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  1. Hört sich gut an. Wie macht man das? Oder kannst Du einen Patch zur Verfügung stellen?
  2. As Hans Hartmann wrote on page 2 of this thread: "Coupled VNAV includes climb/descend control but without autothrottle. Like in the real aircraft. "
  3. Gecancelt? Sieht nicht so aus:
  4. Okay, thank you. Have a nice weekend!
  5. Did that, but can find only the 1.11 as of 2011. Please reread my last post as I did some changes to it! Thank you very much, Otto!
  6. "It currently can be used to Install: CYYZ, CYUL, KBOS, LOWW, LGKR, TNCM, VHHX, all of which have been updated for P3D4." The last Update v1.11 on is dated 2011, so it can't be P3D4 compatible. Any chance to get a FlyTampa serial as with Athens and Vienna to get FT's installer running?
  7. Hello, there seems to be a new Update of Corfu: Can I get this update as owner of the Aerosoft boxed product? If yes, how? Can't find anything new on Thanks in advance Jens
  8. Nice to hear there is a ELLX for P3D4 in the works. That stops me from buying the other product during black friday sales and now I'm waiting for the release of your scenery.
  9. Hallo, beim Versuch des Downloads (egal ob mit Firefox, Edge, Chrome oder Free Download Manager) erhalte ich folgende Fehlermeldung: <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>aerofly/aerofly_fs_2_update_v2010535.exe</Key> <RequestId>E06F77CDFEFDBADA</RequestId><HostId>kj1dVmR/iBCOFMFdzNkw67oBMGBDiDrwH40EG8vEFDBK4fh+9X2yCu69v9XHlk1Xt2ynNrutAYo=</HostId> </Error> Wäre nett, wenn danach mal jemand schauen könnte. Danke Jens
  10. Good news!!! Thanks a lot for all your efforts.
  11. Hallo, mittlerweile liegt die Aussage fast ein Jahr zurück. Gibt es nach dieser Zeit schon irgendwelche Neuigkeiten? Für eine Info wäre ich sehr dankbar. Jens
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