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  1. Hi guys! Recently I have some question about my purchase and I call Aerosoft USA and Aerosoft Europe But they didn't answer the phone. I try several times at different day and different time , but they still didn't answer the phone. Dose anyone have the same experience? And what shoud I do? Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks Ami and Shaun Fletcher ! I called Aerosoft USA yesterday and I got email response today! The PMDG 747x will sent in last of this week and Airbus X will change to newest Airbus X Extended Edition ! Thanks folks!
  3. Thanks!! W.Skinner I will call them!
  4. Hi Folks!~ I don't know wether othor people have same expirience as me. But it is not very good for me, it make me feel anxity~ I ordered several box product included 4 x PMDG 747 X , PMDG 737NGX ,Airbus X from aerosfot USA on the internet on March 23th. It's my first time order box prodect from Aerosoft. I felt excited after my ordered and I write a mail to aerosfot USA how long will it take to arrive. And It was very sweet that Aeosoft USA response me very soon. After 2 weeks I recieve my prodect form USPS, and when I open it, I only found PMDG 737 NGX in the box but not others incl
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