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  1. Hi Mathjijs Some progress with the A320/A321. I disabled Windows Defender for both the re-install of and rebooted and then the update to No error message this time and no initial CTD. An A320 loaded fine but the A321 Lufthansa CTD'd. I will explore further but it's a good start! A318/A319 had updated no problem and with AV running. "Go figure" as our US friends would say Cheers Chris
  2. Exactly the same problem. I just re-installed the A320-A321, rebooted and updated to The same four sound files missing and a CTD. My untouched A318-A319 still works as intended. Is there any official guidance on this yet? Cheers Chris
  3. I posted recently about fps dropping from 45-50 fps down to 10 fps when undocking any mcdu window. I've just updated my Nvidia driver to 430.86 and there is no fps drop at all now. I was on 419.67. I hope this helps anyone else with the same problem. Chris
  4. Thanks. I am using P3D 4.5. However, in this case the processor (6700k) will be OC'd at 4.8Ghz. I'll check that. And I'm fairly certain this was not happening even a couple of weeks ago. I should say I upgrade with every experimental build. Cheers Chris
  5. As it says really. I like to undock the 3rd MCDU and move it to another screen. But even if I leave it on the main screen FPS drops from say 30-50 fps down to 10fps when undocked. Is it just my set-up or you think or is this a wider problem. All 3 MCDUs do this. I'm sure it didn't used to do this but I can't remember which release it was. Cheers Chris
  6. Hi again, With Simserver is now making the connection and showing the data but does not accept input to the MCDU. Mark Foti has looked at it and thinks maybe you can help further. It's such a useful addition I would really miss it if it cannot be made to work! Cheers Chris
  7. Hi. Mark Foti has confirmed the above CDU problem. Can it be looked at? Cheers. Chris
  8. Is it possible to change the checklist trigger from "1" to another key. If so, where? Cheers Chris
  9. Thanks Mathijs - Prompt as ever! I'll give it a go. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi. Is this enabled currently. If so where is the XConnectExtended.exe now. The Step by step reference looks like it's for the old bus location?
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