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  1. Just to enquire, The current version of Airbus X.. Can this take SIDS and STARS with an up to date AIRAC cycle? Or do i have to manually put them in again?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if one of the designers for Spain could answer this for me! I'm just wondering if Murcia San Javier (LELC) is on the plans? There's no good scenery for it and would be nice to fly into with Ryanair. Thanks Greg
  3. GregC8902

    Faro X FS9

    Hi Shaun, Thanks for repying. Oh i see! Its just on the product page it says (FSX+FS2004*) So i thought twas out. What exactly does the star next to it mean?
  4. GregC8902

    Faro X FS9

    Hi there, Just wondering on whether the Faro X for FS2004 idea has been binned as it says in the FSX description that it would be available later this summer? Thanks Greg
  5. Hi there, I was just wondering will Eiresim Alicante be included in 2.08?? Thanks Greg
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  7. Ya i did..still nothing!! None of the options are working?? Would it be because i dont have the right version of Eiresim Dublin?
  8. Dear Administrator Just inquiring about your 2.05 version! I used the usual button Ctrl Period to get up the options but it wont work! I am just wonderig has a new button been assigned? Thank you Greg
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