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  1. Never mind folks. I got it to work. Had to delete old PFPX shortcut and make new one. Now I see the current version.
  2. Hello all, Wanted to know how to update to V2.03. Now, I uninstalled the previous version, 1.26. Restarted my PC, installed what appeared to be the AS_PFPX_V203 from where I purchased PFPX. Restarted my PC after installation and started PFPX. I checked the configuration settings within PFPX and under the program version, it says the following which I saw before uninstalling V1.26: Installed version: 1.26 with yellow triangle with black explanation mark inside. Available version: 1.28 Automatically check for update: with check mark inside the box Hmmm..... not sure what happened but I tried looking around for solutions. Any help would be great. Thanks. Brgds
  3. That's unfortunate. Thanks for clarifying. When will PFPX be able to calculate/display the tropopause on the OFP??
  4. Hello folks, I wanted to know which OpusFSi weather file is needed into use in PFPX?? I have Opus v5 for FSX.
  5. Hi all, I have a question regarding displaying the tropopause value in PFPX. Since we are able to integrate or import the weather data from OpusFSi in PFPX as a FSGRW data source, will PFPX be able to display the tropopause info on the flight plan or is it going to continue to display the default tropopause value??
  6. Ok. I'll give that a shot. Its going to calculate the hold fuel over the alternate airport and not over the destination airport, right??
  7. Hi, I creating my custom OFP using the Jetplan flight plan (using LAN Airlines format). I need to know which field type can I use to calculate the MDF: fuel and time. According to our Jetplan OFP manual, MDF means the minimum fuel to go to the alternate airport which is the sum of trip fuel from destination airport to alternate airport and alternate hold fuel. Based on the attached photo, the MDF is as follows below for clearer understanding: ALTERNATE 03504 01.25 HOLD ALTN 01200 00.30 MDF 04705 01.55 I read through the PFPX OFP manual but I didn't see anything that would satisfy the MDF calculation. Any suggestions??
  8. I did modify my format as suggested and in PFPX still doesn't show the correct format, showing the formula entry rather than the fuel amount and time. I tried with 1,2,3 and 4 and still shows the formula as in the attached file. Also, in the file, I have the entry in lower case, just how you suggest but in PFPX it shows in capital letters, if that makes a difference. The second attached file is a screenshot from a flight plan at work and you can see in the fuel section how it looks and how I am trying to do in my PFPX OPS template.
  9. Hi everyone, Need help in clarifying the Alternate distance, hold fuel and hold time entry when creating customed OFP using the flight plan format from Jetplan that LAN Airlines uses. According to the latest PFPX flight plan template (ver. 12), if I want to insert an Alternate Hold Fuel, Time (on page 11 of manual), the entry would be AltnXHoldFuel and is says to replace the "x" (although I can't tell if its a capital "x" or lower case) with 1, 2, 3 or 4. However, when I do replace the "x" with a number, say 3, on my OFP in PFPX, it shows the following instead of the alternate hold fuel weight: HOLD ATLN <&ALTN4HOLDFUEL[6]:6> <&ALTN4HOLDTIME[2]:5> where it should read: HOLD ALTN 001200 00.30 Am I doing something wrong?? Not only that, what does 1, 2, 3 or 4 mean??
  10. John,


    Good job on all the repaints for the A320.

    Any way I can get this ANA repaint for my A320 but for the IAE engines? I know that ANA doesn't have A320-IAE but I would like to have one if possible. Thank you and please keep up with the good job.

    ANA latest c.jpg

  11. very nice indeed. Question, I don't have the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended install but I do have the Aerosoft A320/321. Will the this livery work on the Aerosoft 320/321 too?
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