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  1. Also the parking codes for a few airlines are incorrect. (i.e. JetBlue aircraft assigned to AAL instead of JBU) Good day.
  2. Do you know which variables need to be changed in order for ADIRU to be in the "Off" state? There are a lot of different variables in the "Custom2.abx" file and don't know which one to change. I'm using "Turn Around" state. Thanks. Ed
  3. Just came in to share this exact issue. I was flying LGSK Rw 02 NDB and could input a course for VOR SKP. Glad you are going to take care of this issue. Really enjoying the product.
  4. Question. Any plans to offer the A321 with ACT (Auxiliary Center Tanks)? Hopefully you do. Needed for those cross country flight here in the US of A. Thanks PS. I apologize if this question has been answered before.
  5. Thank you very much for the reply. Good luck with the Airbus and wish the team a successful launch.
  6. I was curious if the Aerosoft Airbus 2018 is going to implement what the CRJ currently has which is assigment or use of the CTRL + Shift + Numbers keys. I would hate to see these keys being used or hard coded into a gauge file because that would seriously limit my use of customs views with Ezdok and my Logitech G13. Hopefully Aerosoft would abstain from doing so. :-)
  7. How about a method to disable the Ctrl + Shift + Num? Those are the ones I'm having an issue with.
  8. Have the team considered adding an option to disable the Ctrl + Shift + Num. for us that don't have a Hat switch and depend on Ezdok programmed views via a Logitech G13? Thanks.
  9. Indeed it would be really nice if we can disabled the view system or these [Ctrl]-[Shift]-X keys via "Dave". Something more or less similar to what the Aerosoft Airbus A-3XX series has. Hopefully they take it under consideration. Thanks.
  10. Is there a way to disabled these pre-defined views? Especially the Ctrl + Shift + Number? I have these Ctrl + Shift + Num. assigned to different Ezdok views using a Logitech G13 and it has messed up my view system. Even if I have to comment them out on the aircraft.cfg or panel.cfg PRE-DEFINED VIEWS The CRJ700 / CRJ900 has limited 2d-panels. Instead a set of pre-defined views is available which are like a 2d- panel. The following list shows the available views and their respective key assignment / hot key. Of course, these views can be undocked and moved to other monitors. You can click all the displays to undock them to 2d panels. Hot Key View Shift + 1 Captain’s VFR View Shift + 2 CPT Overhead Panel Shift + 3 CPT Standard View Shift + 4 CPT FCP (Autopilot) Shift + 5 CPT Full Panel (like CPT Standard with CDU in view additionally) Shift + 6 CPT MCDU Shift + 7 CPT Engine Controls Shift + 8 CPT Centre Console Shift + 9 MCDU Popup window Ctrl + Plus MFD decrease range (CPT) Ctrl + Minus MFD increase range (CPT) Shift + Q Toggle HUD Ctrl + W Toggle HGS F10 Overhead Panel (like a 2d panel) F11 FCP (like a 2d panel) F12 MCDU (like a 2D panel with PFD/MFD in view) Ctrl + Shift + 1 Toggle MCDU Keyboard Input (CPT) Ctrl + Shift + 2 Toggle MCDU Keyboard Input (FO) Ctrl + Shift + 3 Switch MFD to HSI format Ctrl + Shift + 4 Switch MFD to NAV format Ctrl + Shift + 5 Switch MFD to MAP format Ctrl + Shift + 6 Switch MFD to PLAN format Ctrl + Shift + 7 Switch MFD to TCAS format Ctrl + Shift + 8 Switch MFD to WXR format
  11. Good to hear. Thanks Hans and the rest of the team for the hard work.
  12. I'm running Prepar3d V4. When you move the mouse close to the edge of the MCDU window it does not change the cursor to the resize symbol.
  13. I'm having problems trying to resize the 2D popup window for the MCDU. It would not let me resize it. The text is not centralized with the MCDU unit itself. Is there anything special that I have to do? I have a Dell 34" Ultrawide 21:9 monitor and the MCDU looks ginormous. Ed
  14. That's unfortunate. I have all the CTRL+SHIFT + NUMBER assign to different views on EZCA with a Logitech G13 keypad and when I select my Captain view or Overhead panel view which are programmed as CTRL + SHIFT + 1 and CTRL + SHIFT + 2 respectively the left MCDU and the right MCDU switches to keyboard input. I had a hard time trying to figure out why the barometric pressure wasn't changing when I press B on my keyboard. Hopefully those two commands you can be changed. Ed
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