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    im from new zealand and i bought munich and the pmdg 747 more than a week ago and still havent received the shipping email any help? sebfsx
  2. it be a cool 1 to have on the sim i love how aerosoft puts so much effort into there work they even managed to put some cracks on the taxiway impressive
  3. sebfsx

    best airport...

    though being a new zealander im also full greek so i completely understand u.... so from ur opinion wats better santorini or corfu
  4. sebfsx

    best airport...

    most detailed and interesting
  5. sebfsx

    best airport...

    what island airport do u guys think is the best. e.g. corfu, menorca...
  6. sebfsx


    no i switch it on manually
  7. sebfsx

    commercial jet?

    best twin engine on aerosoft's shelves?
  8. sebfsx

    mega airport?

    what do u guys think the biggest and best mega airport in Europe?
  9. sebfsx


    here are some screen shots. i havw attached
  10. sebfsx


    ALL updated but same problem?
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