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  1. Problem has been resolved, thanks to Chirs. Chris helped solved the problem by finding the conflict with FS Global. Madeira works!
  2. I disabled Scenery Tech Africa and I no longer have FS Global. The problem persists. Now that Scenery Tech is uninstalled, any other recommendations?
  3. I actually found plenty of files with the LPMA names? What now, rename them all?
  4. I have ultimate traffic 2...I searched for that file and did not find it. What else could be causing this distorted view? I noticed there are lots of issues with this scenery. How reliable is it?
  5. I'll check for it. Looking at the pic provided above, is that how the airport looks, flat planes on the ground?
  6. Hi, I have Scenery Tech Africa, does it create problem?
  7. Support Team, I just purchased Madeira and I believe the scenery is not quiet right. I downloaded the update but the issue persists. Instead of explaining, I am attaching a picture of the runway. There is a bump in the middle of the runway (half the airport dirt and half concreate??)
  8. Mathijs - what is the verdict on the use of memory? I recently overclocked my computer and had been told to remove 8gb of memory from the original 16gb. I found it odd to hear that too much memory hurts performance and that too much memory can overheat your computer. It is hard to accept a philosophy on this topic because there are countless opinions on the subject. Anyhow, I came across the 8gb of memory that I had removed a while back and decided to stick it back in the PC. After all, they cost a lot of money and I am not going to let them go to waste. Performance has been unchanged but I will be watching the temperature of the CPU. Welcome your opinion.
  9. Buildings flash most of the time in Vegas, how do I stop this issue? It usually happens at night. Any recommendations?
  10. Aerosoft Developers, Why not expand on the remarkably realistic city model like the one in the video below? As you fly over Aerosoft Chicago, the scenery is breadth taking. The same goes for San Francisco and Manhattan X. Why not expand it Europe (London, Barcelona, Frankfurt etc..)? Add-ons like GEX and UTX lack realism when it comes to skyscrapers. Aerosoft is ahead of the curve in this area. Please keep it going…..
  11. Greetings, Joachim. Thank you for the comments and recommendations. If you have some tips on how I can get rid of the the red/green labels in the video, I'd appreciate it. The add-ons are: FD Dream Dallas, PMDG 747, REX, GEX and UTX and more. The sound was added from a video so it does not belong to the PMDG. I added it in order to enhance realism. Thanks again.
  12. Hello Alex - No te preocupes por el intercambio. Voy a donar los $30 a Aerosoft. I really do not need $30. I just deleted the add-on and will move on to other purchases. The add-ons is truly bad as shown in the picture. Thank you for your assistance.
  13. Sorry, I missed your question. I was having internet connection issues at the time. It was all resolved. Thanks for the checking in.
  14. $29 in the toilet. Do they give you a credit?
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