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  1. Thanks for the tips masterhawk. I did try all PD entries (PD, PBD, PBX) and it wasn't working for me when I wanted to insert the second waypoint (AMB/200/17). Just kept getting "NOT ALLOWED" Now that I updated to the current version (v1.4.2) I'm going to try again.
  2. Hello, I wanted to know how many PBD (Place/Bearing/Distance) can be inserted into the MCDU on Sec F-PLN page??? As per the attached EOSID chart, I was attempting to insert the routing from SCEL rwy 17L for an engine out procedure. I was able to insert 1 PBD (AMB/172/4) however, when I wanted to insert a couple more (i.e. AMB/220/17 or PBD01/220/17) the MCDU told me "NOT ALLOWED" Also, when it comes to intersecting a radial as described in this procedure, how would one insert that?? I know in the A320 FCOM, it says: The pilot can identify a waypoint by: 1). A Place-Bearing/Place-Bearing (PBX). The waypoint is defined by the interception of 2 radials from 2 places. Thanks Using P3Dv4.5 A320 Prof. (1.3.1 I think but haven't updated to newest version yet)
  3. Yes, example 1 and 2 can I do in the advance Speed/Alt/Holding section. Didn't know that. thanks for pointing it out. As for example 3, not sure if its only used for military. I've tried it a few times at work and the function works. I think its just an easier way to select the altitudes you want to cruise at, to only focus on those altitudes rather than having to specify it with a long line.
  4. Was that all what they did??? Doesn't seem much although, yes, I agree with you that it's at least something is happening.
  5. Hello, I don't know if there will be an updated version of PFPX but if there is, I would like to see the user have the option of specify the flight level restrictions and associated altitude constraints. At work, we use Jeppesen Jetplan to create out flight plans and while the system provide us with the flight level changes (which is nice), we can also change the flight level changes in the Profile command line. Example 1: 330,DQB,350,PMM,370 Fly at flight level 330 to DQB, 350 to PMM and 370 the rest of the way (until Top of Descent). Example 2: 330,DQB,350,PMM Fly at flight level 330 to DQB, 350 to PMM, and optimize the flight level the rest of the way (no input after PMM). Example 3: 310,350,DQB Fly anywhere between the flight levels 310 and 350 (inclusive) until waypoint, DQB. Select optimal altitudes the rest of the flight. In the current version of PFPX, I don't see how I can do that. In the Route section of PFPX, its to general. Thank you.
  6. Yes, I see now and now things are good. It appears I was having a brain fart, LOL.
  7. Not true. I select RNAV28L, then DYMND5 then INYOE (as per the chart and the way I coming from based on my route) and I get what you see in the attached screen in first post. Trust me when I say I tried multiple times different ways with different approaches, just in case if I missed something. Nothing works. All the approaches appear to be missing waypoints in MCDU. I have to manually insert the waypoints between ARCHI to HEMAN. I thought of this and tried it on a real A320 earlier and don't have that problem. I further checked the txt file of airport within the C:\Users\Rich Dogg\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph\proc folder to see if the waypoint where there or not and of course, they are. But for some reason, they don't appear in the MCDU for the selected approach.
  8. Nothing happens. It just goes from ARCHI to HEMAN.
  9. Hello, I wanted to know why the MCDU is not display all of the waypoints for the approach. Screenshots are attached. Today I decided to do the RNAV (GPS) Rwy 28L into KSFO, beginning from the ARCHI/waypoint. However, in the MCDU, it displays going from ARCHI then to HEMAN. What happened to the rest of the waypoints in between?? In the A320/321 configurator, the Navigation Data source was selected to NavDataPro and when I changed it to Navigraph, it still resulted in same issue. I running Version in P3Dv4.5
  10. How about in the A320??? Is there a way that can be implemented??
  11. Hello, Quick question. I wanted to know if it was possible to have the terrain be depicted on the FO ND when the Terr button is turned on while on the CP ND, show only the weather??
  12. I agree. We all would like to hear an update status of some kind. There are features that should be implemented. IMO, it appears Aerosoft is more concern, or putting higher priority, on scenery rather than giving us an update regarding PFPX.
  13. Got it, its a P3D problem. Do you happen to know what that name was for the Timezone bug in P3d, that way I can look it up.
  14. I have the A320 prof with latest version installed in P3dV4.5 and I notice that the clock is displaying the incorrect UTC time. Example, I'm doing a flight from KORD-KPHX in which the current UTC time is 1823z/13Oct20 however the clock in the A320 shows it as 1923z. Why??
  15. Hello folks, REVISION LIST Version 1.1 > Added 2 ASC_CC_CAB_Movie sound files, ASC_CC_CAB_Movie(Blank) & (live). Ensure to read the Read Me First file for instructions and the note indication in the feature section regarding the 2 ASC_CC_CAB_Movie files. Feedback is always welcomed. A320 UAL cabin announcements - v1.1.zip
  16. Hello folks, These are some of the United Airlines (UAL) cabin announcement files to replace the Aerosoft A320 Professional default cabin announcements. Please ensure to read the Read Me First file for instructions. Feedback is always welcomed. Enjoy. A320 UAL cabin announcements.zip
  17. hello, Requesting All Nippon Airways (ANA) JA214A livery for the A320 professional. Thank you very much. https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1052207/ja214a-all-nippon-airways-airbus-a320-271n
  18. hello, Seeking assistance. While taxiing, I noticed that the A320 so turning too much to the left. I'm using the yoke (first link below) use as steer tiller and have it assigned as such in FSUIPC. In P3dv4.5, when I move the yoke left of right, its assigned as x axis for ailerons which I have deleted since I'm using FSUIPC. When I click on the "pedal disc" it keeps the aircraft straight as it taxi, unclick it, the aircraft starts to go left quickly. Furthermore, each turn I do appears to be too sensitive as if I need to gently make the turn even at 10kts. I'm wondering if there is anyone who may have the same yoke as me willing to sharing their axis setting. I also have the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS (its the second link) but use that mainly when having to fly the aircraft manually. http://www.chproducts.com/Flight-Sim-Yoke-v13-d-705.html http://www.thrustmaster.com/products/t16000m-fcs A320 p3dv4 turning right taxi.mp4
  19. 1). I now know where the 200 kgs are coming from. While my loadsheet (have it in excel file) takes out the 200 kgs for taxi, I guess Aerosoft decided to leave it loaded on the aircraft. 2). I was doing some taxiing around KDEN, only loading a total of 3,000 kgs of fuel; no pax or no cargo. Aircraft seemed to more a little better. Also, I wanted to know if it was necessary to input the number in the Load and Fuel page in 3rd MDCU?? My thinking is that if I do that, it may be adding more weight to the aircraft. 3). have you disabled the dynamic head movement from the panel.cfg file??
  20. I'm just as surprise as you are. The throttles I am using is the same that I used for with Aerosoft A320 in FSX (Thrustmaster TWCS throttle). It could be something with the calibration but I doubt it. Never had any problem with other aircrafts. Its like I have to carefully place the throttles in the Flex detend. I did update the A320 to the current version last night. Here's a funny thing I just noticed, I'm on rwy 10L in KORD, I push joystick down and N1 was about 35% and the TOGA MAN indication came (Mind you that I didn't move the throttle forward yet) on as if to say I was going to perform a TOGA takeoff, put throttles at idle and then place throttle at Flex/MCT. So I don't know if its me not use to this newer version of A320 and P3dv4.5 (given I'm so used to FSX) or if there is something with the settings in both A320 & P3dv4.5. I may have to check thrustlevers in VC to see what's happening. Are you willing to show me how your calibration is set up that way I can try it out and make any adjustments that may work for me?? Furthermore, off topic, I notice a couple of things: 1) There is a 200 kgs difference. My loadsheet calls for a GW of 62813kgs (this includes the taxi fuel of 200 kgs) while parked on at the gate but after I plug in the numbers into the FMS, it shows me that the GW is 63000kgs. Why?? 2). It appears I have to put more power for the aircraft to move forward (close to the 40% in the N1 indication when using IAE engine). 3). How to disable the dynamic head movement in the A320. For me, its a little annoying and perhaps to sensitive.
  21. Excellent point Sharkbait. I enjoyed reading the back and forth responses regarding this topic. I personally don't like this feature of using the fuel planner and having to input the data (whether manually or via fuelplanner) into the MDCU3. They should just get rid of it altogether. I think the ideal feature should be like the real A320, that you go to the INIT B page and insert all the data one gets from the OFP and loadsheet from loadcontrol (the folks who do the weight and balance at the airport for the flight) and that's it. No need to go to the load and fuel page in MDCU3. For all fun and game, attached is the trim sheet I use for my flights using the A320IAE.
  22. Of course I insert that data in. Allow me to update to the current version and test it out.
  23. Hello, For starters, I have P3dv4.5 and the Aerosoft A320 prof (v1.3.0.3). Although I'm barely coming around to using this sim and newer A320 (coming from FSX), what I have noticed is that during takeoff using the A320IAE, when I set the throttles for a flex takeoff, which it does, a second or 2 later, it automatically goes to TOGA. I understand that there are a few factors that determines whether to use Flex Temp or TOGA but even though I have no weather injected, using standard temp and altimeter setting (15C/29.92), having a runway at 11,900' at sea level (airport elev at 13'), there should be no reason to why I would need to use TOGA. The aircraft is loaded as follows: ZFW/ZFWCG = 56.2/36.1 takeoff CG = 32.5 Trim = DN0.87 (or DN0.9 if you were to round up). Also, can't change the trim setting in the Load and Fuel panel when you use Shift-4 when inserting the numbers manually. TOW = 70238 kgs after 200kgs is consume for taxi. Flaps = 2 Flextemp = 47 (I got the figure by using the RTOW charts I have from work and making the necessary changes as instructed on those RTOW charts) If memory recalls correctly, even in real world A320 with above load config Flex takeoff is still possible.
  24. Does anyone know if this problem with the IAE engine and flex temp been fixed with a recent update to Aerosoft A320 Professional??
  25. I hear you not that one. Having same issue for the OFP I am creating, using the Jeppesen Jetplan format. Is EK these days still using LIDO FP software??
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