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  1. tldr; If you get the error shown below and click "Retry", P3D v5 will change COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD from the default of 1 to 0 and there is no UI option to change it back. This might help others with the same issue. I had the problem of the giant image in the ND on the A320. I found the solution here of changing COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=0 back to COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1. I discovered how the default of 1 had been changed 0 in my case. I tried out the TFDi beta of the 717 and got the VRAM OOM error shown below. I selected Retry to see what it would do and it lowered lots of settings. I didn't kn
  2. Version 1.03


    A PFPX OFP template that approximates the one produced at Air Canada, as best as I could tell from the Just Planes videos of AC033/AC034 and AC015/AC016. Parts of the ETOPS section are in a different order because I couldn't combine the ETPEntryExit section with the ETP section without the airports repeating. Any place where I didn't have a tag available I left ..... as a placeholder. The LegWindComp format [2] is supposed to display Pxxx or Mxxx but instead displays HDxxx or TLxxx (which is format [0]). If that's updated in a future release of PFPX then it should appear correctly in the
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