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  1. Best of luck guys. I haven't been active on FSX lately but will be back (have so many other interesting programs/interests/games/work etc etc). Sim.
  2. One of the guys at VAE did mention that Squawkwin could use the radio frequency to 'tune' the correct lobby - I hope they do implement it.
  3. Hi Jerry, Nice blog - that was an interesting piece about the multicore environment program. Hope to meet you online around Andras before too long. Hello to ImpulsivePlay3r too. Regards, Sim.
  4. Evan that does sound good - I was missing not being able to dial up frequencies using my Saitek stuff. Sim.
  5. Matt, I'll try and get a 172 flight in before the end of the week. Sim.
  6. Hey Ole, Sorry that you felt that you had to take that course of action. Welcome to Matt on his new plot. I never thought to say welcome to you Ole (or the other Board members at that time) as I thought I was joining you guys who already had places courtesy of being Board members. Anyway Ole, my hangar is always open to you (AF47) - just park up the aircraft and open the connecting door to join me for a beer anytime. Regards, Sim. [Edit] I know my AAC club card says AF12 - when Andras built my house he moved me to AF47, so that's where you'll find me.
  7. Hey Maddz, I feel your frustration, however ... not wanting to cause offence, but I'm an owner who's been on-line a couple of times. My plot was the first bought by random lot (the second plot sold) and it was 40 Euros ... higher than most in recent sales (and not a big plot either). Just to clarify - I'm not complaining, far from it, as I've had a load of fun learning Google Sketchup to design and build my house and hangar and love taxiing back to it after a flight into Andras. I do feel you're frustration at the low numbers on-line - some people are just busy and I'm sure some are nervous about comms or perhaps crashing on-line - we've got to reassure and encourage the pilots at Andras that after taking those first 'scary'? steps on-line that it is really great fun and makes the whole project much, much more than just (very pretty and detailed) FSX scenery. I'm sure it will 'take-off' in its own time. I really can't wait till the snow is on the ground both at Andras and across the Alps - good times ahead! Regards, Sim.
  8. To Chris - thanks for ATC on Sunday - was brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed the flight to Munich and back with ATC @ Andras. I think I'm the only one who made both trips with the other guys PCs crashing at some stage. How are the temperatures inside your PCs - maybe that's part of the problem? Regards All, Sim.
  9. With respect to Matt, the opportunity of having ATC at Andras would be complementary to the planned trip to Munich - No? Sim.
  10. Congratulations Ole and Mrs Ole, and of course to Magnus.
  11. Hi Gregor, I started with a Google Sketchup model - Plot AF47, Paul Davies - which Andras had to texture for me as I had about 11 different textures and no clue how to get them onto a single texture sheet. Anyway, I'm still experimenting and came across these websites which may be of some use. I haven't really examined them in any great detail but it'll maybe help. http://forums.sketchucation.com/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=486 http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=Using_FS_default_textures_in_SketchUp http://www.cgtextures.com/ Best of luck - if you get this stuff to work, please write a tutorial for the texturing beginners like me. Regards, Sim.
  12. Hi Rusty, Your assessment of the function of each of the software packages is quite correct. teamspeak for comms and SquawkWin to connect to the server so we can see each other (as well as show the correct aircraft to others when online ... there is an additional download for this - the VIP aircraft pack). I'm sure that Craig or someone from VAE posted a simple guide to this software on the Andras forum, but I can't find it. I'm sure you've been on the VAE website anyway, but the detailed instructions can be found at ... http://www.virtual-aviation.org/main/server-information/server-handbookconnecting Hope this helps and we see each other online soon. Sim.
  13. Hi Moshe, I agree with Matt, 3 main reasons ... 1 The flare around the sun is too regular, nature is sometimes a very irregular medium 2 The colour on the flank of the aircraft is too 'flat' - no gradations of colour on the paintwork which would be expected on a curved surface 3 Lack of suitable shadowing on the airframe under the wing Am I right??? Oh! just spotted the Andras Meridian logo Doh! - and I was taking this reply very seriously too!!
  14. Hi maxter, Aerosoft's VFR Germany 3 (South) easily fits the bill. I have it and it is very pretty indeed. It is a big dounload and I've just checked the Aerosoft web site and see that they are still offering the discount for Andras Field owners. Hope this helps. Sim
  15. Good flying tonight with you all - 5 or 6 of us when I logged on. I must have put the effects file in the wrong place as I couldn't see the water runway - the taxiways worked a treat. After a very sweaty water landing in the dark (landing lights didn't help), I switched to runway 27 and 3 of us did some 'circuit -bashing'. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and made some good landings too (Hard not to in the Islander). Thanks to Andras for the lit buoys on the water and to the other pilots for making it so enjoyable . Sim.
  16. Yup! - VAE Server seems to be down, so no online flying or Teamspeak
  17. Hi Andras, I've downloaded and replaced the files - I've now got 2 sets of trees on the Apron. Sim.
  18. Ole, I'm curious - I'm aware of the association of the original 'street names' at Andras Airpark and Flight Simulator, is there a connection with Connex and FS? Regards, Sim.
  19. It is nice flying circuits/in the pattern with fellow pilots - good company and very enjoyable. Cheers, Sim.
  20. Hi guys - agree with the need for some ATC at Andras. I reckon we can make the transition from MS FSX ATC/no ATC, to Andras ATC in a very relaxed way, certainly relative to VATSIM. I'm seriously not knocking VATSIM as it performs very professionally at what it does, it can, however be very intimidating - believe me, although it's a few years since I've flown, I found ATC via VATSIM more nerve-wracking than the real thing. Yes, it is a matter of learning and experience to feel comfortable with ATC - we should give it a try in the relaxed atmosphere of Andras, I think everyone will enjoy the experience. Sim.
  21. Hi Ole, Can you confirm that visual approaches to 27 are still authorised - is it only the ILS approach which is affected or all approaches to 27? Regards, Sim.
  22. Darem, I like your writing style ... thought we were going to hear some hot and steamy secrets about some of the inhabitants of Andras Field, then discovered she was an opera singer and a noisy one too - loved it! Keep em' coming mate - I do enjoy the stories! Sim.
  23. Cracking video Javier. Paul (Simjockey)
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