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  1. Thank you Chompski for the warm welcome. For those interested in reading my flight sim adventures and other discussions, please visit http://jerrygtaylor.com/fsblog Looking forward to getting to know everyone and exploring Andras Field. Jerry
  2. Hello All, Just finding out about Andras Field. I purchased, installed and took a nice short flight around the area. I then spent some time taxing around the field looking at all the property and featuers. Wow...Wow...Wow. This is just incredible. I've been simming since the early 80's and have always been amazed with each and every option made available to us. Now we have Andras Field. Again....wow. I'm looking forward to owning some property here and getting involved in the community. When I'm not simming, I enjoy blogging about flight simulation. Andras Field is my next blog post coming up next. Again...Wow. I'm very impressed and look forward to having a little more time to explore. Jerry
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