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  1. Richard, the developers do not distribute the source code of their products, so we cannot recompile it... This is definitely a waiting game... I had never heard of SODE until now... and wham, I am affected by this too... Andrew (VPA255)
  2. 193 downloads

    The two files in the ZIP archive are replacement AFD files for German Airports 2 EDDV X 2012. I have edited the airport elevation from 183 feet to 183.1 feet to alleviate a problem I was having with default ground bleeding through. The issue was only apparent on arrival, but I noticed that the aircraft shadows, when active, didn't always appear fully when running up and down the runways and/or taxiways. This elevation change solves the issue for me. If you have a ground bleed problem at EDDV X 2012, perhaps you might want to try this. Only replace the file you need, either with static active or with static turned off. Andrew Entwistle
  3. alehead

    Aerosoft News

    You know, I was thinking about Angelique's reply... As an ex professional photographer I can fully understand wanting to protect content, whatever it may be. However, placing material online, regardless of techniques to thwart it, content will be copied, re-posted, uploaded under a different author and so on and so forth. And then I see that ASN has a Facebook page... a lot of content is set to public, so it can be viewed at least without having to register with them. Either way, the content use clauses on Facebook have led to me no longer posting any material whatsoever there... I find the restrictive policy of ASN right clicking not in balance with the use of Facebook... of course this is my opinion only, and I do not expect anyone to agree with my opinion, just to accept that I may have a different opinion than others... Could it at least be changed that the initial click on a link opens up in a new tab, instead of going to a new page in the same tab, whcih then links to the actual content in a new tab? I know I could use CTRL and left click, but it is not second nature to the large majority of Net users to use the keyboard while navigating sites... A
  4. alehead

    Aerosoft News

    No worries Mathijs, particularly as the thread you were looking for was directly below at the time you posted... Cheers to Hero93 for the information. I had forgotten that little switch. Nomen est omen... A
  5. alehead

    Aerosoft News

    All interesting stuff about the Dublin project, but it has absolutely nothing to do with my thread. Mathijs, I think you went and answered the wrong thread here... Thanks to Angelique for the information and reasoning. Of course, ASN's decision is final, but it has little effect on stopping content grabbers. At the end of the day, all it succeeds in doing is annoying me as the reader, as mentioned already. Penalising the average reader in an attempt to stop the exceptionally small minority with a method that does not stop them anyway is an odd decision in my mind... Perhaps you could programme the links to open in a new tab of the browser, like HTML target="_blank" or something, so I at least keep the home page and do not have to reload it again and again. Keep up the good work either way, thanks. A
  6. alehead

    Aerosoft News

    I couldn't find a specific forum for this, so I'll put it in General. I would be interested to know why right clicking was disabled on the ASN site. I really miss the ability to open stories in a new tab, as the function to open in a new tab has not always been implemented by the web designer... Andrew
  7. It is certainly a lesson. Taking off with four adults in a light plane at altitude is always going to be a dicey affair, particularly on warmer days. This is ideal material for a "how not to do it" story. Luckily for all involved nobody died. He should have aborted much earlier on when he failed to get off the ground properly. That was an extremely long run to take off, the alarms should have screaming in his ears at that point... A
  8. Putting the stuff together for you right now... Just to let you know, the reg key is not Toulouse X but Aerosoft-Airport Toulouse... And I am seeing some error in the ASE log... OK, zipped and sent... A
  9. Thanks Mathijs. Please do not hesitate to ask if you require any further details on setup or otherwise. A
  10. Thanks for dropping in. Glad I am not the only one, for what it is worth... A
  11. OK, I have now uninstalled and reinstalled (as Administrator) no fewer than 3 times, the last time with a new download. There is something wrong with your new version of Toulouse. The activation routine works normally, whichever method I use, be it launcher or ASEData.dll via the FSX menu... The scenery shows up partially, with the red wording hovering over the runway and a large number of key buildings missing! This is frustrating. A
  12. Could it be that the new uploaded version has another problem? I refer you to my other thread: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/55284-airport-toulouse-listed-as-active-in-launcher-and-plug-in-dll/ Andrew
  13. No, force reloading through the scenery library has no effect. I am missing a number of buildings and have that message pasted in the air above the runways. Thanks for the help, but this is a more fundamental issue. There is something blocking here, probably the dll itself... A
  14. Here is a screenshot that illustrates the issue with the activation... As you can see, the ASE.dll is running and indicates that Toulouse is activated... yet that red block is visible and a large number of key buildings are missing... Please sort this... A
  15. Oh, and before you ask... Running Win7 Home Premium, the scenery installer was run as Administrator, FSX is on its own drive... A
  16. Listed as Version 1.00 But I have the "scenery inactive, please activate first" red wording over the runways and no buildings... What is this? I cannot activate in Launcher as the scenery is listed as already active, I cannot use the new plug in (whose existence I do not understand...) as the scenery is also listed there as being active... I understand wanting to protect your IP, but it has to work... (with everyone... I know a lot have the scenery already and it is working...) Andrew
  17. Ist die Szenerie auch in der Szeneriebibliothek von FSX aktiviert? Ich rede nicht vom Launcher. Ich kann mich vage erinnern, dass ich bei der Installation von den beiden Polish Airports manuell die Szenerie anmelden musste. Es hat mich etwas überrascht, da heutzutage fast alle Szenerien automatisch bei der Installation angemeldet werden. Ist nur eine Idee, vielleicht hilft es, ich sehe in den Screenshots, dass Texturen fehlen. A
  18. Check out airdailyx' blog. There is a crj100/200 in development, a German team it seems.

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  19. I had an idea this was coming, but no idea that it would be so soon. I will be flying into Toulouse for real in about a month, so I should know exactly what it looks like beforehand... Looking good everyone, looking good... A
  20. Heinz, einige von uns haben schon längst die AFCAD Datei aktualisiert. Ich habe ungefähr 2 Minuten dafür gebraucht. Sicher könnte einer von uns die Datei hier hochladen und Sie stellen es zur Verfügung für alle, die es haben wollen. So schnell werden ILS Frequenzen nicht geändert, sonst gäbe es Chaos... Andrew
  21. Strange... Ich habe FSX Gold mit Acceleration installiert... ich habe bis jetzt keine Probleme mit den ILS für 06 oder 24 feststellen können. Andrew
  22. Bevor man einfach schreibt, "tut mir leid, kann nicht helfen," schreibt man lieber nichts... Ohne weitere Infos von Ihnen ist es schwierig überhaupt mal ansatzweise das Problem anzugehen, mindestens ein Screenshot hätte hier sehr geholfen... Hut ab an den von Ihnen genannten Nutzer... vielleicht kannte er das von Ihnen erwähnte Problem... AE
  23. Didn't do the job for me, though I appreciate the effort of yours and Peter's to help out here. As regards the scenery.cfg, with pleasure Mathijs... I would prefer to send it you as a PM though... A
  24. Cheers Mathijs... Will check it out tonight when I have a moment spare... Thanks Andrew
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