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  1. The problem is, there is no "shader mod nearly everyone is using". There are at LEAST 5 different ones. PTA: Ultra Realism Preset, Matt Davis Preset, ND Preset, (there is a fourth which name I don't recall right now) Tomato: Ultra Realism Preset, several others REX Environment Force: Dynamic shading (which always looks different), etc. Aerosoft would have to create different textures for every single one of them. Creating one set of textures takes about three months. You can imagine how expensive that would get.
  2. Hi Stefan, was passiert, wenn Du zB den Turnaround State oder den Cold and Dark state lädst? Dann müssten sich eigentlich Türen ganz von selbst öffnen. Passiert das auch nicht?
  3. Hi Jan, what kind of tutorial would you like to have? We think the way we designed the EFB it is pretty much straight forward. It's mainly a resource to geather information, not a system to really interact with in terms that you have to program it, etc. The Vol.1 of the manuals outlines the most important parts, the rest of it, at least I think so, you look at two or three times and you know what's going on. If there's something particular you need to know you can of course always just ask.
  4. Good morning, I'm afraid it is pretty much impossible to read your post. Could you just post it as normal text please?
  5. Hi Martin, it's not just the specs, it's also which other addons you use, which settings you use, which other programs you run parallel to your sim, etc. It's the otherall picture which counts in the end and not just single parts of it like hardware, software, settings, etc. It is impossible to say for sure how things will effect other things as everyone uses their simulators differently.
  6. Depends on your system but with most modern systems Ultimate Terrain should not have any greater impact on your performance.
  7. So what kind of alternative programs are you looking for? Scenery? Aircraft?
  8. Not trying to spoil the fun, but with the amount of traffic expected at the cross the pond, especially now during the Corona lockdowns, the whole hoppie system is very, very, very likely to collapse that day. It already did so during the past couple of evenings due to the huge amount of VATSIM and IVAO connections these days.
  9. Hi Mick, I'd recommend you to ask BlueSkyStar directly, they will know better if their sounds work with our Airbus or not. Keep in mind that while Aerosoft made the Airbus they do not necessarily have access to all modifications offered by different developers who are not involved with Aerosoft.
  10. What might help as well is to select the empty secondary database and then select the installed database again. You can do so by clicking the left LSK next to the respective database on the A/C STATUS page. Be careful however, do NOT do this in flight as it will remove all your FMC programming and you'll have to program the FMC again.
  11. The issue is in your scenery indeed. Why do you give your ORBX scenery higher priority in the scenery library than other addons? According to ORBX's manuals they should be BELOW any other scenery. You have ORBX Germany South. They included LSZH in this scenery. Since ORBX got higher priority in your scenery library that means that ORBX LSZH navaids will take precedence over Aerosoft LSZH. If ORBX got the outdated frequency then you found the problem. I suggest to review the manuals from ORBX regarding placement of their scenerys in the scenery library and in any case to give them lower priority than your other addons. As far as I remember there is a setting in ORBX Central to do this automatically (scenery library insertion point or similar).
  12. Unfortunately it isn't, in P3D there is no such definition. Only GSX has an internal variable which could cover you up here. The links posted above contian files which have such definition. But as Otto pointed out, it's not a scenery issue, but purely a GSX issue.
  13. Aerosoft follows german rules and thus unless shipping gets regulated by german goverment they'll ship whatever you order. If you live in the UK and your goverment does not want you to buy boxed products for now we strongly urge you to follow your goverments advice. Just buy a download instead. However this will not cause Aerosoft not to ship the product you order since Aerosoft is not based in the UK and can impossibly know all the measures taken by all the goverments around all countries in the world.
  14. Tja hast Du sie neu oder gebraucht bei Amazon gekauft? Falls Sie gebraucht waren, hat der Vorbesitzer die Keys vielleicht verwendet. Dann können wir dir auch nicht helfen.
  15. Ich bin weder Experte was X-Plane, noch was die Flight Factor Flieger angeht, aber die reinen Fehlermeldung lassen darauf schließen, dass Du keine Hydraulikflüssigkeit im Reservoir hast. Was sagt die Status Seite?
  16. Your overall simulator seems to be very dark, looking outside of the windows it looks like late dusk already while the clock suggests afternoon. Even with sunglasses on it doesn't look that dark outside when flyign in real life. Here's a picture of my sim, around afternoon local time: Not just the aircraft is brighter, but the outside is a lot brighter as well. My suggestion would be to check your HDR settings and, if applicable, your shader addon. Something seems to darken the whole sim down a lot on your computer.
  17. If you bought it from a reseller then the reseller is responsible for an exchange, not Aerosoft. Support will be provided by Aerosoft as best as they can, but things like an exchange are always handelled by your reseller. That's a question you really need to ask to the developers, not to Aerosoft.
  18. I never noticed such big deadzones on my honeycomb. I suggest sending a mail to Aerosoft, I'm sure they'll sort it out and deliver a replacement if there's a problem with your controller.
  19. Known issue, a fix is underway.
  20. I can confirm the issue still persists. Will have to be looked at again.
  21. Well, several points: 1) Why do you write in at least twice as large and bold printed fonts? You know in the internet that is widely recognized as screaming. 2) You claim the A330 is done. It most certainly isn't. 3) No, we can not add Leap engines then. This has been answered a hundret times. I just answerd in the same style you asked your question. You don't like the tone? Right, think about it.
  22. Hi Aharon, FSDG is a different company than Aerosoft. They're business partners and Aerosoft does part of the publishing for FSDG, but Aerosoft does not own FSDG, nor are they a subsidary. If you bought the scenery at Aerosoft you can get support from support@aerosoft.com or alternatively directly from FSDG, if you bought at FSDG you'll get it from FSDG only.
  23. Dave, this post is 100% true. This is exactly how it works.
  24. Well, I do not second any comments like "he's a pilot, he must be right". Nor would I make them myself. Bob wouldn't make those either. Deputy is just a badge the username of the users posting is shown above that, above the profile pic. Bob (Masterhawk) is not the same person as Dave (DaveCT2003). What a customer can do is easy: Provide proof of his point of view. Like an FCOM section as posted by Bob, etc.
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