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  1. yep all solved can close this thread now
  2. grrr duh doooh stupid me that's right forgot all about that bit, I remembered doing that last time I updated pfpx , my apologies for being daft knew I was missing a step thx again for your help stephen
  3. did another flight different flight plan same issue only 17, checked the route folder in fsl data and both of those flight plans are there ybas to ybrm ybcs yssy
  4. pfpx version is 2.03 p3dv4.4 windows 10 fsl320 iae and crm models and the latest version of the fsl that came out had no issues with the previous version of pfpx and iam doing the exactly the same with the latest version of pfpx, always 17 pax will come out. Tried using simbrief with no issues at all
  5. Hi looks like I got a setting wrong some where, I just updated to the latest version of pfpx, the previous version I had worked with no issues. When I filled out the px of 70 in the flight planning etc and than loaded the plan when using the new atsu in the fsl gsx only brought out 17 pax tried it a few times and its always 17 that gsx brings out and also it gives some strange zfw as well as the previous version hadnt
  6. Hi probably some thing i have missed, but since i have the qw146 and have no issues in exporting the flight plan to it, but how does one export it the qw787 since its a different path to the qw146, found a work around by just copying and pasting the flight plan from the qw146 to the qw787 flight plan folder
  7. Hi thought preview 10x was not a good idea since fsx doesnt support it
  8. yes gsx beats aes hands down you can use gsx at every fsx airport with the same price unlike aes where you have to buy it for each airport
  9. ok you got me confused here maybe its the steriods working here
  10. yea i agree dont know why people give wing views all the time
  11. yes my fault i knew it the next day was going to add the extra info but was to impatient lol , and the problem was so simple too was a matter of placing // in front of the guage 47 in the panel guage so didnt have to uninstall and do a reninstall
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