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  1. Yeah when I was departing (6hrs delayed) , they were landing over the Ocean, departing towards the mountain range and departing over the ocean. If you get what I mean then you will realise they were using both directions at the same time Lool. And Aerosoft, please create this - you will open a new market that I reckon everyone will buy.
  2. Hi, I went to Dalaman with First Choice Holidays (Thomson Airways) in June/July 2009 and I was thinking maybe Aerosoft could create a scenery for this airport, its one of the smallest and possibly one of the most busiest in turkey and I believe with a decent scenery It would sell well and lots would then fly to LTBS. Currently there is no decent scenery. Having a read around and nobody hs mentioned it - I reckon theres a great chance even for a succesfull product. How many think its a good idea? Regards, Robbie
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