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  1. Hello, I am about half way through updating all paints with baked shadows and highlights. I have also aliased all panels to the LM ones and applied the air files (Cat-I and Cat-III) as supplied by LM. In my opinion these are superior to the original ones and makes the aircraft easier to aerobrake. The F-16 still has a lot left in it, and in my opinion a stores configurator would be the feature I would have liked the most. best Dag
  2. Version 1.0


    Hello, Here's the scheme worn by VF-74 aircraft during Operation Desert Storm back in 1991. Heavily touched up Tactical Paint Scheme was the 'fashion', even on the CO's aircraft. One more VF-74 scheme done, probably more to come :-) Best regards Dag
  3. Version 1.0


    Hello, This is an early representation of the VF-74 colour scheme. Overall Light Gull Grey with full colour (more or less) markings. Aircraft is a block 140 from 1987. Best regards Dag
  4. Version 1.0


    Hello, This is a repaint of an F-14A from VF-31 back in 1991. This was the last cruise of the USS Forrestal. Aircraft in the Tactical Paint Scheme using only one basic grey. Have fun Dag
  5. Version 1.0


    Hello, It's been a while since I've done a paint job for FSX/P3D but this beauty got me going. The aircraft depicted served aboard USS America back in 1989 and is a block 110 with the old style gun vents. Aircraft is TARPS capable. Colour scheme is a variation of the Tactical Paint scheme using the colours 36375, 36320 and 35237. Aircraft is heavily touched up after corrosion control. I have also altered the specular maps to reflect the overall matt finish of the aircraft. Have fun and a Merry Christmas Dag
  6. Hi, Nope that does not work either. Everything looks fine from the menu fuel wise, before launching the sim. When sim is launched, I get 74% imbalanced. Bronco is uninstalled, I neither have the time nor health for this right now.
  7. Same situation no matter. When loading the Bronco Startup flight and changin aircraft to the ferry, fuel goes to 74% (it loads with 84% with the one assigned to the saved AS flight). When loading the default Friday Harbour flight, ultra light shows 99% fuel. Changing to the OV-10 ferry, external 1 and tips are always empty. When trying to refuel, see attached. Shot 1 shows before I try to add anything (tips also empty) and shot 2 shows tips and external 1 fuelled. It all goes back to an imbalanced 74% once I get back to the aircraft. Mind you, I didn't add the 0,1 % in the tips !
  8. When loading the long range ferry, marine or air force, and when adding fuel, the external 1 is always empty and left/right tips are as well. The aircraft always loads with 74% fuel as a defalt and the c of g is way to the right. When I add fuel to the tips, say put them at 100%, a 0,1% is always added so that I get 100,1 %. Then I get the mandatory "please enter a number between 0 and 100". When I add fuel to the external 1 tank, it always gets reset (zeroed) when I get back to the aircraft. This affects other aircraft as well it I change to them after using he Bronco. I have overcome by remming out the external 2 tank. Then there's balance at least. Best DagR
  9. Hi, On your downloads server file version says 1.12 for the full download and 1.12 for the update. Mirror 2 (Europe), where I downloaded from shows 1.11. Also during install you are adviced that you are indeed installing 1.11. I still have severe fuel imbalance when I load the long range 3 tank version and it even affects other addons when I have the Bronco installed. That's why I need as reinstall :-) Mr. Evans, do not respond to this message ! Best Dag
  10. DagR

    Bronco Issues 1.12

    Thanks Finn and I believe I have been polite ;-) I remmed the spoilers out in a couple of cfgs but will put them back on and stay away from that certain button assignement :-) I just wondered why the invisible spoilers worked. Snave; thanks again, it's always a great pleasure to get such good input from such a competent guy :-) Best DagR
  11. DagR

    Bronco Issues 1.12

    Thanks for your input Snave and based on you impression of my abilities I will consider uninstalling the Bronco and fly the default Cessna 172 instead. The spolier function/key stroke is enabled on the aircraft, but I am fully aware there's no spoilers on the OV-10. That's why I wondered why the function was enabled in the first place. Again, thanks for your polite support, you are truly a gift to the community ;-) Best DagR
  12. Hi, I don't know if this has been adressed yet but I want to know where the Bronco has its speed brake? The option is certainly available and it does decelerate too?? Second; when I load the air force long range model, there is a severe fuel imbalance. When I try to rectify by filling the external tank lacking fuel, the fuel state gets reset when I go back from the FS menus to the aircraft. Similary, I an able to fill the selected tanks 100,1 % (??), the 0,1 % gets added on certain tanks every time. Why is this ? Best Dag
  13. Hi to whom it might concern, Would it be possible to make the aprons, taxiways and runway textures a bit better looking. Now we have these greyish purple blotchy areas, especially on the mil side with very undefined diffuse borders towards grass edges and such. The asphalt/concrete areas are much better looking and lighter and less blotchy in colour in real life. I understand the rwy texture can be altered by editing the specific texture but the rest of the airport cannot. I have shown screenies to some for my work mates and they asked if the concrete was replaced by mud ! I had to laugh... Is it possible to look into this? Best DagR
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