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  1. Great John...go for it!! Best of luck & blue skies! Rusty [btw: You have mentioned GEX USA/Canada a couple of times now. I believe that the most recent edition of GEX for the United States & Canada region is called GEXNA (Ground Env. X North America). It is the latest GEX product for that region and it supersedes the previously published GEX USA/Canada package. Have fun, GEX is a terrific addon, and a "must-have" in my view.]
  2. Hi John, Actually yes, the order that you install the GEX region packages *is* more critical. In fact, you should ensure that you install GEXNA (including any update patches available from Flight 1's site) *before* you install GEXEurope and GEXAFME. The latest version of GEXNA is v1.095, so ensure that is the latest version installed prior to installing GEXEurope &/or the others. If not, download the v1.095 update, and run it before proceeding with the other regions. These instructions are included in the printed manuals accompanying each of the sceneries (or in the .pdf versions if
  3. Hi there, It is true, that is a known conflict; however, good cheer is here... ...there is a solution that completely resolves the issue! The following utility, AI Flight Planner (AIFP 2.1.27), is an incredibly simple utility that will convert your FS9 [AI] traffic files within your FSX installation to FSX format. This resolves the described issues and conflict: http://stuff4fs.com/...rue&Folder=AIFP It really only takes a minute for the utility to scan, find, locate & list *any* FS9 format traffic files that may exist within your FSX installation, and it then gives yo
  4. Hi John, No, you do not have to perform any pre-installation removals of default FSX textures. GEX incorporates all this into its installation process, and before replacing the default FSX textures, the GEX installation process asks if you want to backup the default textures to a separate location before proceeding with the replacement installation. It is a good idea to execute this backup when prompted by the GEX installation routine, and when you do so, GEX will then proceed to backup the original default textures as directed. Cheers, Rusty
  5. Hi, GEX is a texture replacement package that replaces, for the area purchased/installed, the default FSX foundation set of ground texture tiles with much more realistic appearing and area-representative textures. GEX is a package of textures only, and does not incorporate its own landclass files (the mechanism by which FSX selects which textures will appear where [e.g.: urban textures in city areas, farmland or wooded etc. textures in more rural areas, stoneface textures in canyons, etc.]). Therefore, as a replacement texture set only, GEX is essentially compatible with most everything.
  6. Hi there, Even though I have updated my Corfu X v1.10 to v1.11 (twice now), Aerosoft Launcher, upon checking for updates for my various installed Aerosoft products, keeps advising me that there is the v1.11 update [still] available. i.e.: AL keeps indicating that the presently installed version is 1.10 and keeps coming up with the message "New version ready for download! (Version 1.11)". Any thoughts as to why AL does not recognize that I have executed the v1.11 Corfu X update? I have double-checked the files in the ...Corfu X & ...Corfu X\Scenery folders, and they are indeed
  7. 4 Nov. Hi Andras, I had always thought that the yellow car was an intended part of Andras Field, and that it was part of its AF's AI cars group. I do not have any traffic addons, etc., so I do not suspect that it is an intrusion caused by another addon. Additionally, the yellow car seems to know where to go! That is, it makes the appropriate turns, it stops at the barracade, etc. Hopefully this helps . Rusty
  8. Ahhhhh...success! I moved a copy of the season.exe utility file to the Aerosoft parent directory (where the installation process had initially created a shortcut link target to), and voila- now when I open the utility from that location, it lists the 3 related sceneries in the box. It seems that the Balearic installation process, has an anomaly whereby it places the season.exe file in the wrong directory. It is placing it in the Menorca X SC subdirectory, when in fact it should be placing it in the parent Aerosoft directory where its shortcut attempts to originally target it. Hopeful
  9. Ok, thank you Shaun. As I had indicated, the Balearic package installed the Season Tool shortcut with a broken link that was targeting the season.exe file in the wrong directory, in a directory where it was not actually located. The installation process had it targeting season.exe in the ...FSX\Aerosoft parent directory. It was not there. The Balearic installation process actually installed season.exe in the Menorca X SC subdirectory. Therefore, I created a new shortcut to the season.exe utility for where it had actually been situated- in the Menorca X SC subdirectory. Now, when I cl
  10. Hey there Andras, Thanks very much for your response and for taking a peek at this issue. It's not really all that critical, and I know that you have a lot on your plate, so not to worry- I know that you will ponder it when time permits . Hopefully, the fact that this issue seems to pertain *only* to the yellow car will help you track the solution down. Evident by the #06 photo above, even though the other AI vehicles are also casting shadows (if you look very closely, the shadow under the nearest gray truck to the right of the yellow car is just faintly visible under the vehicle),
  11. Hi there, With regard to the Balearic Islands package, I see that there is a utility called "Season Tool" included in the program's group. The link thereto [from the Windows Start Menu] is broken, and the program link's target seeks to find the season.exe utility application in the principal Aerosoft directory. I actually located the season.exe application in the ...Aerosoft\Menorca X SC subdirectory, and I was able to redefine the target (I placed a copy of the season.exe application file in the originally-intended ...Aerosoft parent directory) so that the Season Tool command now succes
  12. Hi Ole, Any luck, or word from Andras, on this one? Not that it is a big deal, but just curious as to Andras's thoughts regarding this. Thanks a bunch, Rusty
  13. Hey there Ole, Thanks much! You are right- I actually noticed this anomaly after installing v1.17 on the new machine and prior to my installing the two subsequent updates. The funny thing is, I never noticed any such things on the old machine nor with the older release versions thereon. Whereas my last system was running Win7 Hm. Prem., the my new i7-960 system is running Win7 Ult. The only other very significant difference between the two systems is that the new system's graphic card is Nvidia GTS 450, whereas the old one's was the 250 series. Could it possibly have to do with the di
  14. Hi folks, It's been a while, but I've a new PC now, and I've therefore begun to set it up, install [all] the software (a total pain-in-the-___ ), etc. Thus, my initial Andras Field install on this new system was the full version 1.17. I followed this by installing [into the AF directory] the two subsequent and recent incremental updates- v.1.18 & v1.19. I installed them directly onto the existing, newly-installed full version 1.17. As always, AF is wonderful and nifty, and I would not do without it. I have noticed two things about which, hopefully, you may have some thoughts,
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