to questions or to offer suggestions for improvements:


    X-Camera Features


    Each view can enable or disable the TrackIR input. If the view is out the cockpit window having TrackIR enabled is desirable. However, if the view is a close-up of an instrument panel then having TrackIR disabled is probably the better choice since the view will be stable making it easy to click on cockpit controls with the mouse. We also support LinuxTrack on Linux and Mac systems.


    If the HeadShake plugin from SimCoders is installed then the view can accept input from HeadShake. Similar to the TrackIR feature you will likely want this enabled for certain views but disabled for views on instrument panel close-ups where a stable camera makes it easier to use a mouse to control cockpit knobs and switches. The HeadShake plugin must be at version 1.3 or higher for the integration to work.

    Smooth Transition

    When this option is enabled the camera with smoothly transition from one view to another over approximately half a second. When the option is off the view will transition immediately.

    Views can be controlled in a number of ways

    Each view can be positioned by using keyboard keys or a control panel
    The camera’s X, Y, Z, Heading, and Pitch can all be adjusted for each view
    Views can be assigned to a HotKey or JoyStick button for easy selection
    A HotKey or JoyStick button can be used to navigate to next or previous views
    The views for a specific aircraft can be saved to a CSV file for easy editing

    Walk Mode

    Any view’s camera can be placed in Walk Mode. While in this mode the camera can be walked or floated around using keyboard input. If you ever played the video game asteroid that is what walk mode is like. The mode is particularly useful for pre-flight inspections of your aircraft. You can create a external view and after selecting that view you can “Walk” the camera around checking out your landing gear, props, etc.

    Linear Transitions and Auto Advance

    Linear transitions allows you to define a transition between two adjacent cameras in category. This capability, in conjunction with the auto advance feature, allows you define fairly sophisticated animations that can be used for automated Pre-flight inspections, scenery viewing, and cool transitions affects that can be used when creating flight videos. All the transitions in our YouTube video were done with X-Camera.

    Bezier Curve Transitions

    Bezier curve transitions allows you to define a transition between three or more adjacent cameras in a category. This capability, in conjunction with the auto advance feature, allows you define fairly sophisticated animations that have an ultra smooth movement between the curve control points.

    Many Unique Camera Attributes

    Tracking Cameras
    Camera Leveling
    Smooth Camera Joining
    Auto Advance to the Next Camera
    Individual Zoom and Field of View Setting
    External Cameras
    Free Cameras
    Cineflex Cameras
    Automatically Generate Unique Orbit and Fly-By Animations

    X-Camera can create unique orbit and fly-by camera sequences by providing a few key parameters

    Airport Cameras

    You can define a set of free cameras associated with an airport. You can create up to 2,000 cameras per airport. X-Camera can also automatically populate airport cameras by reading the airport scenery files and creating cameras at runways, starting locations, taxiway signs, and airport viewpoints. You can map a joystick button to quickly switch between your aircraft camera set and the nearest camera at the nearest airport.



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