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  1. Hi, Would be great to have Jet2 Holidays livery on the A321. These are the ex-Thomas Cook a/c which have now been acquired by Jet2. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9643381#modal-large-photo Thanks, Mike
  2. Same here; there is no 'add to shopping cart' button for the download version, only boxed/shipped. Cheers!
  3. I've searched back through and It was from the A330 preview; but way back in May 2017! Grime on the pedestal and MCDU keys etc. You can see it well in this video, too @ 1:05 ... I suppose your reference a/c for the A330 is G-VKSS which is circa 7yrs old, so makes sense to have a bit of dirt, right?
  4. Thanks for the response, Mathjis ... completeley understand your explanation re: newer and up to date flight decks. However, does my memory server me correct that in one of the earlier preview posts you guys did share images of the flight deck with more 'grime' ... coffee stain on the centre pedestal? Maybe that was on the A330? Or maybe I'm just completely loosing my mind! :-D
  5. Hi guys, Firstly, really, really impressed with the new bus. Absolutely worth the wait, well done! I recall during the development thread some screen shots of the flight deck panel textures showing some light stains and scuffs etc. to give that realistic ‘used’ look and feel... however with this release textures are decidelty ‘brand new’ and clean! Is this something planned for SP1 or have I missed a configuration option? Many thanks, Mike
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