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About This File

A PFPX OFP template that approximates the one produced at Air Canada, as best as I could tell from the Just Planes videos of AC033/AC034 and AC015/AC016.

  • Parts of the ETOPS section are in a different order because I couldn't combine the ETPEntryExit section with the ETP section without the airports repeating.
  • Any place where I didn't have a tag available I left ..... as a placeholder.
  • The LegWindComp format [2] is supposed to display Pxxx or Mxxx but instead displays HDxxx or TLxxx (which is format [0]). If that's updated in a future release of PFPX then it should appear correctly in the OFP.
  • I included the default Redispatch section at the end of the template. I did not test that section.

This was fun for me to construct and I learned a lot about the information that's available for flight planning.

What's New in Version 1.03   See changelog


It's been 3 years since I've done anything with the Air Canada OFP.  I was watching the JustPlanes videos and got inspired to go back and see what new parameters have been added (and tweak a few settings).


. Added FIN (TailNr)
. Added TOC tropopause as the Planning Summary TRP value
. Added endurance time remaining (ArrivalTime) to EST FOD line in Fuel Information
. Added the 5% contingency value to the STAT FUEL Summary
. Removed the 5% label from the CONT line because it doesn't appear on the AC OFP that I've seen.
. In OPERATIONAL IMPACTS, changed the variables used in WEIGHT CHANGE to

  TripFuelCorrectionHigher and TripFuelCorrectionLower.  In DN FL2 TIME, use TripTimeDiff2000Below.

  (there are no variables that return the exact values used by AC).  
. Add local times to the TIMES section for:
        block-off (ETDLocal)
        takeoff (EstimatedTakeoffTimeLocal)
        landing (EstimatedLandingTimeLocal)
        block-on (ETALocal)
        block-off (STDLocal)
        block-on (STALocal)
. Added MORA (GridMORA), SHR (ShearFactor), and TRP (Tropopause) to FLIGHT LOG
. For MFOB in FLIGHT LOG, replaced BurnToGo with MinFuelRemaining
. Added dummy sections for Class2Entry and Class2Exit to suppress those from appearing in the FLIGHT LOG.
. Added TOCSection to FLIGHT LOG to show "T O C".
. Added TODSection to FLIGHT LOG to show "T O D".


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