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  1. I switched to NavDataPro from Navigraph ( I had been a subscriber for 10 years) because Navigraph didn't support Pilot2ATC. The only thing that I miss is Simbrief support. I own PFPX but every once in a while I like to use Simbrief. It would be nice if both parties could make this happen.
  2. Matt & Shaun, Thanks very much for your help. It worked like a charm and I'm back in business. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I recently had a hard drive crash and I lost my FS2004 install. I am now reinstalling all of my Aerosoft Airports. Most have not been a problem as when I run the installer it asks if I want to uninstall the previous version. Of course, there is no previous version on the drive because it is a fresh install. The registry entries remain though. I'm having problems with two airports though. The installers for Mega Airport Lisbon and Mega Airport Madrid don't give that option so they won't install because they want you to uninstall the previous version first. I've searched the regis
  4. I got such a chuckle out of this, i'm almost tempted to get XP10.
  5. mwilk

    XL A320

    That's the one, Holgi. I've been through the free downloads list at least three times looking for this. I appreciate you pointing these old eyes in the right direction.
  6. mwilk

    XL A320

    It would be much appreciated if someone could do a repaint for XL France. Thank you, Mike W.
  7. Tony, The regional voices are the one thing that makes PFE really attractive. They are all English language but regional accents. The only thing I wish PFE could do is assign SIDS/STARS based on the active runways like VOXATC.
  8. This may be a stupid question, but what's the price if you already own the FSX version? I fly both sims.
  9. Thorston, Thanks for the reply. Maybe that's just the way that it is. My pictures look about the same as yours. It just seems that the airport has a very defined boundary.
  10. I installed the AnchorageX scenery. Love the scenery but I'm not sure I have a good install. I've included a few screen shots to show what I'm talking about. there almost seems to be a very defined line between the default scenery and AnchorageX.
  11. Is there no night lighting for downtown Cleveland? I took a spin after dark and none of the buildings are lighted.
  12. I just purchased US Cities X-Cleveland, and had a chance to fly a quick circuit around the city starting at Burke Lakefront Airport. I was born in Cleveland and spent 24 years working for US Airways at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. All I can say is wow and thank you. I didn't think I'd ever see a detailed scenery rendering of my home area. Flying around the downtown area brings back a lot of memories. I am able to easily recognize the major landmarks. I didn't get a chance to venture out west to the islands but I plan to do so soon. Once again, exquisite job, and thanks.
  13. Oh man, Just great stuff. Most definitely on my must get list. Thanks very much.
  14. Sasha, I know about them, but had never been to either when I lived in Ohio. Kelley's Island is a resort community and the area around Bass Island is great for sport fishing. Right now, they're most likely ice fishing up there. In March, it's not unusual for ice fishermen to be out on Lake Erie when the temperatures start to rise. Then a huge section of ice will break off with ice fishermen, their shanties, and their vehicles. The Coast Guard has to send a helicopter out to pluck them off, but their trucks. cars and shanties are lost in the Lake.
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