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Universal autopilot version 2 V1.9+

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About This File

Well I made this small universal autopilot for X-plane as not all planes have that optimal click spots in X-plane, and I had came along fine by GoFlight hardware until a given time, but did not work by all operating systems.. So I had to find an alternative and lately started to work by Lua files, something I haven’t done for years so I got some fine help by the developer of FlyWithLua that is required to run this project..


Limitation: It works by default aircraft but of cause I wanted it to work together by add-on aircraft´s that makes use of the default autopilot dataref.. Tested by Linux and windows but not Mac even I don´t think anything would prevent it from working as if FlyWithLua works this should too..


project can be found here:http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36779-universal-autopilot/


works by XP10 and limited XP11

What's New in Version V1.9+



UPDATE 04-05-17 Future versions

The previus version are in here but, in the future you nead to go to the org forum were V1.9 is I do this to make it easy for me as keep updating different places in the long run is not that good as it takes quite some time to keep it up to date in all forums:




UPDATE 26-11-16 V1.7 - V1.8  (Universal_autopilot_10.51_v1.7.zip / Universal_autopilot_10.51_v1.8.zip):

Version 1.5 = 1.7 and 1.6 = 1.8 as I still havent decide if I want to remove the auto arm that is in version 1.7 but not in 1.8.. and again it might be remove at any time 1.7! 

PS. You can´t see the edits as it is all in the codes, nothing new only some name edits to prevent problems by other scripts.. I take this step as antother user had a problem and was caused by another script that used the same name in his script and i am not gona blame any one as he might not know about the names used in my project, as well as i did not of his but it can happen by global names, so I tryieid to improve all the names used to minimize the problem in the future hopefully..


Tested in X-Plane 11 beta.. 



UPDATE 25-11-16 REV1.6 - (Universal_autopilot_10.51_v1.6):

This is the same as version 1.5 but I removed the auto arm function for FLC and ARM as I mentioned my concerns by version 1.4, as it might not be a good solution.. At the moment 1.5 would remain under the download but might be removed later, if I find the need to do so..


UPDATE 24-11-16 REV1.5 - (Universal_autopilot_10.51_v1.5):

Only added a version indicator text (v1.5) as that might make it, easy to spot what version is used.


UPDATE 03-11-16 REV1.3 - (autopilot_10.51++.ZIP):

This is a revert to how it was in revision 1.1 as it did not work that well the revision 1.2 and hop this would be the last version, and that it might work in XP11 when that comes out but lets se..


UPDATE 02-11-16 REV1.2 - (autopilot_10.51+.ZIP):

the ARM and altitude mode was edited so arm is done automatic and when ALT hold is used the numbers are replaced by - HOLD - red text.


UPDATE 31-10-16 REV1.1 - (Universal_autopilot_10.50++.ZIP) :

There was used a wrong dataref for the CRS display so when a nav frequency was set for a given ILS, It would stop the update of the numbers of the display, it does do the command, but should be corrected by now.


UPDATE 30-10-16 REV1.01(Universal_autopilot_10.50+.ZIP) :

Well there has been a edit of the files to correct some problems as well as now it is only 1 file, that have nearly the same layout as the original.

There is now included a altitude ARM click spot for aircraft where altitude arm is not set in the aircraft file, As you might know if the plane had this by pressing alt it would turn yellow to indicate arm lie in X-plane by default, and does still work, it is only if it does not get yellow you can click above ALT key and it should turn yellow the white text to indicate, and that also affects the ALT button as it gets red when armed (just a small note if you know how it was before).

The rest should work just as before just a bit better, as I had to set a few limits to CRS and HDG as some aircraft´s does not handle those like the default aircraft’s so you might have seen odd numbers that should have been corrected now..



Remember to remove the old ap1 and ap2 files from version 1 else it will crash as they want Access to the same data. for those that update from v1.1 (Universal_autopilot_10.50++) just place the new file and it would over write the old one. 


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