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  1. p3dv45 issue, hotfix from lm https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=133181
  2. on my setup, p3dv45 crashes with the crj when the rift is enabled...
  3. hello Oliver, i copied over the new gnd files and used it with the default EDDF setting (none of orbx options checked in configurator). success! no more ground flashing/flickering. Vielen Dank! btw, i'm using a 1080ti with 417.35 driver.
  4. thank you. i see the flickering around the areas in red, mainly when altitude is 100-300ft agl (flying helicopter is easiest).
  5. Hi Oliver, stock EDDF elevation is 110.947, C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery\0601\scenery\APX50140.bgl so it seems to be there unchanged. there are no EDDF _ALT.bgl altitude adjustment files in ../scenery/world/scenery. what would you suggest next?
  6. as far as i see, the only recommended settings are the lighting options for dynamic lights, etc. but i just tried to raise the EDDF airport altitude to 111.0 from 110.95 using ADE/p3dv4 SDK, it added an _ALT.bgl to the ..../scenery/world folder. the ground texture flicker/flashing almost entirely went away.
  7. winas=whidbey island naval air station (knuw) north of seattle so it's in a different region. i can confirm no other afcad for eddf in the setup.
  8. Hello and happy new year, thanks for the replies. photoreal on/off didn't make a difference. also changed mesh resolution but same no effect. i've attached the scenery lib to show where EDDF sits (i think this is what you're asking for), it's way above the orbx stuff:
  9. Hello, i'm having a problem with EDDF elevation around the north east corner: the perimeter photoreal textures flicker as i fly over them, this extends into the airport itself around runway 25C. please see the screen shots of the flickering ground textures, the flickering is quite fast so captured random shots. setup: p3dv4.4 orbx base orbx openLCeurope (no germany regions) AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-FRANKFURT-20_PROF_P3DV4.zip
  10. not sure what the issue you're seeing with the stabilator, according to natops for f14b, 10deg up/33 deg dn deflection. as for the spoilers, when flaps are down, all deflect, once weight off wheels, all deflect as well.
  11. hmmm. so edited dll.xml and prevented tacpack.dll from loading before starting p3dv3?
  12. load mgr has problem if the tacpack version for the particular sim is not correct. you may try to start your p3dv3 wo loading tacpack for it and see if it makes a difference on the f14.
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