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  1. Hallo Herr. Thorsten, Der Flughafen Dalaman's neue Terminal ist bereits beendet. Bitte prüfen Sie diesen Link. http://www.yda.com.tr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50%3Adalaman-uluslararasi-havalimani-yeni-terminal-binasi-insaati&catid=2&Itemid=114&lang=en LG
  2. Yes You are right newmanix. Actually oslo airport was planned for fs9 and x.According developer was finished its fs9 version %79 percent.But then developer retract his promise and started Stavanger X. Maybe some day developer Jo Erlend Sund will remember his PROMISE. Absolutely it isnt a fs9&x war.Just I would like to remind this event. Best wishes.
  3. Hallo Emilios Thank you so much for consider a fs9 version.I hope you will do support to fs9 in your other project. Best wishes.
  4. Hallo Mathijs. is there any new ss about your Yekaterinburg project? Danke.
  5. Hi, I have been checking the Jo's Oslo page on flightsim norway.Firstly he said that the scenery will be for fsx-fs9.unfortunately he says I'm very bus right now.I hope he will do this scenery as promised. Thank you
  6. omer

    Faro X FS9

    Hi Jo please check the text. Danke Faro X releasedFriday, 23.07.2010 Told you last week that Aerosoft normally does a series of holiday related airports in summer. Last week it was the Turkish airport of Antalya, this week it is the Portuguese Faro airport. Again a development that we done internally and again it is high end, high quality and very easy on your hardware. Faro X has animated jetways, working AGNIS docking system and a lot of other innovative animations. All of that is put on a high resolution ground image and updated land class files for the surrounding. An FS2004 version is planned for later this summer
  7. Hi Oliver I have been living these problem in my EDDM2010 scenery.(solved)Also still ai car traffic have been resuming.I can see just half way. Thanks newmanix.
  8. omer

    Faro FS2004

    An FS2004 version is planned for later this summer.
  9. İt is very good to show increase of coverage different fly point from Aeroaoft team.Would to like see Latvia - Riga airport for fs9 too. Danke.
  10. Gibt es irgendwelche Informationen über Riga? Danke..
  11. As far as I can remember traffic cours is differen at the Cyprus island.Traffic animation way should be wrong. Danke.
  12. Thanks for this great answer rainer LG
  13. Hallo Rainer. Could you get any information about munchen bridge taxi way from developers? Danke.
  14. Hi Rainer, Your pics are showing Rainer duda's quality indeed Thanks for those pics. And if possible could you ask to The EDDM developer for us what he think about bridge of the Entry N1 and Entry N1 C1 and others? I mean http://www.airliners...1-ER/1687429/L/ Danke. Ps: The picture is from Leipzig halle.
  15. Dear Mr Kok, Probably The developer Martin was collected alo of material about LTAI airport if possible could you deliver this pic to him? http://www.airliners.net/photo//1678203/L/&sid=277e86f580effe64c3a1991a32b5d47f Also I hope so that you will give a gift as LTBA airport to us. Thanks.
  16. omer

    For fs9

    Dear Mr Bjorn Comhaire and Oli braun , After the official a300 relase you did not give any information for fs9 version about this bird.What is your decision about fs9 version. Thanks
  17. I hope dear developer won't forget to bridge underneath car traffic animations.I think it was A1 higway.And dear Rainer welcome to back we had missed your great screenshots Regards
  18. omer

    EDDF 2010

    Dear all. If you live in Germany you should know new EDDF airport and its enviromental status.(if you a aviator)If you not and if you want check the new EDDF please follow this link. I hope Aersoft and its very victorious design team will make this one and bring our virtual earth for fs9 and fsx. Thank you for your concern. http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=799020
  19. Johannes, I think we have smilar condition :)Yes you undesstand right I'm a fs9 user at this time therefore I need ask to you. Basically as you know simulation very effect at our live.ESpacially as you say private status very dandified.TO be honest I dont think buy fsx for my family status.If I buyit I might be a divorced anyway thank you for your statement. If you decided a pause for your simulation life please take care and return quickly kindest regards.
  20. Dear Johannes, As far as I can see your lowi scenery for fsx will be relase after a short time.Could you explain me please what will be your new design for fs9.If you have an idea can you share us?if you dont mind. Thank you for your all jobs.
  21. Hi gentlemens. There is a big 'ME' for larnaca x for fs9. Regards.
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