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  1. I think the problem was that I didn't select adequate airports after MMSL to continue out of ETOPS. So it created another ETP point. In this case, having MMSL as last adequate airport, the system may have done a ETOPS-with-only-one-airport scenario where it calculates fuel based on a worst case scenario of being at the edge of the ETOPS circle or something. Destination airport was not in the adequate airport list either as can be seen. I haven't tested the theory but that may be it.
  2. Thanks Stephen. A master as always. I will look over your OFP and double check my adequate airport fields. Cheers, Xander
  3. Hello Stephen, thanks for replying. This is what I currently have on the Aircraft - General Tab. Xander
  4. When you look at the flightplan below, I have tried but failed to understand why 24,500 lbs of fuel is being added to the flight plan. When you look at the EDTO block, the most critical fuel scenario is a 2-engine decompression at the last ETP. (ETP-2). It mentions that required fuel at this point is 74,000 lbs. Planned fuel on board at that point is no less than 119,200 lbs. or 45,000 lbs. over required. So even if I take away the 24,500 lbs. additional fuel, I am still 20,000 lbs. over required more or less. I tried a different standard PFPX (ICAO) fuel policy to check if there may be a fuel policy error, but the result was nearly identical. Does anyone have a clue why so much fuel is being added seemingly unneccessarily? I've added my aircraft profile EDTO section for reference. Cheers, UAL6804 NZAA-KIAH (10-Aug-2021) #1.txt
  5. Thanks for helping out planebass. ๐Ÿ˜Š Iโ€™ll keep trying ...
  6. Hey JP, itโ€™s for the purpose of reproduction of the OFP. One can always make an airport which is not the closest ALTN-1 when planning your flight. Contingency fuel also helps keep options open. But I know what you mean and you make perfect sense. X
  7. VHOJT, you're absolutely correct. However it only applies to the chosen alternate. i.e. Alternate 1. This is my current solution as of yesterday as a compromise. At least for the top alternate the value is correct. For the other three I have <&FinalReserveFuel>. It's three similar values, but allows me to quickly add the two. Many thanks for you input.
  8. I have added a picture to aid in what I am trying to do. The fuel block is basically similar to its real life JetPLan modified counterpart. All quantities match except the alternate diversion fuel value (trip+final reserve) at the end of every alternate line. I have also added my fuel policy section pertaining to reserve fuel. "Hold over destination" and "Hold over alternate" are blank. Naming conventions have been updated to reflect the IRL counterpart. You will notice the FINAL RES line holding the 30 minutes of hold. You will also notice in my alternate section, I put in "FinResFuel" even though it is not accurate. Like this at least I can add the two values next to each other and know my required diversion fuel per alternate. Cheers...
  9. Ok, understood, however now you have 30 minutes of final reserve PLUS 30 minutes of alternate holding. The 30 minutes final reserve IS the 30 minutes holding for whichever alternate you choose to use. In other words, if I have to add the alternate trip fuel to the Final reserve. Final Reserve is the final 30 minutes holding at destination. Whether it's your original destination or a new one (alternate).I am seeing a few possibilities, however it is going to take some very deep digging. Thanks for your time...
  10. Hello, sorry to revive an old thread, however it gives relevance. I too am trying to get this same figure, but to no avail. I have tried to 1. make sure that the final reserve fuel (Final 30 minutes hold) is in fact seen as hold fuel. It does, because it auto-populates "Hold Time" in the Fuel Planning section. 2. I tried additionally to manually add a holding time of 30 minutes at the alternate airport selection fields when planning. Even with both these holding fields filled in at 30 minutes, the field "<&AltnxFuel>" only gives my trip fuel. Nothing is added. I don't know where else to add 30 minutes of holding fuel so a true diversion fuel is calculated per alternate.
  11. Hello, to the expert(s) here ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was wondering if there is a way to create an average track for the main route. Unfortunately, even though the data field is available for the alternates, it is not available for the main airports. I tried a combination of all relevant data fields to see if it was there but not mentioned. No luck. Would there be a way to at least create a magnetic track (MT) number, using the two airports? Thanks..
  12. Currently on layover. Will do once back. Thanks for the offer.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to make PFPX add multiple values under one caption in the OFP fuel section. This Operator's OFP has an additional fuel section. Under that section, fuel can be added for e.g. MEL, ATC, OPN (Operational) or TKR(Tankering). For one, when I add the additional fuel caption text, PFPX places the same caption as the contingecy fuel caption text. "CONT". So ADDNL is manually placed in the template. Right now only extra fuel is placed behind this text. Isn't there any way to tell PFPX that I want different extra fuel entries to be added to one specific line of the fuel block?
  14. Hey Stephen, I tried via EDIT AIRCRAFT menu option if that is what you meant. And indeed, this time it auto-filled the new negative value. I'll do a few moer like this to see if indeed that is where the problem is. Thanks, Xander
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