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  1. bummer that there will be no night lighting, because the rest is brilliant
  2. thanks Initially I missed that other click below. Got it all sorted now. thank you very much Mopperle. Appreciate
  3. not to worry I seem to found the place where to register
  4. Well can anybody help as I dotn get any answer from Mr kok. According to the link below is an update available for catalina to take it to version 1.2 --------------- Sent 29 July 2012 - 09:28 AM I have been searching for this update. I cannot find it under the update files. http://forum.aerosof...atalina-update/ According to my aerosoft launcher I still have version 1.11. When I let the launcher check for updates it also do not find any update for the catalina Can you perhaps shed more light where this update is? thank you
  5. I like the dirt and the scrathes..!!
  6. Thanks Jan. Much apreciated
  7. that weird blue thing is the diamond aircraft corporation logo.. Google is your friend. enter diamond aircraft logo.. see images.. it is sometimes white and sometimes blue. Mostly blue.. now that is some detail hey..!!
  8. Thanks Finn I just fly the plane from "ready to taxi" but before takeoff I now just do a quick F2 and then F1 and then it always work when I get to land and have to use reverse thrust. According to me when "ready to taxi" the startlocks must have been removed already as part of the "phase" Ready to taxi, as I do not experience any problem taking off and flying. As I said after doing it once. It always work great and there is a really pronounce sound going in reverse thrust and I can see speed drop dramatically. if I do not do that and start plane ready to takeoff and just fly the first time I want to use it after landing, then there is no effect at all. Anyway, I am so used to do it now as pre takeoff, it dont really bother me anymore. Thanks again for an awesome plane
  9. Is that so mr Snave. Now who would have guessed that. I did read the manual and yes I know first time is removing start latches. When you start the plane ready for taxi, it should nto be neccesary to remove start latches (well I dont think so because ready for taxi mean ready to fly and you should not have any need to remove start latches). I am not talking about start from cold and dark. so please leave your comments for yourself if you dont know what you talking about. I prefer not to have your snave attitude support.
  10. Ok I found that when I am on ground after I loaded the plane the 1st time I use F2 (full reverse thrust) nothing happens - It is the same effect as if throttle has just been closed even though the sound tell a different story. Then I hit F1 to take it out of reverse thrust (throttle to Zero) and the second time onwards when I select F2 reverse thrust work 100% and I am actually going backwards. It seem to be only a problem right after the plane has been loaded.
  11. I have no clue how to fly this plane so shoot me down for what i am doing but after landing I hit F2 (reverse thrust) to stop this baby. You can definitely hear the reverse thrust kick in from the sound but I dont find that it actually slow down the plane at all. Runway speed just stay the same and the only noticeable little decrease that do happen after a long time seem to be the normal slowing of the plane. Is reverse thrust simulated here or does it not work. This way of using reverse thrust on other P&W PT-6 engines seem to radically slow down those planes (yes I know these engines are not P&W PT-6, so that is why I am asking) Any ideas? Should I be able to use reverse thrust or not on this plane. Regards
  12. araig I'll take it just as it is.. geesh, It is just a game.. Thanks for your time to do this for us plebs.
  13. I knew what you talking about. I load the plane in VC view Once loaded. I immediately "Reset" the plane :menu: Fight \ reset This seem to solve the issue for me. So from I got this to work for me, I always load and then reset. Standard practice for me. Never ever I got this issue again.
  14. +1 I like the "almost" Navy paint color scheme without the "silly grin"
  15. Dont see anything that it is released yet. Will this now be posted on my account at aerosoft ?
  16. Sorry also having no stuttering but then again I dont use logitech joystick..
  17. Well obviously you have not seen how many hours some people do spend flying simulators. I for one is one of that odd ones that would like the 1600 hours. 80 hours will be taken up like nothing within one month flying time.. (yeah 20hours a week is really not that much - remember some people have retired etc that have got the world of time available and thus would like to be as close as possible to real world time lines.) so even a mere 160 hours is not going to be sufficiant. plane engines is going to degrade wayyyyyyy to fast for me.
  18. Very nice and thank you looking forward to the repaint.. Still enjoying Tristan's version till we can get our dirty little hands on this one. Like the way it is a little bit "dirtied" up with exhaust smoke on sides etc..
  19. First off, Thank you very much. looking forward to more refinement. I am happy but how about loosing the GPS. Make it selectable if you want it or not selectable if you dont want it displayed as part of VC panel
  20. Well it seems that it is only you having these issues.. To be honest I have a ball of a time flying it.. NO issues NONE whatsoever..
  21. Yip, sounds like the start locks not removed
  22. Agreed very nice gesture Mathijs. Keep up the good work. Never been a military plane type, but this bronco is growing on me the longer I fly it.
  23. I think he rather meant the ".air" file not the aircraft.cfg file so much although it seems he also tried to do some aircraft.cfg file adjustments. reread his post. dduece. I could open the air file and make changes. with "aired". My version I am using is product version1.52. Dont know what you use to edit air files.
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