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  1. Short haul commercial jets, if done to a high enough standard, will always sell, as my guess is that the majority of simmers prefer to fly ATPL type operations as aspiring commercial airline pilots. The lists of aircraft type online with Vatsim/IVAO are good evidence if you ask me. Most payware airports released tend to be the ones serving commercial airlines. My other guess is that to simulate the A3XX series to a level of a certain developer's NG for FSX is going to require a vast amount of expertise. Aerosoft have a great model that is true. I would say that the return on investment to be gained from programming the full systems including failures and procedures to deal with failure, as well as a depth in the FMGS similar to that of that NG, is going to be too low to warrant. I would pay the €60+ that might be required per unit, more even, if it meant that I get an A320 or whatever at the level of that NG. That said, I don't see that coming on the horizon and we will have to wait and see what another developer has up its sleeve. There must be a reason that no-one so far has really successfully managed to simulate an Airbus like the real world counterpart. All the current attempts have their flaws. And developing an A330/40 for fsx is not as simple as porting over the A320 systems. The flight models are totally different, the aircraft have different engines, different characteristics. An accurate representation of the A330/340 will take as long, if not longer than the A320/1. Andrew
  2. Die DME Reichweite scheint dort nicht korrigiert zu sein... meine habe ich für LLD und LND auf 30nm geändert... Der ungewollte Zaun ist auch weg... Andrew
  3. Just to add that the original poster of this issue is not alone... I have this one too... There is a perimeter fence zigzagging its way across the airport, affecting 26L/08R at least twice as well as taxiways... Would like this remove removed before I can resume operations out of and into Leipzig! Andrew
  4. I suppose it all depends on which charts will only be available on payment of a fee. If it is everything, then it is going to be difficult in the long term to plan flights without using subscription services... hey, as real as it gets... I will certainly miss services like runwayfinder, airnav, and so on, if they really do go fee-paying only... One thing I like about the Eurocontrol site... gives me free access to a large database of charts, both en route and TAC, ground maps, taxi and gate maps... Oh well, the New World Order perhaps... Andrew
  5. I believe vroute only supports payware flight route formats in the payware version of vroute... Andrew
  6. Well, it has done the trick... at least my test from last night indicated that... Overflew the airport, then tracked out to sea for the right turn onto final for a VOR/DME approach onto 35, landed, and no mesh errors... Thanks ever so much for taking the time to hunt this one down and provide us with a fix... You have made CorfuX a viable destination for me again! Andrew
  7. Just out of interest, could you let us know what exactly this file does, as it is not a replacement? Does it force a reload at a certain distance from the airport or something? Thanks by the way for supplying this to everyone here, need to try it tonight from LGAV... Andrew
  8. I have not experienced this sudden increase in variance on any other aircraft on my system. It is unique to the Dimona... Just wondering if you might have any ideas. It is making the Dimona difficult to use if I want the moving map displayed. I have no FPS issue without the moving map being displayed... Andrew
  9. You may have problems entering a flight plan using a current or recent AIRAC, as the waypoints may not be present in the FSX database for one. You can use various flightplanning tools to generate a file with the correct format for the NGX. It is then a case of placing it in the correct directory on your system. You can then import the plan through the CDU of the FMS. You should check the waypoints and airways though to make sure, add in your departure and arrival procedures, as well as check and solve discontinuities... Though plugging in the flightplan by hand is not that stressful... Andrew
  10. Finally, realistic night lighting on the externals... There is nothing more visually annoying than rolling up to a brightly lit terminal building in FS and the external model is pitch black when you turn off the lights, no reflection, nothing... That second shot looks the business! Andrew
  11. I noticed it coming in from FlyTampa LGAV... Andrew
  12. Any news on this mesh issue? I have since removed CorfuX pending an update. As it is, approaching CorfuX from certain locations requires a reload of the scenery manually... It sounds like a load priority issue. Does the CorfuX mesh have the correct priority for loading, or is it being superseded? Andrew
  13. Why, when I install the version 1.11 update, do I still get Version 1.10 installed displayed in Aerosoft Launcher? Why is the Launcher not reading the product.cfg for CorfuX properly? This is very strange! Could it be that the download version 1.10 has an error, because I am installed Version 1.10 without ever having had 1.00 and I get the mesh errors... What is it with the Launcher? Where are the product version data from? Andrew
  14. It was also interesting to see real world on a recent trip to Paris and back. Impressive from the air climbing out of EDDF. Andrew
  15. Wenn wir Glück haben, kommen wir am kommenden Sonntag auf die neue runter... LFPG - EDDF in einer LH A321... Würde mich freuen, wenn der MAF ein Update/Upgrade bekommt... Andrew
  16. With only one single 225 available, that is going to be a mammoth task to get it even vaguely correct. A 124 might be a simpler undertaking. A 154 or Il-62 is an interesting prospect. I remember walking around an Il-62 that was in in a field south of Berlin in the summer of 1990. Interflug colours. Andrew
  17. alehead

    best airport...

    You ask 10 people, you will most likely get 10 different answers. Best is in the eyes of the beholder. Andrew
  18. You say "serious simulator". Do you mean in the realms of Dodosim's 206? On an iPhone, some of the shots looked real world. I had to look again. Andrew
  19. Looking great for alpha! Would be nice to see more in the Russian regions. Andrew
  20. Never seen it happen on other addons... I checked the C208 default and opened up the default GPS with moving map visible... no change in PS, almost no noticeable change in variance. I have HIGHMEM=1, a couple of autogen "reduce number of objects" tweaks. I stayed away from the Bojote optimizer, as it suggests things that I do not want on my system. I found the buffer pools entries to cause more harm than good in the long term... With my current config (I could upload it to you minus the trusted section, if you wish to see, nothing to hide ), I get pretty good performance even in the NGX/MD11X/JS41 in EDDF Mega Airport, EDDM, and so on, using cloud draw 70-80 miles, max density, mid autogen settings, nice screenshots I get with my settings, I don't use bloom, nor ENB, I don't have shade. I use an external limiter, not the java based batch creator version, another one, set at 30 I get 30 in most addons all the time, it rarely drops to low 20s in place like OrbX PNW in the Seattle downtown area (with the respective heavier addons), but I have no Cray Super system ... Andrew
  21. It is not the actual drop in FPS that I am seeing, but a large increase in stuttering. I stated that the variance in FPS goes from 2-4% up to 50% as soon as I switch on the moving map. I do not see this in any other setup. I will definitely check and see if other default GPS stuff (though I never use it) has the same effect... The Dimona is as smooth as butter in payware addon environments UNTIL I switch on the GPS moving map... The PC can generally hold the 30FPS the external limiter is set at (which works fine in all other aircraft I have, including the PMDG JS41, NGX, and MD11X), but the variance of FPS goes crazy in the Dimona in moving map mode, which means I see constant dips down to single figures or tens, which I don't even see in the JS41 in YBBN/OrbX! I'll check out the default moving map in another one when I can... do you want screenshots to see what I mean? Andrew
  22. I am seeing a massive increase in FPS variance when I switch to the moving map function on the GPS. The Dimona is smooth and the variance is low, even with the GPS on in any other mode. I switch to moving map, and the variance shoots up to 50%, and FS gets stuttery... Any ideas? Running an i7 950 at 4.2GHz on air, I run things like the NGX into pretty much any addon airport and still manage to get 20+, just for an idea of the system and its setup. Andrew
  23. Interesting to see the overwhelming majority of Win7X64 users... How can you be sure that the poll is representative? One of the problems of such polls is that the users taking part are those who often tend to advertize their hardware anyway (i.e. because it is fairly new or of higher performance). Hence my doubt as to the poll being truly representative of Aerosoft's customer base. Any data are better than no data, of course... Andrew
  24. Well put, Simon. Can't agree with you more on that. Andrew PS: I partially disagree there BionicCrab (out of interest and OT, were you active on the Airsimmer forum?). It depends on where the review is, how and by whom it was written. An objective and fairly worded criticism highlighting the downsides and upsides, fairly and openly, regardless where posted, can be a major decider. I have purchased addons based entirely on comments made by certain individuals both here and elsewhere and so far not one of those purchases was a mistake. Andrew
  25. True to say, flying a 737 single handedly is less likely than being struck by lightning no doubt. No doubt there are customers of both. Mathijs, you raise a good point about the reviews: nobody wishes to admit openly that they are too stupid to set up and fly the NGX. As such, reviews may end up a little biased possibly. My current level of experience is around 280 hours on NGs, of which around 15 hours are NGX. I haven't started with failure modes and so on. I can get the flightplan entered and the aircraft prepared for push and start in about 15 minutes now. This comes from combining the knowledge of PMDGs NG from 2002/2004 and reading the introductory manual and tutorial flight. I delve into the FCTM and FCOM when I want info on specific systems, though that us done on a need to know basis and normally while operating. It is not as difficult as some suggest here. For simpler snd failure free operations, I would go so far to say that the operation is probably the same for both iFly and PMDG, my further guess being that the latter is just more accurate in its handling and so on. I mean, they have direct contact with Boeing. As a potential customer, you have to weigh up the features and pick the one that suits your time available, your preferred level of depth, and so on. Either one is good, I went for the PMDG, and even with the prestigious hangar I have, have not flown anything else since I bought it, other than one single GA flight in the Katana4X. Andrew
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