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  1. Sriver


  2. Sriver

    Salzburg 2011 Preview

    Really looking forward to this moment!
  3. Sriver

    Salzburg 2011 Preview

    Here are some impressions on the interior of the new tower. It´s a stunning view! Salzburg is such a beautiful airport with such a nice environment...simply can´t wait on this addon. The view on runway 33. On the right side the "Untersberg", in the background the "Wieselstein". Here the view into the west (holding west and published traffic circuit RWY 15 and 33 ). In the background on the right the "Fuderheuberg" and the "Staufen". On the left the "Predigtstuhl" with the "schlafende Hexe" (a bit hidden here) and once again the "Untersberg" on the left. Here now the view into the north west. Straight ahead the "Högl" with his antenna. You can eat there quite good as well btw. Especially the "obaztes Schnitzel" what is a special cheese preperation in a "Schnitzel". You can google´s a really delicious meal. Here the view on the old tower. You can see how small the pulpit in comparison to the new one is. View on the GAC and RWY 15 in the background. View on the main apron. The Transavia departed a few minutes later. And for all fire department fans... Here is also a really nice video for some more impressions: Greetings, Alexander
  4. Sriver

    Salzburg 2011 Preview

    That´s Salzburg airport at it´s best. Really looking forward.
  5. Sriver

    Salzburg 2011 Preview

    ...or from another developer.
  6. Sriver

    Salzburg 2011 Preview

    I´m just wondering, why there is no other developer interested in this project. Salzburg is a beautiful airport with an exciting approach onto the RWY 33 in a wonderful environment. Even wide-bodied aircraft like the 747 can arrive this airport and it´s an important destination for summer and winter tourism (see charter saturday for example). Furthermore it´s Austria´s second largest airport and scheduled flights mostly approach the bigger airports like Frankfurt, Berlin or Düsseldorf what it makes very attractive for us flight simmers. Also the Flying Bulls have their private fleet there and a beautiful museum to visit. But I don´t understand why the smallest and most unknown airports or aerodromes are developed or even airports they are already existing from other developers?! I´m sorry, but I´m really disappointed.
  7. Sriver

    AES config for PMDG 777-300ER

    Thank you guys! Nice to hear you are pleased! :-)
  8. Version 1.01


    Unzip and put the intelliscene.cfg into your aircraft folder: ..:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777-300ER