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  1. Still no news here. No envoice, no contact, no airbus.
  2. @ Ole: Hope your PC will get well soon. I will have to upgrade my system to get a nice performance in FSX with Andras and all these nice A/C. Saturday I downloaded update 1.19 and plots 7 and 19 where still empty. Chompski mentioned in a mail, that it will take some time and that he passed on my information to aerosoft. But I didn't expect such a long time just to pay for my plot. @ Shaun: Email sent. Is that your mail-address? The plot was 30 Euros which should go directly to Aerosoft's Charity Fund. Anyway, thanks to both of you for the fast reply.
  3. Hi there, Still no BBQ on my plot AF07. Quite some time ago I was told my information was handed over to aerosoft. I also wrote an email to them on how to pay and where to get my airbus, but with no reply. Would be nice to move in before the first snow hits Andras Field. Any help over here? Regards, Gregor
  4. Great! Thanks for the warm welcome. There will be a big BBQ when the plot is fully build up.
  5. Thank you, Sim. I will give it a try...
  6. Hi Guys, I am still trying to get my hands on an empty plot to build my own home on it. Nevertheless I already started designing it. While I have already done most of the modeling part with Google's SketchUp, it is now time to get some textures on it. I already tried making my own textures from own pictures, but they are always look some kind of odd. Now the question is, whereI can I get free textures to use with my new home, or may I even use textures already included in Andras Field? Best regards, Gregor
  7. I think number 3 stays in conflict with the light poles which are standing right on the taxiway edges. I would suggest to search for another light-source which is less tall or rely on the aircraft's taxilights. Any dent or hole in an aircrafts leading edge is a financial desaster for nearly anybody.
  8. Do houses typ 3 and/or 4 belong to the categorie "bíggest houses" which will not fit on plot AF34? Sorry for keeping you busy with this question.
  9. Don't know. Never flew a glider in FSX. Anybody else?
  10. Basically it is just like what you said. You will be launched by a winch which is standing at the end of the glider runway. With our runwaylength of about 3500ft (1067m) the gliderplane will have an approximate height of about 1000 ft (300m) up to 1640 ft (500m) AGL at the end of the runway depending on type, weight and windconditions. Then you will look out for your thermals. If you don't find any, you will be back at the ground approx. 5 minutes later, so you have to stay pretty close to the field. The runway is also sufficient for towplane-takeoffs. I would suggest to coordinate with the main traffic and join the northern traffic pattern to gain altitude and leave the airfield, because the gliding area will be too small. The towingplane then can use the normal traffic pattern for its return and simple extend the baseleg and then turn on final for the gliding field. The problem with the crossing waterrunway isnt that much of a problem, I have flown on real uncontrolled airfield with crossing runways and a lot of traffic, even with some commercial flights with no problem. All we have to do is to make our callouts, keep everybody advised and stuck to the published flightpath. (of course it should be allowed to extend downwind for traffic seperation [incoming IFR or slower traffic ahead in pattern] but it has to be communicated.) In addition to that we could say, that all watertraffic stays south of the mainrunways centerline. It will have to be drawn in the charts of course.
  11. Hi Diego, nicely done. Should work that way. Nevertheless I see some things to improve. Glider traffic pattern: Gliders are extremly dependent on thermals, so they need some space to find them and they also aren't able to fly this pattern because they might have to shortcut if they are running out of altitude. My suggestion is to establish a glider area. We could use your glider pattern for the borderlines (but it might be a bit small). Due to the water below there won't be a lot of nice thermals, but that's the problem of the geographical situation of the airfield. If a glider wants to leave his area, he has to be above a certain altitude, which will not interfere with the other traffic. Might be 4000 or 4500ft (500 or 1000ft seperation to SEP/MEP pattern) Normally the glider entry will be as well entered from above, but if there are some gliders coming back from a long flight which are low on altitude, they will have to ask the Tower (if we get a CTR) or report their intentions on frequency and make position reports on a regular basis. Water runway: As I don't think there will be glider traffic at the airport all the time, all runwaydirections could be used, as long as there is no glider traffic. What do you think? Best regards, Gregor:D
  12. At the moment I am playing around with Google Sketch up to see if I am able to draw my own little residence. Pretty nice piece of software. While playing around I got an idea. What about placing a simple, framerate-friendly version of each house in the scenery for everyone and a more complex version for the owner of the house (if available). So the owner can actually have an open hangar with some nice details in it and a hot-tub with BBQ on the roof: The normal user will only have simple housings in the scenery, and everyone who owns a plot with a house got a nice more detailed version of his own property. Furthermore it might be possible to include opening hangar-doors for your own hangar.
  13. I did a quick test ride out of the KPT VOR. First of all i don't have the actual figures like threshold elevation from the scenery, so I took them roughly out of the simulator. With my mesh the threshold should be at around 2800ft MSL and on radial 108 and DME 17.2 of KPT. The approach starts out of KPT VOR at 7000ft, the final descent starts at ~ 4 DME with 3° all the way down to 17.2 DME and 2800ft MSL. It is an offset approach with a light left turn on short final. If you stay on track or north everything is fine. But if you drift to the south, lets say on R110 you will end up in a hill at around 3400ft. There are two ways around this: Define a higher MDA to cover the hill in the south, or use a navaid from the target airfield, due to the laws of geometrie it won't be only 2° off till impact but a lot more than that. This was only a quick test ride. I should be able to build a working and "legal" approach, but this will take some time (looking up figures for terrain clearance and stuff) and would also require knowing hard facts about the airfield and the surrounding terrain. What do you think?
  14. An ILS is really expensive, also I don't think the terrain will allow it (at least on 27). Why not use Navaids which are allready there. I think all we need is a cloudbreaking procedure like a simple VOR approach out of KPT for RWY 09 and with circling north of the airport for RWY 27. And don't forget, it's much more fun to fly than a simple ILS approach. Also a SID or STAR is not necessarily required for a small airfield. It's enough if you can reach some waypoint or better navaid of a lower airspace airway. If we want to conduct IFR all the way down to the ground we will need at least an airspace class F, because in germany IFR is not allowed in class G airspace which is situated from ground till 1000, 1700 or 2500ft GND. Which is again an expensive thing. So the question is: Do we need to be able to fly all the way down to ILS CAT 1 550m VIS and DA of 200ft, or is it enough to get down to a VOR or circling minimum (with at least class F) or down where Class G starts with a simple cloudbreaking procedure and then cancel IFR and continue VFR (Class G in Germany: 1500m Vis, ground contact, stay clear of clouds)?
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