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  1. I am curious if Aerosoft has thought about the Antonov super heavies for a project. A payware quality An-225 would be awesome because it simply is the ultimate large cargo aircraft. The 124 would be a little more practical because it is a little more common. Both have amazing capabilities. Cheers TJ
  2. I thought a sailboat with a big mast was the way to impress women these days Maybe an airplane with a big propeller too. You are more than welcome to join the 'neighborhood' lol, plenty of room for Ole's Farm with your tractors, cows, harem...er barn The only 'home' designing I have done was in the Sims lol. I was just going to import premade farm stuff with AFCAD. Oh if only I could simply move Master Bill Womack's beautiful farm scenery objects over to here lol. Tho I think with some searching I think there are some nice free farm objects to add. Perhaps some folks here know where the good stuff is. Cheers TJ
  3. lol I think I found the perfect spot, and I don't have to create much except put a house/hangar maybe a few farm objects since the runway/taxiway/driveway is already there. ES01 Agathazeller Moos is exactly what I had in mind. It is one of the airports in the Germany VFR scenery, about 11NM south of the KPT VOR and about 20NM southwest of Andras . It has an 1100ft strip and appears to have an extended taxiiway/driveway kind of like a mini Andras. It is easy to get to Andras, either go direct KPT and then fly the approach or fly through a nice valley. The airstrip seems quite suitable for light STOL aircaft, gliders, ultralights..etc If anyone is interested in having a house here too it looks like there is room for a few spots at least., we can figure somthing out.
  4. oh yes, Andras X should continue as planned however I am thinking of those who would still like to join the current Andras Community but there is a shortage of housing. What is the approximate FPS hit radius distance from Andras? If some small farm fields were placed outside of this radius that might allow more flyers to 'live' in the Andras region but be within a short flyable distance. I was even thinking of adding a personal airstrip/farmhouse into my copy of Andras
  5. true but Naperville in the Chicago scenery is already an airpark How about a handful of medium/small size airports/airparks at various locations around the country. That would give us locations to fly to for events. I know it is nice to have everyone together at a central location but since we are pilots, travelling is in our nature.
  6. an idea for the short term might be to add housing plots to exisiting Aerosoft airports like Dillingham, US Cities X regions..etc...Personally I would be happy with a plot at Dillingham
  7. Hey folks Given the popularity and shortage of housing at Andras, what about creating some kind of auxiliary field some where out in the pastures a short small plane distance away? Maybe a smaller GA size airpark or somthing ala Naperville Aero Club. Or maybe a few cropduster size airstrips around the farms with a few farm houses/hangars attached. Somthing that a Cub/Scout/Beaver/Kodiak/Bird Dog...etc would fit Cheers TJ
  8. haha yah it might not be a real location. http://www.landwirtschafts-simulator.de/screenshots.php In the screenshots, there is farmland near mountians, lakes and a castle on the hill. Lol maybe there are a lot of areas like this around the German countryside. Oh well it is nice to think that my lady and I can share our hobbies in the same place. Cheers TJ
  9. I bought Farm Sim 2011 as a gift for my wife...she is from the midwest Anyway I noticed the screenshots looked similar to the Andras Field region...are they in similar locations?
  10. http://www.militarymuseum.org/HamiltonAFB.html Hamilton Field (SRF) realworld ex AF base currently a housing devolopment...Lets take it back from the greedy developers Large size similar to Andras Field, next to San Pablo Bay to provide water operations, fighter aprons provide housing/hangar areas with room for expnasion. Also room to add smaller glider strip. The airbase and region provides diverse scenery for many types of flying and activities with very diverse land features. Coastline, water ways, lakes, mountains, forests, farms, vineyards, cities, central valley..etc all within close proximity...ie Skiing and Sunbathing are within a short hop of each other The bay area is kind of like an obsticle course for flying with all the bridges, buildings, hills...etc. Wine country is a popular place to fly around, lots of small airports to hop around to. Glider pilots also have hills and mountians and good wind or their soaring. Temperate climate gives lots of VFR weather for soaring and biplanes, but does have a fair amount of IFR weather too for SID/STAR/IAP nuts. Seaplane pilots have lots of places to visit, ie hop down to SF and dock at Pier 39 for a night on the town or go to McCovey Cove and see a baseball game. The bay is about 40nm longwise...Beaver races anyone?....insert dirty pun... Centralistic location to other regions too for good cross country trips, PNW, Rockies, Southwest/Grand Canyon, Southern California are all roughly the same distance away, giving the pilot different areas to fly to depending on the direction flown. Similarly Hawaii(jumping off point to the Pacific), Alaska, Central America, and theEast Coast are roughly the same distance...about 2000nm...and even farther out, Japan, Brazil, Western Europe are about the same distance. For Orbx stuff, they are working on a northern CA scenery area as well as the Central and Southern rockies. It might be easier from a development standpoint to work with Orbx to merge Andras USA while they are developing their scenery, rather than trying to make it compatible with scenery already released. That might make it easier to have the option to work with both Orbx or the Default scenery. If Emma is ever reborn, then it can be a place to coexist with. Far enough away to be its own place but close enough for good cross country flying. Orbx also has NZ in the works...Andras NZ would be awesome too....maybe we can have both. Hamilton would be my first choice but there are a lot of good suggestions above. PNW is certianly a beautiful area...Cushman Meadows/Bear Gulch is awesome Anyway thats my 2 rubles
  11. hey folks, I was considering springing for GEX Europe. Does anyone have it and how does it look with Andras Field? Cheers TJ
  12. Lol yeah the numbers don't matter, I was curious about the trends. I think it is really great that Andras Field is this popular and it that housing properties have seen this much interest. I wont be giving up and I doubt anyone else will, I think everyone will get their turn eventually Keep up the good work and look foward to the next batch. Cheers TJ
  13. Congradulations to Harald:) I am curious of the relative number of lottery entrants compared to the size of the house. Do the larger houses or smaller houses as a whole get more or fewer entrants? If this was the largest lottery so far it would suggest that smaller houses are quite popular. I think a few others have suggested that a small house with a medium size hangar(ie room for a small business aircraft or a warbird fighter..etc) Hope to see more houses of this type offered down the line Cheers TJ
  14. Mail sent, would like to bribe Andras with some beer or some extra euros to possibly scale up the hangar to accomdate an Epic LT Dynasty/Spitfire size aircraft. That house size is my favorite size, perfect for me and my lady, just would desire a slightly larger hanger Hanger Door Open Sign - TJ & Jenny Stanley Cheers TJ
  15. That San Juan area looks like a great choice, and as Fred and Matt suggest we can just make the land needed for the airport. Its a good central location like Hamiltion on the west coast. For the winter you can fly down to the Keys or the Bahamas, for the summer you could fly to New England, Niagra...etc. Even for farther destinations such as the west coast, a fast GA bird, or a warbird or a fast military craft will get you there in a reasonable amount of time And if this one is really popular too, perhaps then AS can look to the west. The folks on the Orbx board suggested that their Northern CA scenery is about a year out to be followed by Southern Rockies as well as Southern CA eventually after that. Anyway, looking foward to whatever is decided In the meantime you can just turn your PBY into a flying RV and just park it at wherever you want to live. Andras NZ or Austrialia would be a great place eventually too with FS having such a large fan base from that region. Cheers TJ
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