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  1. Kolja320

    (Spirit airlines A321's) Where are they?1?

    Hi man. Unfortunately Holger has not made available a Spirit A321 barefare, but an independent painter at Avsim has. The liveries are high quality and I've enjoyed every minute using them He's included also the A320 barefare too! When you click these links, the download should start automatically. If not, there is a link at the bottom of the page that these links bring you to so that you can download https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=204628 (A321) https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=204607 (A320) Enjoy!! -Kolja
  2. Kolja320

    a318 transatlantic

    Thanks a lot Al, glad this could be cleared up Best, Niko
  3. Kolja320

    a318 transatlantic

    Hi Mike, The bus is indeed capable of flying transatlantic. Just make sure that in your realizm settings, you have unlimited fuel set, because the bus (specifically the A318) caps you off at around 24 kgs of fuel I believe. If you're going to use maximum fuel and passenger settings, just make sure that your flaps are set to 1 and that you apply TOGA thrust for takeoff, because that baby's gonna need a tremendous amount of power to takeoff. Good luck -Niko
  4. Kolja320

    GPWS, MCDU and Thrust Levers not working

    Hi Tariq, Have you made sure that RAAS is installed and updated? Also, make sure that if you're using any kind of third party external controls (i.e: a joystick, a yoke, thrust levers, etc...) they are configured via FSUIPC and have the correct drivers installed. Make sure you take a look at your FSX registry as well as sometimes this can be the underlying issue. Your issue in particular, seems to happen to those who have a corrupt registry with their simulator. If your FSX registry is indeed corrupt, uninstalling and reinstalling the bus would not be the correct fix, rather, uninstalling and reinstalling your sim would be the most probably fix - this is all worst case scenario, though. Start with uninstalling the bus via the uninstaller in the control panel of your computer. Do not manually remove/delete files. Re-install the bus as an Admin, and allow all other programs like RAAS to install when prompted during, or at the end of the general install. When Aerosoft prompts you to re-start your PC at the end of the install, you should do that as well. Attempt to run your sim as an Admin. If the issue persists, please let me know. Best of luck. -Niko
  5. Kolja320

    Airbus A320 & A321 2048px HD Virtual Cockpit

    Outstanding work my friend! I am absolutely in love with the way the cockpit looks now Best of luck with your future works! -Niko
  6. Kolja320

    Issues with Livery Download Textures

    Let me also tack on to your "sharklet" and dark textures issue. The bus is very funny with this issue, and having just one letter out of place in the aircraft.cfg or missing just one texture in the aircraft's texture file simply doesn't allow the airplane to even appear in the sim. Assuming you know how to install aerosoft repaints by hand instead of the livery manager (installing the liveries, manually is the prefered way), then this should make some sort of sense to you. Let's go by example here to make it easy, because this is really tough to explain in simplest form: Let's say you download and install a jetBlue paint for the A320 IAE model. You should know that in the download, you have to drag and drop the actual "texture.blahblah" into the correct airplane model folder (here, we would drop it into the A320 IAE folder because it's an IAE model), but you're not at all done. You have to also paste in the new tile that comes with the aircraft so that when the simulator talks to the aircraft.cfg, it knows that there's a new plane there. Installing just the textures is not enough, because the textures are not at all a means of communicating that a new aircraft is present to the simulator: the aircraft.cfg is responsible for that, thus, everytime you install a new paint for the airbus by hand, you will have to add minor configurations to the aircraft.cfg of that specific model. Ok, so let's continue with our install. Since we're going to install our jetBlue A320 IAE model to the IAE folder, we need to edit the aircraft.cfg in the IAE folder. Change the ending of the aircraft.cfg to "aircraft.txt" so that you can view and edit it. Once completing this, open up the aircraft.cfg, and you should see something like the tile i've included below. You need to paste your new tile in proceeding order of the tile above it, so head to your download file, and almost 99% of the time your new aircraft's tile will be found in a file called "readme.txt" or something along the lines of that. Go ahead and copy the line of tile that looks like the one below from your download, and then paste it into the aircraft.cfg your editing in proceeding order (always remember to change the value next to "FLTSIM" at the very top of the tile, or else it will not work, ex: FLTSIM.00, FLTSIM.01, FLTSIM.03, etc...) this can cause the black texture issue if not done. Example is as followed below: [FLTSIM.00] title = Airbus A320 jetBlue N635JB sim = A320 model = panel = sound = texture = jetBlue_N635JB kb_checklists = kb_reference = atc_id = N635JB atc_airline = JETBLUE atc_flight_number = ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A320-232 IAE ui_variation = jetBlue Airways ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE, RAMP atc_parking_codes = JBU description = Airbus A320 - 232 IAE / jetBlue N635JB \nwww.aerosoft.com \nRepaint by Holgi (simtexture.de) Your sharklet issue is simply because next to the "model" category, the word "SHARKLET" is present, meanwhile the aircraft you've downloaded doesn't use sharklets, simply delete the word "SHARKLET" if it's there, and you should be good. HOWEVER Some people who have created sharklet models for the airbus still have yet to figure out that there is one simple letter that's screwing everything up, and it's "S" An example of this is the the download for N903JB, an IAE A321 sharklet model. Next to the "model" description in that airplane's .cfg file, there is simply just the letter "S" while it SHOULD read, "SHARKLET" because it's a sharklet model! This is a common error to be attentive of whilst installing sharklet models or else they will not work. Let me know it further help/assistance or explanation is needed. -Niko
  7. Kolja320

    Issues with Livery Download Textures

    Hey man - this issue haunted me for months when I first purchased the bus, but there's a simple fix! This happens because the texture.cfg file in the aircraft you've downloaded is probably out of date, so simply take the texture.cfg of any default aircraft (keep it limited to the airplane folder you're in though, example: don't copy the texture.cfg of a default A320 CFM airplane if you're installing a paint for an A321 IAE selection, stick to the base airplane's folder you're working with and keep it at that) after you copy the texture.cfg of any default airplane in that folder, simply drop it into your custom paint airplane's folder and this should solve the exterior and dark cockpit issue. If the error persists with the cockpit being dark and all, then you're definitely missing some cockpit textures in the custom airplane's file and you'll have to manually put them in yourself, and that's pretty easy, it's like maybe two or three files that you can get directly from a default airplane's folder, follow the same instructions as the ones aforementioned for the texture.cfg for the panel issue and you should be good, but I'm 100% that the texture.cfg should fix it.
  8. Kolja320

    Custom Aircraft State

    I was curious as to if the bus had an option to save a custom aircraft state rather than the four there are to offer in the "Aircraft State" page on the right MCDU. If this is a possibility, would somebody be able to explain to me how this is performed? Thank you in advance! -Niko
  9. Regarding the FLEX/MCT detent for takeoff, I was wondering how to apply the maximum power that FLEX/MCT can reach before achieving TOGA thrust. If we disregard all other factors like weight, runway conditions, etc..., could I set a high outside temperature in the simulator and a low FLEX temperature in the MCDU to achieve higher than 85% N1 without applying the TOGA detent? Thank you. Regards, Niko
  10. Hi Holgi/Aerosoft Team, Loving the product and the paints and I would love to see a Spirit A321 Barefare livery come to life in the repaints area whenever it can be made possible. I've included some pictures of what I'm talking about below. Thank you so much! Best, Niko