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  1. Mumbai low mist so IFR it is But the departure was atmospheric Cruising to Bhubaneswar Airport RNAV approach- it was a bit clearer than the picture makes out Spending the night at MAYFAIR LAGOON - (Bhubaneswar, India) Had a really nice dessert Malpua The next morning was hoping for some better weather given I did this route for a special reason Thankfully a gap in the clouds was very fortunate and appropriate since I was flying over the Kornark Sun Temple - which is a 13th century temple to the Hindu Sun God Surya The rest of the cruise was interesting certainly lots of signs of flooding Flying over Kolkatta (Calcutta) Thanks to some very good connections in the Club I am landing just north of Calcutta at Barrackpore Air Force Station I do wonder if my wife's grandad flew around here in WW2? I will have to get her to consult his flight log. He certainly had a love for India His favourite story which he told me several times was about they were training with a new bombing "computer" but they forgot to turn it on in time so pressed the dummy release (it took pictures of where the bombs would have landed) The following day they were commended for the accuracy of their aim and got an extra pass to celebrate! Good to see my ride is here! Staying at the Taj Bengal looking forward to a swim!
  2. So a long flight day today From Dubai to Mumbai To cut the across water down a bit I am going to stop off at Muscat Oman for a quick lunch and a refuel before continuing to Mumbai Good Bye Dubai Following the coast Coming into Muscat International Airport Had a tasty dish for lunch- Mashuai - a traditional Omani fish specialty made by spit-roasting a whole fish which has been rubbed with oil and spices Leaving Oman for the sea crossing I thought I would get some good views of Mumbai etc as I was coming in but clouds were low - had to change plans and not land at Juhu Aerodrome but at VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport -thanks to the controllers and my arrival time I was down and parked quite quickly Think it is a gym by where I am parked? Off to the Taj Santacruz by the airport wonder if I can get a runway view?
  3. Ok with things a little better with the yoke it was time to fly Today I'm off to Dubai so not that long a trip Leaving Doha Flying past Sir Abu Nu'ayr a salt-piercement structure- you learn something new every day Coming in to land at Dubai Sky Dive- looks short but they fly a Twotter from there - they have even posted a great video of the flight After the trip will have to come back and try it in Aerosoft's Twin Otter So apart from the challenge of landing the real reason is so I can pick up a Volocity Because tonight I am sleeping in luxury at the Burj-al-arab the Volocity is a perfect aircraft for this short flight Sunset landing and then let the pampering begin!
  4. So after a day of trying to solve a joke issue it turn out to be a usb hub one! The mechanics were very good at a work around- although not 100% sorted So today is just a night flight from Riyadh to Doha Why Doha? Well Qatar will be hosting the Football World Cup later this year- whoever wins if it takes place will get an early Christmas Present! Also it means that I can fly in to an airport Doha International for the mechanics there to have a look - I think it will need a new USB hub About to line up City after glow Doha - not much road traffic at this time of night Even though its not a fully used airport - I still get parking in a far corner Staying at the Steinberger hotel the price was really cheap but the hotel looks amazing!
  5. So after a good nights sleep it was off to the port to pick up the plane and a short flight to Ras Sudr to pick up the new plane Flying into Ras Sudr There was a quick turn around to pick up the Daher TBM 930- now that's what I call luxury! On board was a nice hamper from the WI to celebrate New Year Flying over the desert- enjoyed some Black Bomber Cheese and a fine Red from Wroxeter Roman Vineyard Parked up at Riyadh Just finished dinner got the Chefs at Burj Rafal Hotel to cook the Christmas pudding from the hamper - they even made some Brandy Butter to go with it- It was so good I forgot to take a picture until I had eaten most of it!
  6. 30 December So after a short rest and time with the family it was time for another long flight day from Tympaki to Port Siad to Suez Dawn take-off Leaving Crete at dawn Short Final Port Siad Didn't realise that it was the 3rd largest city in Egypt Had a quick lunch and an ice-cream at the Doaiah Beach and Kite Club Ok so Suez has no airport near it but it does have a pontoon and thanks to the club I have managed to get authority to land and moor up. So I have to leave the Caravan and go in something with floats thankfully I could get a PC-6 with floats! Leaving Port Siad Travelling down the Suez Canal was great fun- although saw no ships which is a pity Had a nice arrival at Suez but so focused on landing and following the instructions I was given I forget to take a shot! I suspect that won't be the first time on this trip. I am staying just a short ride away- at the Mercure Ismailia Forsan Island Hotel I am enjoying a Titanic Brewery Plum Porter in celebration of my first nautical flight on this trip.
  7. 26 December After a great Christmas meal in Turin it is the longest day of flying so far from Turin to Crete via Brindisi The weather is much nicer today although still a little cold Flying down the Adriatic was very nice Almost at Brindisi (LIBR) A quick bite to eat- "Patani tajedda rice and mussels" (rice, potatoes and mussels) Then straight off to Tympaki Airport LG54 t- a military airport but thanks to connections from the club able to stop over and have dinner with some of members of the Talos flying club. Flying into Tympaki (Spot the plane!) Have just enjoyed a great meal at Pelagos-Kokkinos_Pirgos just a a short walk from the airport
  8. 24 December 2021 A mid morning start from Toussus-Le-Noble-Airport- was hoping for it to clear up a bit but no luck Today's flight is to Turin (Torino) but with lunch at Chambery- I hoping to do some valley flying but I don't think I will get the chance. (A rare break in the clouds) Arriving in Chambery A quick bite to eat at a sushi restaurant by the Fontaine des éléphants - I suppose fish is traditional on Christmas Eve. Then a very quick trip to Les Charmettes the house of Jean-Jacques Rosseau and Madame de Warens as made famous in Confessions. I always wanted to visit here after studying Rousseau at college, its normally closed on Christmas Eve, but it is amazing what friends at the Reform Club can do. Roussseau's famous quote ("Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains") is all too soon rather apt as I have a schedule to keep. The weather is looking very marginal when I get back to the airport but no time to delay- I don't really want to be flying in the mountains after dark I get a lucky break just seconds before I was climbing in cloud then out I popped from the front to be greeted with a rainbow- was able to valley fly Turin Parked up at Torino/ Aeritalia (Lima) Off to the Hotel will have Christmas Day there After all I have got some good reading to do
  9. 23 December 2021 So after enjoying some port and some of Moyden's best cheese last night - I thought it would be best to go early evening (Just a small selection of bottles are group consumed!) I had ordered one of those new Volocity craft to take me to London City from the Reform Club - Thanks to some connections of Campbell-Bannerman I was able to take it from the corner of St James Square London was a bit murky so kept to the river The trip only took 20 mins landing just after 5:00 just in time to get some dinner I picked up the Caravan just before 9:00 with wheels up at 9:06 Made good time but the weather didn't allow for views- I had one lucky break on the cost by Dieppe Landed just after 10:00 at Toussus-Le-Noble Airport so much better than trying to get into one of the Paris Airports and yet still a short ride to my Paris Hotel - unfortunately no Volocity hire available.
  10. I see which ones you mean - but really it is in Aerosofts hands they have had the information several times - From what I can see Shaun has asked them to contact support@aerosoft - which I am sure they have so if this hasn't resolved the issue by now I can see it going on. I think for me that puts the nail in the coffin- I don't really want to spend loads more time going over the same ground with them- I am not knocking Aerosoft I just don't think they had the procedures or the systems setup to deal with this type of sale- I think they should have enabled a generic house product in the shop which only the winners could access by a special key by us- always easier in hindsight. Well it has been great working with you all- I hope to see you in the skies soon Paul
  11. I think with the forum update it lost the link to e-mail me any new messages I think my previous suggestion about my role stands but I am happy to stay and become more active when needed.
  12. I think so- lots of e-mails back and forth before the summer break
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