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  1. Yesterday Pro-ATC released a much overdue update which addresses quite a few niggles, but the most important for me is that I can now update the A330 to The Radio frequencies are now set by Pro-ATC as they used to be! The A320/21 etc always worked ok. This shoud settle several "closed" threads from months ago. Cheers Chris
  2. Hi. It's sorted out. The re-install did the job. A good flight in mucky weather! (Unreal weather) The only difference I can think of was that originally it was installed to a separate folder that I use for add-ons which is then linked by the Add-ons Linker. Everything else in there works ok. This time it's in the Community folder. Maybe that's it? Anyway thanks for your help and advice as always. I can now stop flying the same old route over and over and explore the world of MSFS. Cheers Chris
  3. Yes to FSUIPC but no to Autosave function. I did check though!
  4. Hi Mathijs, I have stopped all ancillary programs from running including AV. I have monitored services etc. with Task Manager. The same major pauses are there. I've tried it without TrackIR and without AViaServer. No luck there. I have tried the same route (EGCC to EIDW) again and again. I have nothing else in the Community folder. I've turned down graphic settings quite a lot. I worried it was geography specific so today I flew the same route with the stock A320neo - with no pauses at all. (Mind you, I await your A320 and A330 with great anticipation.) I'm going to try re-installing the CRJ next. It doesn't make sense from what you say... Chris
  5. Hi, On various routes arond the UK I am getting very long pauses -up to several minutes - in flight. If I wait, it usually re-starts. Recently it was approaching Dublin EIDW from EGNM or EGCC and also towards EHAM. This is repeatable. My pc is a 10700k with a a 1070ti card. I do nor get this with other aircraft. Monitoring the temps all looks fine. The FPS counter says Main Thread limited. (Normally it is the GPU) I believe I am operating the CRJ correctly as per the tutorial and various videos. Following advice here in the forums I ran the console window and have copied the message it displayed at the moment of pause. [BITMAP CONVERTED] 2D BM_BC1_UNORM 1024x1024 2661407612513331641 - repeated a number of times. Is this a normal message? Do you have any further advice? Regards Chris
  6. I'm pleased for you. What was the reply? Cheers Chris
  7. Hi. Have we given up on this Radio problem? Am I stuck with 1.2 for good? Cheers. Chris
  8. Hi again, I had reverted to and it worked fine with Pro-atc, changing freqencies correctly to enable communication and interaction. I've just tried the latest update and I'm afraid it just doesn't work at all now. Do you think you will be able to crack this or should I revert back to again? Pro-atc contributes a great deal of immersion/enjoyment of flying the otherwise splendid A330-300. Cheers Chris
  9. If it helps, A330 v1.0.2.0 worked fine with Pro-Atc. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi It's the end of next week! Any progress on this? Cheers Chris
  11. I have the same problem. Pro-ATC has stopped working correctly. How do I revert back? Cheers Chris
  12. I too have just had the endlessly repeating "off - off - off" for the seatbelt signs. I had to close p3d for relief.A problem with the checklist I'm afraid. Chris
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