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    Hi, posted these in the REX forums a while ago an thought I could post them here, too. Pics are uneditet and you can even see the red lines at the lower left und upper right corner but I hope you will enjoy them though. Ground services just arrived during the pilots prepare the plane for departure. under the wing... Catering has just started After the catering finished it`s job the boarding is starting and the baggage gets it`s way into the plane A hard job, isn`t it Boarding completed, loading completed and the A320 gets out of the parking spot Push-back completed ! Handsignal from the left, ready to taxi While taxiing to the runway the flight controls are checked Backtrack at the end of the runway. This passenger did not enjoy the view Takeoff! Positive climb, gear up Right turn after departure Captains point of view bye bye Madeira hope you liked them Alex
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    Hello guys, =D here is my newest FSX vid. ( Look at description for informmation ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aDxK9QR2ZM Please SUBSCRIBE !! I hope you like it
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    As the title says, I'm trying to compose here a concentrated list-summary of upcoming Aerosoft FSX/P3D projects. Projects are shown in random order, and for the release timestamps I'm trying to get worst-case scenario guesses, from data we have from numerous posts by Aerosoft staff (Mathijs, Shawn, etc.). Everybody is of course free to note down more projects, as the ones I mention will likely be either those that interest myself, and/or those I'm aware about (I might miss a few). Remember, this is an FSX/P3D only thread, so let's try and respect that, and keep it clean. So here goes: - Aircraft ----> AirbusX Extended Release September 3rd 2012 (fixed by Mathijs) - Airports First, the rather certain ones: ----> Mega Airport Dusseldorf X (EDDx) According to Mathijs, they're aiming for release within the second fortnight of August. ----> Mega Airport Helsinki X (EFHK) Release within September 2012 (hopefully) ----> Mega Airport Rome Fuimicino X (LIRF) Release within August 2012 (hopefully) ----> Canaries X Canary Islands. No more details at the moment. Developper (I assume it) is SimWings. ----> Varanasi X (VIBN) Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport A very interesting destination in India, about 500km east of Delhi, and about 200km south of the Nepal border. Under development. And now, the "mysterious" ones: ----> Approaching Saltzburg (or whatever it would be called) (LOxx) Unknown. Perhaps within the year 2012. (again here, even Yoda cannot see its fate) ----> Mega Airport Frankfurt-Main X (EDDF) It's undergoing an update. I think we would be lucky (and happy) to have it within the year 2012. ----> Mega Airport Dublin X (EIDW) Unknown. ----> Nice - Cote d' Azur (LFMN) Again, it's undergoing an update. I think we would be lucky (and happy) to have it within the year 2012. ----> Mega Airport Lisbon X (LPPT) I had read somewhere that this is also undergoing an update, but I am not sure. ----> Lyon X (LFLL) Aerosoft does not have permission to do the photoshoot yet. Have I forgotten something? PS: Needless to say, that this is, apart for discussion between us, the users, also an invitation for Aerosoft staff (eg. Mathijs, Shawn, etc.) to say how close (or not) the predictions are. PS2: I don't speak German, and my French have at least 20 years of "accumulated" "rust" , so some of the above cities may have incorrect spelling, defnitely no umlauts and definitely no accents (circumflex or whatever ). ChangeLog: - AirbusX Extended probable release period, again guessing from what Mathijs writes - Mega Airport Dusseldorf probable release period, since Mathijs wrote they're aiming for an August release. - LIRF and Bari Info - Toulouse released -> out from the list - Bari released -> out from the list - Yekaterinburg released -> out from the list - Added Lyon LFLL - Moved AirbusX extended, back (later) 15 days. - Moved Helsinki forward (closer) one month, from a comment of the developpers I read (I think it was on AVSIM forums, but I'm not sure). - AirbusX estimated release change, according to what Mathijs wrote today. - Lyon update - Pushing back Heraklion X 15 days, according to what Emilios said. - Pushing back LIRF 1 month, according to my gut. - Added Dublin EIDW. - Added Varanasi VIBN. - Added Canaries X. - Pushing back Airbus X Extended 1 month, according to my gut. - Added Fairbanks X. - Pinned down Heraklion's release date, according to Mathijs. - Airbus X Extended is "fixed". - Removed Fairbanks X (released). - Removed Heraklion X (released).
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    Hi all, Here are some screenshots from my flight from Frankfurt to Zürich. A 757 is not typical on this route, but I wanted to test this aicraft. The weather was real, and I came across the thunderstorm that had just passed where I live. Hope you like them. Joachim
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    My entry for this month. "Willkommen im Urlaub" or in english: "Welcome to holiday". >>>> KLICK TO ENLARGE <<<<
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    A Virgin in San Francisco...Oh, Oh!!! Kidding aside, SFO is Virgin America's homebase and a relative suessfull startup from a few years ago. I would rate them with jetBlue on a product offering level which is generally higher then mainline and Southwest. Almost forgot, I'm using the Aerosoft Airbus X with the repaint coming from Holgi. Hopefully you enjoyed this pictorial, commentary is always welcomed.....Darryl
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    Night Moves...Part I Can you name the airports, some are easy and others a bit more difficult Would you like more night pictorials...let me know. Darryl
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    Hi I only have one screenshot now, but i think it shows clearely how good FSX can look, even on hardware that is now more than 4 years old. I really love that shot and i hope you do so, too Edit: And the most important thing: Frames remained stable at 23+.
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    The variation of the blue colored windows creates a fine illusion of depth.
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    Liebe Freunde und Kunden, Ich bin über diesen Thread gestolpert und muss zugeben, dass Ihr recht habt - es ist Zeit für ein kleines Update! Die Weiterentwicklung des Projekts ist ins Stocken geraten, weil sich zur Zeit der "reale" Airport und auch seine Umgebung massiv ändern. So wird zur Zeit der Tower neu errichtet, und es gibt auch Ausbauaktivitäten in der unmittelbaren Nachbarschaft des Flughafens. Für die Umsetzung für FSX bedeutet das, dass ich einerseits Detailinformationen über die neuen Gebäude suchen und verarbeiten muss, und daher die Szenerie in wichtigen Teilen neu erstellen muss (ein blosses Portieren der Objekte der Freeware-Version 2006 hatte ich allerdings sowieso nicht vor ). Also wird es wohl noch dauern, bis LOWS-X erhältlich ist (heißen wird es wahrscheinlich "Approaching Salzburg" - welch Wunder!) Danke für die Geduld und das Verständnis.
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    Hi, When i read the aes ng thing it talked about a new aircraft config when is this expected to be released? Also when do you think support for cargo planes will be released?
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    Mal eine Frage an die, die unbedingt 100 Paxe sehen wollen: Wäre euch der Frameverlust das Wert? Fahrer in den Fahrzeugen wären schon nett - und alle anderen Menschen natürlich auch - dass das aber dann immernoch flüssig läuft, da habe ich so meine Zweifel: Ich würde vorher eher folgende Updates Bevorzugen: - Gepäck/Container die auf Wagen herangefahren und ins Flugzeug geladen werden - Endlich auch einen Tankwagen anstatt nur den Dispenser. (Für DUS, CGN, und viele andere dringend von Nöten) - Eine GPU die vorne an der Nase erscheint (wegen mir statisch - die kann einfach beim setzen der P/B auftauchen) - Einen Cobus - immernoch einer der meisteingesetzten Flugfeldbusse - Einen kleineren, stangenlosen Pusher, wie den Goldhofer AST3, damit nicht mehr mit dem Gepäckwagenschlepper gepusht werden muss Gut, dass sind ein wenig viele Wünsche, aber ein paar davon zusehen (v.a. den Tankwagen) wäre sehr schön Eine andere Idee die ich noch hätte: Die Möglichkeit, ein Flugzeug von einem Gate an ein anderes Schleppen zu lassen, vom Hangar zu einem Gate, vom Gate zum Hangar usw. Das kommt an großen Flughäfen häufig vor, und müsste mit der Wegfindungstechnik, die der Follow-Me nutzt doch recht einfach zu realisieren sein, oder? Abschließen möchte ich aber nochmal mit einem großen Danke an Oliver, dass er AES überhaupt immer weiterentwickelt @Oliver: Könntest du eventuell hier kurz antworten, was man sich von den genannten Vorschlägen erhoffen kann in der nächsten Zeit? Wäre ganz toll
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    Je mehr Kerne dein Prozessor hat, desto besser sollte der AI Traffic laufen. X-Plane lagert ja jedes Flugmodell auf einen anderen Kern aus.
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    Hallo Chris. Vielen Dank für Deine Hilfe. Ich werde es einmal ausprobieren. Ich hoffe nur, dass der Traffic nicht zu viel Frames "frisst". Gruß Lars
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    Hi, I will probably not have time to enter this one, so feel free to disregard my ideas I always liked these ralleys where you not only have to get to a place, but have to complete an additional task at certain points. Could be things like - a short take off and landing competition - a competition who can fly the runway distance the slowest at low altitude without crashing or touching down (could be online or compared with a fs recorder track) - a target landing competition - find a hidden object or a certain building close to the airport (screenshot) - a short task using a hot air balloon (online?) - a pylon race at one airport on the way - having legs where the participants have to use a certain type of navigation (no GPS)
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    My holidays have ended and it's time to go home... Ibiza X | FS9 Good luck for all!!!
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    Wenn ich es fertig habe .
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    hmm...is it? Get sloppy on your 09 approach and you might blow more than just your tires
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    I'm gonna blow countless tires on runway 9/27 when this is released.........................with lots of traffic waiting to land behind me!
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    ifly maybe be cheaper but the pmdg737 ngx is a far superior aircraft in flight charactistics and failure modes
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    But don't forget, that you get only one flightmodel with the iFly, there are no differences in flight behavior between the 600 and the 800. PMDG made each flightmodel individual.
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    amazing ! but i dont like the ifly.. and i <3 the ngx
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    Seems to be a very big manual ..... nothing till now.... next week has passed.... as every time Greetings Klaus
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