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  1. Im not really good in designing stuff for flight sim but I want to help out in anyway needed Im already on the roster for the Fire Department may i suggest posting frequent Ads on AVSIM an Ten Minute Taxi also starting a facebook group up pretty much everyone has facebook these days.
  2. hmm im thinking aerosoft should make an existing Airpark called Spruce Creek 7FL6
  3. Ole, Iwas one of the original Flight instructors for andras field Im still around and interested in doing it i believe it was the chief flight instructor who went AWOL
  4. sweet when are you guys implementing the Fire house in the scenery??
  5. Hey guys as still the Air Traffic Manager of VAE im still around an was always interested in the EAFS fire department sign me up for a helicopter pilot position
  6. ATTENTION Everyone I just read all these posts an in no form was it Me typing this crap in apparently my account has been hacked (yes hackers have no lives an would try to hack a Aerosoft account) an I think Andras Field is the best thing to ever happen I personally have a plot there why would I talk bad about it so other people please be aware of links or anything you may click on since now somebody had hacked into mine hopefully by changing the password it will work out fine
  7. Thanks, i hope we can bring this disagreement behind us, there's been a bit of trouble at home for me so I'm quite a bit irritable I regret purchasing Andras, it's just a waste of time and a huge trouble maker... As a Vae member, i personally think that everyone should be able to have an opportunity to join, see if they can actually do what there expected to do, and I have brought this up a lot... but due to past issues with younger members, it's screwed it all up for the few that are actually capable to do well. Cheers mate.
  8. When someone acts so immature to go calling a group "gay" because of a rule, it brings that label of immature to him, I do understand that he's 13... I was really harsh on him, i apologize to you all for that. I actually started flying lessons at age 10 becoming the youngest student pilot in my state. When he, or anyone signs up for a VAE account, it states on the form that you must be 15+ to join, he has no right place bad mouthing us because of a rule that is visible to him. "to maintain professionalism, no one under the age of 15 will be admitted."
  9. Gordon, If I may, according to VAE rules/regulations/blah blah blah... No one under the age of 15 may sign up and join VAE... now if you would have read the VAE website you would have known this, and this is exactly why we don't let children join us, no common sense and lack of maturity. Now, if you can actually show us how to act like a mature, sensible person who uses FSX in an appropriate manner, you might just be able to join us in 2 years or so! You can still use Andras field but before you make a purchase and try to join things like this that strive for somewhat realistic manner of flying, just use common sense and read the terms+conditions, and requirements. Now, onto your "13 is illegal" and whatnot. It's not illegal to use Andras Field... it's perfectly fine for you to use the program, you just can't use VAE until 15... now if you sign up under your fathers name, and tell us that you have... it doesn't really work because we know you're only 13... Lying only leads to bad things... Furthermore, if you continue to state that " Because they want to keep "Proffesionalism"! Completely GAY I know how to fly. " It only proves that your immature and you have no idea how to pilot an aircraft, let alone a flight simulator aircraft... I see nothing wrong with Professionalism, do you? Please forgive me if I come off as a bit rude, but when your bad mouth a group for there rules it gets a tad annoying... Good day to you sir.
  10. Ole, I absolutely love the aerosoft seahawk/jayhawk package though I wish aerosoft would release a new and updated version of it with a better sound pack an more realistic flight qualities
  11. I would like to join Andras Fire Department I own a medical EC-135 and a Firefighting AS350 A-Star also a utility Bell 206B
  12. I wouldn't at all be suprized if we see an a320/319 in the new united colors by then end of next year... the united font looks a bit big. but very nice so far.
  13. Give it time... eventually someone will post it
  14. guys i finally got a plot at andras and im moving in i would like to be the tower chief and provide daily ATC services of course its going to be hard to be on at a time that works for everyone but im goin to try my hardest an dedicate at least sunday mornings atc coverage
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