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  1. Version 1.11 USMC_Training


    Fixed the tailbooms to remove the white in the checkerboard patter, as the original aircraft had background colored squares
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Posted the paint fix to the download
  3. In The Bronco X downloads now Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Version 1.11 USMC Training


    [fltsim.XX] title = Aerosoft OV-10A MARINE TRAINING BLM sim = OV-10B model = panel = sound = texture =N91LM kb_checklists = OV10A_check kb_reference = OV10A_notes atc_id = atc_airline = atc_flight_number = atc_heavy = 0 atc_parking_types = MIL_COMBAT, RAMP atc_parking_codes = atc_id_color = 0xffff0000 atc_model = ui_manufacturer = "North American Rockwell" ui_type = "OV-10A Bronco" ui_variation = "US BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT" ui_typerole = "Military Light Attack and Observation" ui_createdby = "Aerosoft GmbH" description = N91LM / BLM (cn 321-137) Operated by the Bureau of Land Management. Former military serial was 68-3811. Photo taken 14 December 1996, before dis-assembly and relocation to Falcon Field museum, Mesa Arizona.
  5. Version USMC Trng 1.11


    Venezuelan National Guard... and members of the OV-10 Bronco Association of the Americas
  6. Version 1.11a


    An OV-10A of the 549th TASTG, 1st Special Operations Wing. The Aircraft carried these markings while at the Cleveland National Airshow in September of 1980....
  7. Version 1.11 USMC Files


    In 1975 and the decommisioning of VMO-5, Col Chuck Burin had his bird repainted to salute VMO-5 complete with Tail Registration
  8. I have the program installed and fitted on the Bronco..... but it is horrible.... you fire off a wing rocket, and your blinded and screen freezes.... CS says "sorry can not help you"
  9. Version 1.21


    Dedicated to the men who fly from Toledo, 180thFW Wing Commanders vehicle
  10. If I do not have what you want I will do my best for you !
  11. Version 1.21


    To honow the men of the former 178th Fighter Wing, and the 162ndFS of Springfield, Ohio
  12. I have created a paint to honor this great unit, they were phased out under the BARQ realignment program, and as a result Ohio now has just 1 F-16 Unit The 180th FW, out of Toledo........ But this is to salute what we used to have
  13. DOH !!!! my dummynuss......SORRY NEVERMIND
  14. Where do I start to upgrade my Cheyenne from FS9 to FSX.. My key is CHE-166-XXXXX-XXXXX-XX191 This is the CD vers 3.2 Thanx guys
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