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  1. Gerne Maggy. Nur um das nochmal ganz klar zu stellen: Im echten Nürnberg ist es genauso. It's not a bug, it's a feature!
  2. Bei vielen Flughäfen dieser Größe ist es normal, dass ein Tankwagen kommen muss. Die Tanke in Düsseldorf wird zB auch nicht genutzt und es kommt immer der Tankwagen. Zapfsäulen sind eher etwas für die kleinen Flughäfen.
  3. They have by far not the same performance. Maybe a similar range, speeds and cruise levels, but that is about it. Believe me, we do not say they are totally different aircrafts just because we don't want to make the A340. We believe the A340 is a very nice aircraft and personally I would love to have one on my sim. But economically it's just not worth it.
  4. Which producttitle is shown in your purchase confirmation e-mail or on the title of your box?
  5. Alright, so we got the aircraft. Now we need the addon as I asked earlier on already
  6. Which aircraft addon is this about?
  7. Please follow the steps given in the first post of this thread.
  8. In fact this is actually a feature and not a bug. We left this small easter egg in just in case somebody does an incorrect fuel planning and does not want to divert. Therefore nothing to be fixed here, it's there on purpose. Surely there must be something else happening on your system that causes such little fuel consumption. It is definitely not normal and it does not seem like there are many other customers encountering the same issue which makes it unlikely (though of course not impossible) to be a bug.
  9. And to be fair Dave, I am one of those who was unhappy with the MD80 soundset, so I bought the TSS soundset and included it in my maddog. Now I hear my engines and all is good. What most, if not all, simmers forget is: We sit in the cockpit wearing ANR headsets. Well, at least most of us do, I know at least one colleague flying with an 80€ GA headset, but that's a different topic. Under my ANR headset I hardly hear the engines at all. It even goes so far that sometimes in cruise I put my Bose ANR headphones over my aviation headset, just to get that additional ANR. Then it becomes totally quiet. Well, at least except for the aircraft sounds picked up by our microphones which are then returned into the system. When the intercom is turned off though you don't hear a thing anymore. Total silence! And honestly, that's how I like it the most at work Yet when sitting at my sim at home my flatmates usually complain my sim is too loud. That's life, isn't it?
  10. Do you have and use a joystick as outlined in the system requirements? If you don't have one please get one as you can not control the AIrbus with the keyboard, but need to use a joystick instead.
  11. There is no completed list as of now, Lufthansa, Virgin and Cathay Dragon have been confirmed though. Right now there are still many paints to be completed so we can not tell you exactly what will be in the final release yet. There is a dedicated thread with wishlists for repaints in our forums, if you search for it you can post there and request whatever you like. Please run a quick search through the thread before posting though as chances are that your particular paintwish has already been requested by someone else. In that case simply upvote it to show you'd also like that paint.
  12. The right ND is a copy of the left ND at the moment, same for the PFD btw. Thus you'll only see the VOR1 indication.
  13. I have never heared of this issue yet, nor do I recall seeing any customer with it. My best bet would be to reinstall the latest client of your P3D (client only, not the full sim!). Whatever causes this issue is likely to happen somewhere on a deeper level.
  14. I don't think you can completly exclude VORs from the route. Why would you want to do so? There is no reason for it.
  15. Was it ever offline?
  16. The A330-300 does not have an active centre tank. While the box containing the tank is there it is not actually "active". It's just a "dummy" to keep airframe commonality. Fuel is loaded in the wingtanks only in the A330-300.
  17. Ich kann dir keinen guten Vergleich geben, da mein i7 4590k doch schon etwas älter war, bevor ich den i9 gekauft habe. Zumindest auf meinem Computer würde dein Beispiel aber nicht glatt laufen. Ich habe einen i9-9900k, RTX2080Ti, 16GB RAM und alles auf einer M2er SSD. ORBX Global, Open LC EU und Addon Flughäfen zusammen mit dem FSL Bus klappen okay. Mit Vector bekomme ich schon merkliche Stutters und mit FTX Deutschland gehen meine Frames in den unteren 20er Bereich. Das wäre mir das Geld nicht wert um ehrlich zu sein. FTX Deutschland und Vector, sowie der FSL Bus, schlagen hier wirklich hart zu, wenn Du zumindest auf zwei der drei verzichten kannst, sollte es aber laufen. Versprich dir aber nicht zuviel davon, mit all diesen Addons zusammen wirst Du nur sehr unwahrscheinlich ein 100% glatt laufendes System bekommen. Das bekommt auch die modernste Hardware noch nicht hin. Aber wie gesagt, keine Versprechen. Es kann bei dir besser laufen oder auch schlechter.
  18. CFD is simply still in development, once it is released in full you can be sure to recieve full support for it.
  19. And no stutters whatsoever? As said, the fps indication might not be reliable. Stutters as in your video above can be enough.
  20. fps may notbe indicated low, but you can see a lot of stuttering. A stutter is nothing else than 0fps for a short while so that gives you the shaking.
  21. Simply run the installer and install it into FSX. You can not install the FSX version into P3D or the other way round. You need to buy the FSX version if you want to use it in FSX, not the P3D version.
  22. mmh, not sure I can actually see an issue in your screenshots. You get the GND SPLRS ARMED message while you have the spoilers armed. That is as expected. There is no indication whatsoever that the speed brake would actually be deployed. In fact the flight control page clearly shows that they are not deployed. It looks all normal to me.
  23. I'm afraid there is no way to update to 1803 anymore. You could purchase a subscription to NavDataPro which can update you to the latest cylce 1906. Only the latest cycle is sold though, no old data gets sold.
  24. The 32bit Airbus does not, and can not, work in P3Dv4. You have to buy the AIrbus Professional.
  25. FlightRadar ist keine gute Referenz, da externe Einflüsse wie Wind, etc. nicht nachvollzogen werden können. Was ich zB gerne mache, aber nur sehr selten in der Flugsimulation gemacht sehe, ist die Geschwindigkeit unten zu halten, um einen engeren Kurvenradius zu ermöglichen. An meiner Homebase gibt es einige SIDs ohne Speed Restrictions, wo man mit 250kt, die der Flieger standartmäßig fliegen würde, hoffnungslos die Kurven überschießen würde. Da geben wir häufig von Hand 220kt oder noch weniger Restrictions ein, damit wir den Track einhalten können. Das gleiche gilt häufig für Arrivals, in meiner Airline fliegen wir zB standartmäßig 220kt ab 6000ft im Sinkflug. Siehst Du jetzt eine Kurve auf Flightradar, wird sie enger erscheinen, da der Flieger langsamer war. Versuchst Du das im Simulator nachzustellen und fliegst dabei 250, wirst Du ganz natürlich einen weiteren Kurvenradius haben. Dazu kommt, dass real sehr häufig entlang der SID vektoriert wird. Dann fliegt man zwar "ungefähr" die SID, aber eben nicht genau. Auch das ruft dann falsche Impressionen hervor.
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