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  1. Hi again, With Simserver is now making the connection and showing the data but does not accept input to the MCDU. Mark Foti has looked at it and thinks maybe you can help further. It's such a useful addition I would really miss it if it cannot be made to work! Cheers Chris
  2. Hi. Mark Foti has confirmed the above CDU problem. Can it be looked at? Cheers. Chris
  3. Is it possible to change the checklist trigger from "1" to another key. If so, where? Cheers Chris
  4. chrisal

    MCDU on external device

    Thanks Mathijs - Prompt as ever! I'll give it a go. Cheers Chris
  5. Hi. Is this enabled currently. If so where is the XConnectExtended.exe now. The Step by step reference looks like it's for the old bus location?