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  1. I'll let the product speak for itself once released, with Jo Erlends sceneries I am confident it can hold up with any such comparison.
  2. Doesn't it feel bad for Porsche to build a car when there's Lada around already? Nothing against Lada by the way, I love seeing them!
  3. That is not planned I am afraid. Only the 64bit verions have it.
  4. Please show some screenshots. In the past this was largely due to the user entering TOGA LOCK which overrides the level off. Your FMA will tell you which modes you're in. The tutorial will tell you what to do with which mode. It's not a bug, it's a feature
  5. If you google for HTKJ charts you'll find some from 2010ish and you'll see that the airport did not have any such lights at that time. True, it has a more lights now. But it also has a larger apron, more taxiways, etc. Our addon was developed in 2015 and matches the airport as it was back then.
  6. I expect that after maybe the first two or three months there will be as many P3Dv4 users left as there are P3Dv3 users now. Not a lot. Especially seeing that the difference between MSFS and P3Dv3-v4 will be a LOT bigger.
  7. Believe me, once you'll see MSFS in action on your own computer P3D will be history.
  8. No need to feel sorry, your info was absolutely correct.
  9. You misunderstood that, he said that 18 is only used for takeoffs, not that it is the only runway used for takeoffs. As in: Landing on runway 18 is not allowed. It is a runway on which only takeoffs are allowed. 18 can be used simoultaniously with the other runways at Frankfurt.
  10. wind is the magic word... and traffic.
  11. Chances are somehow Alpha Floor got activated, maybe a windshift, or something the like. Hard to tell what could have activated it without actually seeing it. Your issue is different from the one you linked. In the one you linked the user actually selected M.86, which is the redline, manually, thus forcing the Airbus to accelerate all the way into the red line. You didn't.
  12. Thanks, that's the same we found as well then. The speed of the animation is actually correct according to the Airbus manuals (max 10 degree per second). Adjusting the flight model to match the animation is unfortunately almost impossible with the P3D limitations without braking other stuff, so I am afraid that will have to be postponed for the Microsoft Flight Simulator version.
  13. Thanks, I'm able to recreate this behaviour. Just to confirm, it is only the animation, the effect of the speedbrake is there immediately, is it?
  14. A new tutorial is also still being worked on, however the new MSFS of course pulls away resources. You can be assured a new tutorial covering all the features is coming at some point. We just can't gurantee when exactly that's going to be. Certainly not the very close future.
  15. Hi, any chance you are able to record a video of this? I always felt they're deploying at a normal rate, in fact when pulling my speed brake to slow down in level flight the trend vector is there almost immediately.
  16. Reselect the Navigraph login, what you show in the picture in the configurator is the NavDatabase, not the chart database to be used. Navigate to the EFB tab in the configurator and make sure the Navigraph data is entered there.
  17. Could you also post a screenshot like this with the same pages being open in the MCDUs?
  18. No, our Airbus has always been and will always be joystick only.
  19. I'm sorry, keyboard thrust levers are not supported in the A330. As per the system requirements you need a joystick having a thrust lever axis.
  20. I flew a go around yesterday and it worked. What happened on your system?
  21. You're absolutely right here. That's probably exactly the reason why it never really got noticed. Unless someone sits down with an actual Airbus takeoff performance calculator and crosschecks the numbers it was pretty much impossible to notice this issue. Since there is no such calculator available for the community (I only know TPC which is a nice tool, but which does not compute exact thrust outputs) there was basically no way for customers to notice. That's how it must have slipped through the beta team as well. Anyway, it turned out to be a simple fix which is undergoing testing right now. Unless something major comes up (which I honestly don't think will happen right now... but you never know!) we'll have flex included in the next update.
  22. Hi, this is purely my personal opinion on the A330, it does not represent any Aerosoft standpoint: In my opinion the A330 flies fine and does not have any major bugs left. There are small things which are being worked on (ex. Step Climbs), there are some missing or incomplete features (offset being one of the for example), but overall it is an enjoyable plane which does not have any major issues that could spoil the fun of flying. I never encountered any issues with Fuel Flow and Consumption. Not entirely sure which reports you are refering to here as I am only aware of one report about fuel flow, which in my opinion was more related to thrust changes than actual fuel flow changes with constant thrust and thus not really being an issue.
  23. Hi, nein das geht nicht. FSX und P3D sind verschiedene Lizenzen.
  24. What are your P3Dv4 settings looking like? Pretty sure it's a settings thing.
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