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  1. I would purchase an updated product for sure – whether it is a minor update for a smaller fee or a larger one reflecting some significant work. Needs to be financially viable for the developers and publishers and I sense that this plane has a bit more than just a cult following. Options for 3rd party avionics would be really great to have. I fly on Harbour Air between Vancouver and Victoria once in a while. They have two twin otters in the fleet along with a number of turbo otters, beavers and a caravan as many fans of the types will be aware. The one twin I was on this week had a
  2. Hi Mathijs - purchased just this past weekend, after you announced that it has been updated. Installer stated 1.01 so I believe that is the updated version, (?) Will have to do a few more flights before I actually report that I have an issue. I only did one flight and that is never enough testing to state that something is out of wack! BTW: Just took a look at the airport layout and it does appear to be correct with an ILS on each runway, and lined up as expected. The default seems to have an ILS on only 3 runways. Minor symptoms that I found were a) In FSX, when looking at the air
  3. Are you chaps using the FS9 or FSX version. Just did the my first flight into USSS this evening, FSX version. Seemed to be missing the ILS for 26R. Shot 26L and it was aimed right at the middle of the two runways - not conslusive after just one flight though. Will give it a reinstall and another flight to see if things straighten out a bit. Edit - figure since you mention airbusX you must be using the FSX version - if you don't mind checking - when you look at the runways in FSX itself, do you have an ILS for 26R?
  4. Thanks for the reply! Will give it a run! Cheers! Update: Confirmed by install: AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip is it - the X is a good clue!
  5. Just picked up Yekaterinburg - from the download options, there are 3 files, but no indication which is the FSX and which is the FS9 downloads. I assume that AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip is it - but can someone confirm. (yes, aware that I would find out when I run the installer - but would prefer the skip the trial and error and the chance that both 9 and X are in the same installer and one of the downloads is the updated version!) Cheers!!! Mug From site: "Download your products here: Aerosoft - Yekaterinburg X (1.01(FSX),1.01(FS9)) Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) (AS_
  6. Great News! Looking forward to this release as well!
  7. Thanks Matt and Ole... I found it. I was looking for it in the updates/FAQ section instead of the account history section. In the latter, only the upadates exist, not the full version, even though it is referenced. Ole - apologies for the oversight when I saw your first post, I did not notice that the link was active in your image, unlike the update/FAQ forum where I was looking. Will check both spots in the future. Thank-you both. J
  8. We are seeing the same thing Ole... There is no download link next to the row for 1.17, not on your screen shot, not on my order page either. The only two download links are for incremental updates. Am I missing something here? Thanks Jim
  9. Hello. Where did you find it? I have not updated for a very long time - and just took a look on the updates/FAQ site for the latest full build. 3 options as before - there are UPD files available for download for 1.19 and 1.20 but no file download available for the full 1.7 build... >> New full build 1.17 (No file available here) Update 1.17 to 1.19 (UPD file available) Update 1.19 to 1.20 (UPD file available) <<
  10. Wow! Had purchased a few weeks ago, but just installed now. Venice is an amazing piece of work!!! The city of Venice as well as the airport are incredibly detailed. The amount of work that went into modeling and placing all of the objects in this scenery is simply mind-boggling! Well done Mr. Kozma!!! I have found it very worthwhile to have a look through some of the Aerosoft sceneries that I may have passed on when they were first released - certainly Venice and Innsbruck are two that I have recently picked up that are very very worthwhile. Any recommendations on other sceneries that have
  11. Good enough for me then! Purchased. Thanks Otto... J
  12. Have often thought about picking up Venice X - current sale draws me closer, but have always been curious about compatibility. The majority of FSX scenery for sale at AS claims compatibility with "Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with SP2 or Acceleration)", however Venice only lists "Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Service Pack 2)", and noticeably omits acceleration. Does Venice X have problems with acceleration installed? Thanks for any feedback offered. Jim
  13. Apologies for bringing up such an old post - but I just picked up the Wilga, and one of the things I wanted to do was to replace the default tow plane (Maule) with the Wilga. Ran into the issue mentioned above. Using the Smart Tow function of CumulusX to define the tug and tryed to tow the Discus, but not enough power. Did not replace the air file with that of the Maule, simply increased the HP in the aircraft.cfg to 340 from the defined 260, and that gives it enough to work. Will try the above to see if that is a cleaner solution - but would be nice to not have to flip the config back and for
  14. No issue or trouble at all Ole! Thanks for keeping a backup!!!!! As per the signature size limitation of 320x98 - had to do a re-size on mine to get it to take....
  15. Was just trying to get my banner back as well and noticed that it does not seem to exist any more on the server: It was originally at a URL of http://lh3.ggpht.com/........ Linking to it gives me: Do our original banners still exist somewhere?
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