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  1. raymar

    Cover Girl

    Looks great to me. The war is over so it should be good enough for FSX don't you think? Ray
  2. Thanks a million, Tristan. I got the private package downloaded and installed in about 2 minutes. Slick, Slick. Like your installer and private version. I noticed we all have our names on the fuselage along with our selected reg #s. Very nice of you to take the time and make the effort to do this for us 5 special Bronco Drivers. Thanks again. Here is a snapshot at my local airport.
  3. I would like to have it. I love anything and everything Navy. Thanks. Ray
  4. Thanks ddeuce. Look what playing with the texture.cfg file will do for you. Neat. Ray
  5. Very short term availability. Click to download. http://mbf.me/lwFGO Ray
  6. Here, very short term availability. Fly and enjoy. Ray http://mbf.me/lwFGO
  7. That is not a very professional paint job, like I said, just a Saturday quick run through the paint shop. I'm watching the Giants kick butt in the Superbowl right now but later this evening I can see about uploading it someplace for you to grab and fly until the pros get to town. Go Navy (10 years in a row) Ray
  8. Well ddeuce, I found some almost Navy paint. I ran the Air Force Clean Job thru the MAKKO elcheapo paint shop this afternoon. You know it is hard to find good help on the weekend, especially the Saturday before Superbowl. Anyway, the color is a tad or two darker than the standard Air Force issue. I also had them wipe that silly grin off the face just to see what was underneath. Looking better but has a ways to go. Ray
  9. Excellent. Thanks Finn. I should have figured this one out myself. duh. I think I must had a clean bird loaded when I checked the payload. Ray
  10. raymar

    Bronco 1.1

    Anything NAVY. Thanks. Ray
  11. Just wondering. Manual is silent on the models, external fuel tanks, and various weapon loads. For instance, what are the long skinny things on the wings, looks like two rockets maybe, are these some kind of Zuni rocket, or is that 4x ??? pound bombs on the belly or is that the 4x7 2.75 INch rocket pods. I guess no sidewinders? too easy. Maybe just a link to the specific weapons. Can we mix and match? If so, how? Where in FSX? Load Manager coming later? Thanks. Ray
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