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  1. Yes, I would assume so. Although, it would be nice if PMDG did simulate the drag & fuel correction.
  2. So that I understood correctly. If I were to plan the route to where both the PHTO and NTAA 180min ring over lap each other (like with KSFO and PHTO), I should then get ETP 2 to display??
  3. Hi all, I was hoping for some clarification regarding the Threshold Time & Threshold Distance in the Aircraft Editor. I'm setting up the EDTO data for a B777-300ER in the Aircraft Editor. As per our company operation manual, ETOPS data for the B777-300ER in our fleet are: 60 mins/423nm; 120 mins/836nm; 180 mins/1249nm and 207 mins/1435nm. At work, company flight plans always uses 180 mins. I need to have a more clearer understanding of what the Threshold Time and Threshold Distance is and how those figures are obtained. In the the Aircraft Editor (1st screenshot), it has the figures as 60 min / 485nm. Are those figures correct for a B777-300ER?? Or should I be using these figures: 60 mins / 423nm as outlined in our company operation manual?? In 2nd screenshot, I was planning a flight from KSFO to NTAA. I'm using the ETOPS 180 mins rule, I see the ETP 1 however, I also see a CRP 2. What is CRP 2?? Is that the same as ETP 2 but under a different name?? In 3rd screenshot, I also noticed that when planning the same route (KSFO-NTAA), when I go the Advanced tab, I select the EDTO scenario of 180 mins, however, PFPX prompts me to do a EDTO setup where it normally allows me to Compute Flight. Now, the only way I can bypass that EDTO setup option is to click on the Compute button on top. Is there something I'm doing wrong when planning an ETOPS flight?
  4. The function to input the DRAG/FF value directly in the IDENT page of FMS, I don't think PMDG simulate that or it doesn't allow you. I tried a few times but it didn't work me or at least I was doing it wrong and that is why it didn't work me. Anyway, below is what I did (even did it when I had PMDG in FSX years ago) and I'm sure it will work for everyone if you follow the steps below. Remember, the DRAG/FF values are different for each aircraft registration and the only way I obtained them was from work. I don't know if there is a website where you can look them up to obtain the DRAG/FF values, although it would be nice and if 1 was to exist, how accurate would it be? Because I have a couple of ANA B777 installed and United B777 installed, I just use same the DRAG/FF value of ANA (i.e JA795A)with the United ones (i.e N2352U) because clearly, I don't work for United. 1). Find the Aircraft.ini file, for example, you can find it: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\PMDG\PMDG 777X\Aircraft 2). In that folder, you should have .ini file for each registration aircraft you have installed. For example, for me, I have JA789A.ini, JA795A.ini, N2352U.ini 3). Take JA795A.ini for example. Open up the .ini file and stroll down until you find the [FMS] section and underneath that, look down until you find the DragCorrection and FFCorrection. For me, because there is no value available for the DragCorrection, I leave it as 0 (zero). As for the FFCorrection, that's where you input whatever value you have like for me for example, the FFCorrection value for JA795A (again I got it from work) is -0.7, so I type -0.7 in the FFCorrection to read as FFCorrection=-0.7 Now, each time I run P3D and select JA795A for example, when you look at the IDENT page, you will always see the values in the DRAG/FF section in the FMS. Again, does PMDG reaction to those numbers to give proper fuel burn when the engines are running? I don't know. But at least every time you select a PMDG 777 aircraft and look at the IDENT page, you can see the DRAG/FF values just like in the real aircraft. So for PMDG other aircrafts, (i.e. B737), I'm not sure how/where to input the DRAG/FF values. It'll probably be the same steps as outlined above.
  5. 1). I think the Cruise Fuel bias would be the Correction Factor (or Fuel Flow Factor) number after consulting with a friend who is a flight dispatcher. 2). I don't think PMDG reacts to the DRAG/FF figures. Although, it does look cool when I see it in the IDENT page (as per attach screenshot). A for in PFPX, not sure if it calculates the Cruise Fuel bias.
  6. Hello All, I have a question about displaying ICAO Item 19 (Supplemental Information section) of the flight plan in the correct format. In the first attachment (its a real OFP), you can see how Item 19 is displayed as per the rules in 2nd attachment however, in PFPX, there is no selection available. 1). The only way I can insert the rest of Item 19 information is if I input that in the RMK/ section within PFPX, Aircraft Editor Configuration tab. However, if I do that, then Item 19 information will be in the wrong location as per the 3rd attachment. So, in essence, its should look like this (highlighted in Red): (FPL-UAL115-IS -B77W/H-SDE2FGHIJ5J6M1M2RWXY/LB1D1 -KSFO2355 -N0492F320 GNNRR2 GNNRR DCT CINNY A220 CRONN/N0498F340 A220 MAGBA DCT ASOKI ASOK3V -NTAA0746 NCRG -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S2 DOF/211116 REG/N2352U EET/KZAK0027 NTTT0451 SEL/ESLR CODE/A21DC4 RVR/075 OPR/UNITED PER/D RALT/KLAX PHTO -E/1101 P/268 R/UVE S/M J/L D/8 437 C SILVER A BLUE ANA) Not like this (highlighted in Black): (FPL-UAL115-IS -B77W/H-SDE2FGHIJ5J6M1M2RWXY/LB1D1 -KSFO2355 -N0492F320 GNNRR2 GNNRR DCT CINNY A220 CRONN/N0498F340 A220 MAGBA DCT ASOKI ASOK3V -NTAA0746 NCRG -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S2 DOF/211116 REG/N2352U EET/KZAK0027 NTTT0451 SEL/ESLR CODE/A21DC4 RVR/075 OPR/UNITED PER/D RALT/KLAX PHTO RMK/P 268 R UVE S M J L D 8 437 C SILVER A BLUE ANA -E/1101) How can I get my OFP in PFPX to display item 19 Supplemental Information correctly?? Do I need to refortmat the OFP template or the Aircraft template??
  7. Hello all, At work, the operation department publishes a Correction Factor & Performance Factor (Drag/FF) for the B777 fleet twice a year. The Correction Factor is used for fuel planning while the Performance Factor (Drag/FF) is used for FMC. In essence, they both match to ensure the flight plan and FMS are using the correct Drag/FF data. One of the B777 I am using has a correction factor as (-0.7) in which, when looking at the IDENT page in the FMS of the real aircraft, it shows as (Drag/FF = 0.0/-0.7 >>> which I also got it to show in the PMDG FMS as well). In the flight plan from work when using the particular aircraft registration I chose, it also displays that info as well. So my question is, having a Correction factor of -0.7, how can I implement that in PFPX so that PFPX is calculating the correct fuel burn? I hope I made sense in what I am trying to say.
  8. Thanks for the tips masterhawk. I did try all PD entries (PD, PBD, PBX) and it wasn't working for me when I wanted to insert the second waypoint (AMB/200/17). Just kept getting "NOT ALLOWED" Now that I updated to the current version (v1.4.2) I'm going to try again.
  9. Hello, I wanted to know how many PBD (Place/Bearing/Distance) can be inserted into the MCDU on Sec F-PLN page??? As per the attached EOSID chart, I was attempting to insert the routing from SCEL rwy 17L for an engine out procedure. I was able to insert 1 PBD (AMB/172/4) however, when I wanted to insert a couple more (i.e. AMB/220/17 or PBD01/220/17) the MCDU told me "NOT ALLOWED" Also, when it comes to intersecting a radial as described in this procedure, how would one insert that?? I know in the A320 FCOM, it says: The pilot can identify a waypoint by: 1). A Place-Bearing/Place-Bearing (PBX). The waypoint is defined by the interception of 2 radials from 2 places. Thanks Using P3Dv4.5 A320 Prof. (1.3.1 I think but haven't updated to newest version yet)
  10. Yes, example 1 and 2 can I do in the advance Speed/Alt/Holding section. Didn't know that. thanks for pointing it out. As for example 3, not sure if its only used for military. I've tried it a few times at work and the function works. I think its just an easier way to select the altitudes you want to cruise at, to only focus on those altitudes rather than having to specify it with a long line.
  11. Was that all what they did??? Doesn't seem much although, yes, I agree with you that it's at least something is happening.
  12. Hello, I don't know if there will be an updated version of PFPX but if there is, I would like to see the user have the option of specify the flight level restrictions and associated altitude constraints. At work, we use Jeppesen Jetplan to create out flight plans and while the system provide us with the flight level changes (which is nice), we can also change the flight level changes in the Profile command line. Example 1: 330,DQB,350,PMM,370 Fly at flight level 330 to DQB, 350 to PMM and 370 the rest of the way (until Top of Descent). Example 2: 330,DQB,350,PMM Fly at flight level 330 to DQB, 350 to PMM, and optimize the flight level the rest of the way (no input after PMM). Example 3: 310,350,DQB Fly anywhere between the flight levels 310 and 350 (inclusive) until waypoint, DQB. Select optimal altitudes the rest of the flight. In the current version of PFPX, I don't see how I can do that. In the Route section of PFPX, its to general. Thank you.
  13. Yes, I see now and now things are good. It appears I was having a brain fart, LOL.
  14. Not true. I select RNAV28L, then DYMND5 then INYOE (as per the chart and the way I coming from based on my route) and I get what you see in the attached screen in first post. Trust me when I say I tried multiple times different ways with different approaches, just in case if I missed something. Nothing works. All the approaches appear to be missing waypoints in MCDU. I have to manually insert the waypoints between ARCHI to HEMAN. I thought of this and tried it on a real A320 earlier and don't have that problem. I further checked the txt file of airport within the C:\Users\Rich Dogg\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph\proc folder to see if the waypoint where there or not and of course, they are. But for some reason, they don't appear in the MCDU for the selected approach.
  15. Nothing happens. It just goes from ARCHI to HEMAN.
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