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  1. can definitely understand the difficulty in fixing/reworking the nav function and hope it gets sorted in the future. there are some quite easy cosmetic things that could have/can be fixed that users have been asking for (but with no word on addressing them) that impact quality of user-facing functions: bad HUD symbology placements and system synoptic displays with bad highlights. these items stare you in the face each and every time the crj fires up, whereas the nav shortcomings not so much. getting the easy/high-impact ones out of the way is obviously the way to proceed. and everyone, what's called the "terrain radar" on the crj isn't a radar--it's a terrain awareness database just like what you have on the garmin gns gadgets. maybe the real crj wx radar has a ground mapping function, but that's a separate thing from the wx radar that asobo will be giving access to wasm models.
  2. so is aerosoft going to act on these reports of inaccuracies or just call it 'good enough' and call it a day? appreciate some feedback or directions on how the software purchased is going to be improved, if that's the intention.
  3. this is still not fixed in the new 1/6/2022 asobo hot fix. i know aerosoft doesn't want to change the center button HDG and SPEED for the VR people. then why not add a hidden click spot near those knobs so they can be used? or assign to some key binding? hovering the cursor over the knob and waiting 5 sec and shifting slightly may work on the ground but when interacting in a flight while banking and whatnot, it's just not possible.
  4. don't know what you know but kunta is correct. it is a dot matrix display. easy to find on the interweb. also, mjc q400 has it correct.
  5. @GEK_the_Reaper @roland_lfor also in a separate but buried thread, the HSI is placed too high and blocks horizon and pitch ladder as shown below: so what needs to be tweaked by @Hans is the placement and spacing of the various symbology: 1. HSI is placed too high, shift lower so there's more space between the horizon bar and HSI 2. contain the top, left, right boundaries as shown below, it's too wide now and placed too high 3. maybe the combiner glass is also placed too high (or too short) on both the waterline is ~3deg above horizon and real one (right side) both +/-5deg pitch ladders are visible, the screen shot on left doesn't even show the horizon due to the big honking HSI. glad the HGS is now collimated tho.
  6. so what needs to be tweaked by Hans is the placement and spacing of the various symbology: 1. HSI is too high, shift lower so there's more space between the horizon bar and HSI 2. contain the top, left, right boundaries as shown below, it's too wide now and too high here the waterline is ~3deg and +/-5deg pitch ladders are visible, the screen shot in previous post doesn't even show the horizon. i hope this gets fixed.
  7. you should take this opportunity to learn about how a real collimated HUD works. i'd say go to youtube and look up HUD videos on the 737 or other aircraft. what the HUD projects on the combiner glass and what one sees on it depends on the relative position of the eyes. or if you have access to an automobile with a HUD, you'll soon find out that the information presented on the windshield is visible where the driver sits, it is no visible by someone sitting in the passenger seat. so before making more assertions on how it should work, best to learn how it actually works. the crj patch is now making the HUD work correctly which is a great thing.
  8. of course, the eyes have to be at the right position for the HUD to work and be conformal to the outside world. this is how it's supposed to work.
  9. Just ran the ASUpdater and HGS is collimated. VR and TIR users can now use this instrument for real.
  10. bucket load of rain here today. wish the crj had wx radar to see the nasty storm.
  11. The default for right mouse button in VR is "VR cockpit focus" so pressing right mouse just zooms into the button area. I can unassign right mouse from "VR cockpit focus" but pressing right mouse would just re-center the mouse in the field of view without enabling the knob button. Has AS tested this knob button in VR? Is there a solution?
  12. Here's the FIX: This is for those who may be experiencing random CTDs while in VR: pressing buttons (like AP buttons and for AS CRJ mainly the APU buttons) resulting in CTD only in VR mode nothing in the event viewer pressing buttons didn’t always end up in CTD, like playing Russian roulette Fix was to display MFS in full screen mode (alt-enter) in VR mode… For some reason in windowed mode, it would tend to CTD when buttons are pressed, drove me crazy. gfx driver: old to new, no difference hags: no difference Otherwise performance was excellent at very high settings.
  13. One thing that I noticed is that the synoptic displays are hard to read because the active paths are shown in white paths filled with light green hatch marks. The real synoptics indicate active paths with full solid green paths:
  14. I've been getting consistent CTD in VR mode if I press the APU door or start button. 1) CTD only while VR is active 2) no error recorded in event viewer or crash dump report not generated 3) sometimes the button click and don't result in CTD but after clicking around again, it would CTD 4) pressing some of the AP button in flight also could result in CTD, again, without any event in the event viewer, this is a hit-and-miss CTD. Unfortunately, interacting with the VC is like playing CRJ russian roulette, or at least need to stay away from the APU buttons. Reinstalled the CRJ and rebuilt the m files but to no avail. No other model gives me this kind of grief... Otherwise it's a great model.
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