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  1. dont know i simply right click on my mouse(mouse becomes a arrow again) than iam able to click on the centre buttons
  2. Say i set my top of fl say 340 and have a sid restraint eg 8000 i set my alt to 8000 and plane levels off at this. How do i continue the climb to fl340 do i use v/s option?
  3. Hi thought preview 10x was not a good idea since fsx doesnt support it
  4. yes gsx beats aes hands down you can use gsx at every fsx airport with the same price unlike aes where you have to buy it for each airport
  5. ok you got me confused here maybe its the steriods working here
  6. yea i agree dont know why people give wing views all the time
  7. yes my fault i knew it the next day was going to add the extra info but was to impatient lol , and the problem was so simple too was a matter of placing // in front of the guage 47 in the panel guage so didnt have to uninstall and do a reninstall
  8. my best guess is that i forgot to put the // in front of the guage in the panel cfg now its working guess i got a better response from the correct forum.
  9. problem solved thx found the problem in another thread in here by accident lol found out i had to put // in front of the guage 47 in the panel cfg of the katana so now it working yea after 2 uninstalls and re installs lol
  10. thx for this tip it helped me to fix my problem yea now able to use it now thx again maybe this should be ij the sticky post
  11. No luck did the uninstall and reinstall and still fsx ctds after selecting the katana from the aircraft selection filed in fsx any more ideas
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