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  1. Hello! I am a regular user of Airbus, and more specifically of the A320 family. I've been a while without flying, and at the time of picking it up and updating the product, I've seen that there are several changes in the MCDU, and I'm going crazy. I have searched for information everywhere, and especially in the manual, but impossible. I can't get anything clear. I comment. I configure the route in the MCDU, and once the plane takes off, it does not follow the scheduled route once the autopilot is activated. I suspect that it may be the subject of ADIRS or something similar, since I have seen that it is not as before, and that in this version I do not know how to handle it ... In any case, I leave several captures so you can see what happens to me : If you could help me, it would be a great help, since I am not able to make a single flight, and I cannot know what the step I am skipping is or what I am not doing correctly in this new version. Thank you
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