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  1. Hi there thanks, I've done some checking back through old files (I save notes from each order) and according to those I ordered German Airports 3 X on Sunday 2nd October 2011 from the Aerosoft Site, I can pm the order number to someone from Aerosoft, If they want it to check the status in the account. I tried registering German Airports 3 X 2012 using the original serial code, but it didn't accept it. So what now Aerosoft people? This seems to be dragging on a bit... Rgds, Chris
  2. Any feedback from the support fellows would be much appreciated here. Thanks Gents
  3. Hi there, I wonder if you can help, I saw that with the 2012 enhancement package for German Airports 3 was released and it seemed to say on the product page that I could download the update through the Support area in my account. I bought the software as a download last October (from Simmarket I think) and I registered the product in my Aerosoft account, but there only seems to be one update option showing under "German Airports 3 X" which says "Current DVD Version". Should I register for the GA3X 2012 version as well (even though I purchased the earlier version); or is the update only available for the DVD format? Great if you could let me know whether I am eligible for the 2012 update here and if I am, would you be able to help with what I should do to access it. Many Thanks, Chris.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion there, I d/l some new drivers this week and will give it a go. It only seems to ocurr if I power down the a/c or start from cold and dark. cheers, Chris
  5. Hi Shaun, sorry for the delay responding. I was doing the Flight Tutorial sequence line-by-line. When I did the lights check as per the procedure in 4.1 (Item 9) it looked fine. I did another lights check after completing 4.3 FMGS/MCDU Data Insertion and none of the overhead button lights illuminated in that second test. I guess I should next try a lights check between each item, although there doesn't seem anything relating to power systems in section 4.2 Kind Rgds, Chris. btw the a/c was the BA A320 IAE in daytime at (default) Toulouse.
  6. Hi there, I have noticed a nagging problem with AirbusX to do with the overhead switch lights breaking. I'm not 100% sure where in the startup sequence it occurs - If I start cold and datrk or switch off the engines, then start the batteries, start the apu, I see the blue apu lights, but later when I come to starting the engines I noticed that even through lights on switches on other panels (and all gauges) are OK, the overhead switches no longer illuminate - in either on or off positions, so I can't see which position they are in (which is quite irritating). I'd be immensely grateful if anyone can help with this. Many Thanks, Chris.
  7. Hi Sam, To back up what Shaun said, AI makes a big difference and with Heathrow in FSX, Gatwick AI traffic is in range, so it has to manage those as well (and possibly Luton traffic too). To check the effect of AI, reduce it to zero, then restart FSX. On the Aircraft issue, make sure you have aircraft shadows on ground disabled. It's a shame to have to do it, but it's because most AI use FS9 models and these don't play nice in FSX with shadows and custom ground polys. cheers, Chris.
  8. Hi there Gents. Bit of a long absence on this thread. After I finishing building the new machine, something was nagging me about the image quality, so I was fiddling with Bios settings (as you do) and noticed the Graphics was defaulted to "PCI"(!), so I changed to PCI-E x16 (approx) and 'bing' the picture sharpened nicely. Boot up time seemed slow and I figured this was to do with the rather tortuous upgrade path to Win 7. So dug into pocket for a full Win7 disk and reinstalled everything clean, so it's about as quick to boot as a friends i5 (welcome screen was 12 seconds, now it's 1-2) Having done that it was much better but FSX still seemed a tad short of what it could be. So just after Xmas I invested in a Velociraptor and a Corsair GT. Originally both OS and FSX partitions were on the same 1Tb drive, now the OS is on the Velociraptor; and FSX is on the SSD. I know the smart money says that SSDs don't affect fps, only load-up. But I'm sure there's something in there 'holding it back' (even with O/C to to 3.4Ghz) and moving from a single 1Tb to the WDV and SSD, I can't say that last step made a difference. But I don't know much about SSDs. Don't get me wrong, it's easily flyable (running FSX in XP compatibility mode, resolved the appcrashes I was originally getting). The most recent aspect I was juggling with was swapping-out all the AIA/TFS/DJC AI from FS9 to FSX models, but the dodgy lightmaps in FSX-native meant that after some experimentation I backtracked on that one. I'm mostly playing with the AirbusX these days, which seems to offer more 'european opportunities' to explore Aerosoft sceneries than the boeings. Cheers, Chris.
  9. Hi Shaun, I bought the Heathrow scenery from simmarket back on Sunday 23 September, 2007 and have recently reinstalled on a new rig. Not sure if the FSX version of the product was later retitled to Mega Airport Heathrow or if it's a different package. In FSX I see the same thing as Tim - other than a few large buildings (i.e. TBC & T5), the runways only pop into view at around a mile out on finals. I have the 2008 package registered, but the serial code doesn't work for the mega package - is that right - i.e. is it a different product? cheers, Chris.
  10. Thanks Shaun, I think I have licence keys for AFX from a few years back, hopefully it'll still work. Many thanks, Chris
  11. Hi there, I was over in Heathrow T4 last week (hadn't been there for a long time) and noticed that Continental & Delta have moved there from T3. So I was wondering can anyone recommend a utility for tweaking airline assignments for parking spots in FSX? (I used to use AFCAD2.21 with FS9). Kind Rgds, Chris
  12. Hi there Chaps @sharrow, the reason for in-game anti-aliasing is mip-mapped AI textures, without it they look pretty bad in the middle distance. @rocky, I noticed in the past FSX locking framerates below the stated figure. But it's probably something I will use, as you say, to help with texture/scenery load times. rgds, Chris.
  13. Hi there, I've done some assessment of performance and by tweaking a few settings (see below), and I'm seeing: overfly Default Friday Harbor in Microlight, no AI: 170 to 200 fps overfly Default Chicago O'Hare in Microlight, no AI: 70 to 80 fps overfly Aerosoft Zurich in Microlight, no AI: 40 to 50 fps overfly Aerosoft Frankfurt in Microlight, no AI: 40 to 50 fps overfly Imaginesim Atlanta in Microlight, no AI: 50 fps Adding my custom (Mipmapped DJC/AIA/TFS) AI, figures drop by around 10 to 15 fps at largeish airports And If I replace the microlight with a complex bird (e.g. the PMDG NGX) the framerates at complex airports there's a further change of approx 10 to 12 fps (from the microlight). So it seems the framerate results are directly proportional to the polygon demand. I'd be interested to hear how other folks systems compare to these numbers. cheers, Chris FSX Settings are: Graphics Device: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti.0 Target frame rate: "Unlimited" Screen resolution: 1600x1200x32, Filtering:Tri-linear, Anti-Aliasing:On Global Texture Resolution:High, Preview DX10:Off, Lens Flare:Off, Light Bloom:Off, Advanced Animations:Off Aircraft A/C Casts shadow on ground:Off, A/C Casts shadow on self:Off, Landing Lights Illuminate Ground: On 2d panel Transparency: 0% Scenery LOD Radius: Medium, Mesh Complexity:51, Mesh Resolution: 19m, Texture Resolution:1m, Water Effects: 2.0 Low, Land Detail Tex: On, Scenery Complexity: "Extremely Dense", Autogen Density: "Dense", Ground Scenery shadows:Off, Special Effects Detail:Low Weather Cloud Draw distance: 80mi, Themal voz: "None Simulation Settings: Off, Change rate: "Medium" Detailed Clouds, Density: Medium Traffic Airline Traffic Density: 100% (Custom traffic applied), GA Traffic: 0%, Airport Vehicle: "Minimum" Land, Sea Traffic: All 0%
  14. Thanks Mathijs, I do see a fair drop in fps at the 'custom' Airports I have (from a range of publishers I should add). I must check these forums for setting advice. cheers, Chris.
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