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  1. Currently on layover. Will do once back. Thanks for the offer.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to make PFPX add multiple values under one caption in the OFP fuel section. This Operator's OFP has an additional fuel section. Under that section, fuel can be added for e.g. MEL, ATC, OPN (Operational) or TKR(Tankering). For one, when I add the additional fuel caption text, PFPX places the same caption as the contingecy fuel caption text. "CONT". So ADDNL is manually placed in the template. Right now only extra fuel is placed behind this text. Isn't there any way to tell PFPX that I want different extra fuel entries
  3. Hey Stephen, I tried via EDIT AIRCRAFT menu option if that is what you meant. And indeed, this time it auto-filled the new negative value. I'll do a few moer like this to see if indeed that is where the problem is. Thanks, Xander
  4. Hello, for some time now I have noticed that the APM function can not accept negative values. When I do a reading, and apply it and then click close, it will give actual, proposed and new values. In my current flight, I have a proposed value of -1.5% and a New value of 1.5. If I save it, it will change to (+)1.5% instead of negative. If I try to insert a minus sign myself I will get the standard Windows bleep. Does anyone else have this? Xander
  5. Hello, does PFPX have somewhere where you can select in what text encoding (ANSI,UTF-8, UTF-16 etc) the Save OFP text file gets saved as? Cheers, Xander
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